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1s [Music]
6s during the 1960s global powers started
10s using second generation mbts burnt as
14s soon as the first m60s leopards and
17s t-62s rolled off the factory floor
20s engineers of the world started working
22s on improved tanks for the next decade
26s the ussr was the first to complete this
28s task
29s their t-64 was cleared for production by
32s the mid-1960s
34s meanwhile the us and germany poured
36s resources onto their joint program known
39s as mbt-70 it was supported up until
43s 1970 but later cancelled due to costs
47s and differences in requirements
52s it wasn't all in vain though as the
54s program was being brought to a close the
57s german government ordered porsche krauss
59s mafei and viegman to develop a new tank
63s design based on the leopard nicknamed
65s kyla
66s in order to fill the void left by the
69s failure of the mbt-70 project the new
72s mbt had to receive a more powerful
75s engine
76s new armament and armor but soon it
79s became clear that just a few key changes
82s wouldn't cut it
83s germany had to develop a completely new
86s tank
90s the new design was influenced by both
92s the mbt-70 and the german take on the
96s mbt-70 formula known as kpz 70. for
100s instance just like the german prototype
103s the new tank used the
105s 1500 horsepower mtu diesel engine in the
109s firepower department german engineers
112s opted for the
114s millimeter rheinmetall smoothbore gun
117s prototypes also in used the rink hswl
122s 354 hydrokinetic planetary gearbox just
126s like the kp z70 furthermore the tank was
129s equipped with a two-plane stabilizer and
132s a digital fire control system with a
135s laser range finder it also featured an
138s improved armor arrangement utilizing
141s spaced armor
144s the first prototypes were ready by the
146s early 1970s
148s it was around the same time when the
151s name of the design was determined as
154s leopard 2. during testing german
157s engineers experimented with a variety of
159s hulls turrets and armaments including
162s the british l7 cannon
164s in war thunder there are two prototypes
168s of the leopard 2 armed with 120
170s millimeter guns the unique feature of
173s the leopard 2k
175s is its 20 millimeter remotely controlled
178s anti-aircraft gun situated on top of the
181s turret and the pt16 drop t14
186s which is an event vehicle comes with a
188s boxy cuboid turret
190s and an autoloading system
192s you also get the emes13
195s optical rangefinder
197s which is a nice bonus
201s [Music]
203s pre-series prototypes of the new tank
205s were thoroughly tested in germany and
207s the us and showed great promise
210s the engine as well as other systems
212s proved to be highly reliable when tested
215s at different temperatures and one of the
217s features of the design was that it took
219s less than 30 minutes to completely
221s replace the power plant
223s an impressive achievement all by itself
226s moreover in most aspects the german
230s rh-120 cannon was clearly superior to
233s the british l-7
238s in
239s 1979 west germany accepted the leopard 2
242s into service
244s the production model was heavier than
246s prototypes and engineers had to get rid
248s of a couple of features like the
250s autocannon or the autoloader in order to
253s strike a balance between costs and
255s benefits on the plus side the tank
258s received a modified turret featuring
260s composite armor akin to the british
262s chobam armor
264s as well as eme s15
267s an improved digital fire control system
274s in 1995 germany started manufacturing
277s the leopard 2a5
279s a variant of the original tank featuring
282s angled arrow-shaped turret applique
285s armor and all electric turret controls
288s the variation was also fitted with a
290s hybrid navigation system with gps
292s support the commander's site received an
295s independent thermal channel and the tank
298s was unable to fire more powerful
300s ammunition like the dm53 apfsds
305s in 2001 a new model was introduced the
310s leopard 2a6 armed with the new hein
313s metal 120 millimeter l55 smoothbore gun
317s with a longer barrel
322s the most ubiquitous variation of the
324s leopard 2 though is the
327s 2a4
328s as this model was introduced a
330s relatively long time ago
332s owners of the tank often come up with
334s the different upgrade packages for
336s instance the polish leopard 2pl tanks
340s received additional external armor
342s modules for the turret and new
344s computerized equipment not only that the
348s gun was modified to adapt to the use of
351s new types of ammo including programmable
354s dm11 ammunition
363s how did leopards end up in poland well
366s it's pretty straightforward
368s during the last years of the cold war
371s germany decided to get rid of most of
373s its tanks
374s both soviet made t-72s and indigenous
377s designs
378s the leopard 2 was both excellent and
381s affordable so it's no wonder that there
384s were clients all over europe lining up
386s to get some of that german armor the
389s tank was accepted into service in
391s hungary in finland spain greece and
395s several other countries including sweden
398s that used the variation of the 2a4 known
401s as
402s strzwagen121
404s its main difference from other leopard 2
406s variations was that this tank had access
408s to a special swedish 120 millimeter he
412s round
413s it's pretty unique
418s later the swedish introduced this
420s threswagen 122 a heavily modified design
423s based on the leopard 2a5
426s this tank received an upgrade to its
428s chassis additional armor and galax smoke
432s dispensers
433s there are two variations of this tank in
435s war thunder the standard model
438s and the plss variation with better
441s commander optics
446s finally the leopard 2 also served as the
449s base for developing experimental
450s vehicles for instance the british
453s vickers mark vii
455s which consisted of the vickers valiant
457s turret mounted on the chassis of the
459s leopard 2a4
462s the plan was to produce it as an export
464s vehicle but due to a number of reasons
468s it never made it into actual production
474s today
475s the leopard 2 or its numerous variations
478s is still very much the backbone of
481s several european armies
482s despite being in service for many years
485s these tanks were rarely used in actual
488s combat but they were so heavily tested
491s that we can be 100 sure that these
494s german vehicles are extremely reliable
497s what are your favorite tanks of this
499s series the original or maybe later
502s variations
503s please open up to us and tell us in the
506s comments below thanks a bunch guys and
508s gals
510s [Music]
535s you