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6s Hi! Welcome to Thunder Show and the most hilarious moments of the past week.
11s In this episode: additional chores before nuclear bombing,
15s ice dodging,
16s establishing dominance with poles,
19s and more!
20s Let’s get started!
26s Shooting down an enemy Mi-24 is already a neat thing.
31s What’s even better though is watching it make an unexpected emergency landing...
35s right into an enemy 2S38!
38s Hey, anti-air, what do you say about this kind of CAS?
47s A lightly-armored car all by itself out in the open usually enjoys a...
51s How do we put it?
53s Very short life.
54s But that’s just not true when its driver uses the icy flats to drift and dodge!
59s And they don’t just survive under some really heavy fire, they shoot back!
64s Two frags while drifting!
72s A BM-21 rocket launcher and an amazingly mobile boat for its platform
77s are an outstanding mix.
79s Captain AnnoyingPigeon here shows us its full force by speeding out of some islands
85s and whacking enemy vessels with precise salvos.
88s And their result is six rocket frags in a single battle!
96s Modern warfare is so thick with events that you can’t just focus on a single task.
101s You simply have to work on multiple things at once!
104s Here’s Major_John16 showing us how it works:
108s even carrying a nuke, they have to clear the skies off choppers on the way!
119s How do you scare an anti-air gunner into nightmares spanning multiple weeks?
123s Simple!
124s Land your plane, drive up close to the enemy’s positions...
128s You can also make a few ritual circles around a pole to be sure...
132s And then, get to the SPAAG’s back and poke some rockets into it!
143s And now, let’s visit Live WarThunder where we can spot this beauty:
147s a striking and even a little scary camo for the T26E5.
152s You can’t have too little body horror, right?
155s The coolest part about this skin
157s is that it’s inspired by a real machine from the Korean War era!
169s By the way, some of you are worried that no Sturmtigers were featured
173s in some of the previous episodes.
175s What’s that, you say, the end of an era?
178s Fat chance!
179s We’ve received so many insane moments with it from you
182s that the show could basically be renamed into the Sturmtiger Show now,
187s with enough episodes to air for years.
189s And the scariest part about it?
191s Sturmtigers only get more cunning and dangerous with time.
195s So don’t you worry folks, the Sturmtiger will be back.
199s See you!

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