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Edit: This is Vermintide 2. Sorry, I'm frequently stupid.

Randomly today my main menu options and some elements of the HUD, such as chat, are so far out of view I can't see them, as if I'm zoomed in or the HUD is scaled really poorly. I made no changes to this manually, and when I go to fix them in options, changing the HUD scale does nothing. It's so bad that when I press start to bring up menus, I can only see a bottom sliver of the main menu cog at the top left. Not sure what to do here.

Any ideas?

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Sounds like the aspect ratio on your TV is set incorrectly. Try "fit", "fit to screen" or "source". One of those usually fixes it

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I will give that a try when I'm home! Bizarre if that's the case, I've never changed it. Maybe I should be bug reporting in LG's subreddit lol. Thank you!

I have a LGB7V and it has happened to me :)