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Preliminary changelog for "La Royale" Major Update

The Dev Server will be opening today featuring the new War Thunder "La Royale" Major Update!

You can download the Dev Client


> From 15:00 GMT, May 30th

> To 07:00 GMT, June 2nd

Dev Server progression from previous Dev Server session should be stored. If you are new on Dev Server, you will have progress sync with live server from 19th May.

For technical reasons, the dev server may close immediately at any time before the indicated time!
The Dev Server may close an any time so please make the most out of the opening window!

Known Bugs:

New vehicles in update may have inaccuracies in characteristics, armour and weaponry settings.

The armour model for new ground vehicles in update is “work in progress” for adjustment and improvement.

Some new aircraft lack c*ckpits.

Some ground vehicles lack a visible crew.

There may be a lack of localization for some equipment.

No sound played on some events.

Some aircraft may have inaccuracies in the Damage Model, missing fuel, oil and water leaks, armour materials

Su-25T - incorrect green highlight mode remains in the Mercury targeting pod.

Radars of the new aircraft are work in progress.

French ships use Late 298 as the scout plane placeholder.

VBCI-2/MCT30 - the scheme of armour and internal modules isn’t final.

This is a preliminary update. Expect to see bugs and inconsistencies in this opening of the dev server. The content you see should not be taken as final and will likely be changed, added to or indeed removed on final release.

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