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Been enjoying the base game alot on Xbox game pass, so in thinking about buying the dlc. Is the dlc packs worth it?? I heard the first two are good but not much WoW. May get the ultimate edition with the first two Dlcs.

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I think they are. Especially WoM. I mean the weapons are fantastic and the new map/enemies (mostly the enemies) shake things up a little. Eventually you might be looking for a harder gameplay mode than legend and cata provides that for hours worth of some pretty awesome gameplay. People talk trash on the weaves, but they pretty cool if you're looking to change it up a little. The only thing that sucks about weaves is they're based on weave power that you buy with weave essence you get from completing missions in the weave. So you basically have to start over again. I recommend completing a low level ranked weave mission early. Once you get that done you will generate weave essence in regular missions, too. Which adds up after a while.

Quick play weaves is also a good way to farm essense since you get a bunch more and you have access to bots aswell. The ranked weaves are a real challenge though