19 days ago - Fatshark_Hedge - Direct link


  • Grail Knights can no longer spam their activated ability by block canceling 2 hit combo.
  • Engineer’s ‘Leading Shots’ is now consumed when using the Trollhammer Torpedo at 4 stacks.
  • Chaos Wastes - Fixed ‘Rotten Miasma’ not working correctly for clients.
  • Chaos Wastes - Getting multiple stacks of ‘Djaf’s Reaping’ no longer makes the buff shake and go back and forth on the bottom of the screen.
  • Chaos Wastes - ‘Myrmidia’s Great Leveller’ should now refresh correctly whilst it is active.
  • Chaos Wastes - Reworked ‘Manann’s Tempest’ deal damage equal to the attack that triggered it.

Designer Note: "The current flat damage calculation it has scales a bit too well with fast hitting weapons while hard hitting and slow weapons have little chance to shine with the boon. This change aims to even out the use cases of this boon between the two types. "

  • Fixed various crashes.