Transcript (by Youtube)

6s Hi! Welcome to Thunder Show and the most beautiful moments of the past week.
11s Today we’re going to see some combat wit
13s (ain’t that a frequent sight?)
15s a pest invasion, and one of the most thrilling duels of this January!
19s Let’s get started!
26s This tanker can’t get a clear view of the target
28s because there’s a mound of dirt in the way.
30s No biggie!
31s One good shot from the Sturmtiger, and you can get a good firing position!
36s It’s perfectly comfortable for observation...
39s And for wreaking havoc among your enemies.
42s Where we’re going we don’t need dozers!
51s If the point capture won’t start and you see no enemies around,
55s the reason might lie in a locust invasion...
58s No kidding! Check the corners!
60s Uh-huh, here they are!
62s Three Locusts cuddling between the containers.
65s The recommended solution is cleansing with fire from a large caliber!
75s What’s stronger?
76s A couple of 50-kg bombs dropped off a biplane
79s or almost 190 tons of steel on tracks?
83s Well, let’s see...
84s The tiny I-15 flies out of the ruins,
87s almost touching a building with its wing, drops its simple load...
91s And blows the Maus into the wind with an ammo rack explosion!
95s The moral?
96s Always believe in yourself.
103s After watching Thunder Show, you might think
105s that the Sturmtiger is more impressive instead of efficient.
108s Like, yeah, you can blow up multiple enemies with a single shot,
112s but how often does it really happen?
114s Well, ashton_ surely does it a lot!
117s They start with a careful triple strike...
120s Then proceed with a double frag...
123s And another one...
124s Three, two, one. Nice, isn’t it?
127s But Ashton keeps on pushing—and takes away two more machines with another shot!
133s All of this was done at an enormous range for the Sturmtiger, by the way.
137s Props to you!
142s How many tricky ways of downing a bomber have you seen?
146s Probably a lot.
147s But how about this one?
149s The bomber pilot was so tired fighting that they dropped a bomb
153s and blew up themselves by shooting at it!
155s Jokes aside, Kakmannen65230 did a really good job here.
159s One of the best duels we’ve seen lately!
166s And now, as is tradition, we’ll check out Live WarThunder...
171s Here’s an amazing historical camo for the Typhon.
174s Err, we mean, the Sturmtiger.
176s You heard us right, it’s a historical skin!
180s Granted, this kind of vehicle is going to be used in around 40,000 years.
185s Give or take.
186s We wish it was green, though, with XVIII printed on it,
189s some flames, and a white dragon head...
192s But this one’s good, too!
199s A friendly reminder: we only accept replays from random battles.
203s There’s a lot of cool stuff you can pull off in Custom Battles, of course,
207s but we’re focusing on real high-stakes fights here.
210s Looking forward to your random battle replays!
213s Bye!