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No, it's not 4th report you make.

This is 4th post you have created on our forum

First two were copy-pasted threads made in Italian (?) on Leopard 2, posted in General Discussion (where posts needs to be in English). Both were moved to archive with info, that:

Third topic was also made on Leopard 2 and posted properly and you got one answer from user.

And here we are today, you decided to post your L2P issues (I guess, it's hard to understand machine translated sentences) on T-80BVM in General Discussion. So I will try one more time.

If you want to discuss specific vehicle, please use Machinery of War Discussion section.

If you do not speak English, it's better to discuss in your native language section (here, if it's Italian) than posting something translated via machine.

Good luck

If you insist to post in International Section, please, maybe you can find someone, who will be able to help you with translation. Right now it's super hard to understand what you want to say