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0s [Music]
1s foreign
3s [Music]
8s the freshest moments of the past week
11s this episode is about the battle between
13s the skies and the ground who will win
16s tankers or Pilots let's see
24s the first move is made by the ground
26s Vehicles the kugelblitz driver is aiming
29s at the approaching Japanese plane almost
31s there so close
33s fire
35s wait what was that where did this one
37s come from well whatever the Japanese
39s aircraft was hit too good start the
42s ground forces kick off with a double
44s frat
48s let's see what the pilots have to offer
50s androp is taking the same care aiming
53s their Phantoms Mavericks at the anti-air
55s sending one for each of them a short
58s wait and no less than four tunguska's
61s blow up in such a sink that it feels
63s staged a real dance of fire and smoke
66s neat
71s okay everyone knows how to destroy stuff
75s but how about preventing it our next
77s winner surely has the know-how somehow
80s they managed to pick out a barely
81s visible dot of a bomb and knock it down
84s before it hit the ground it could have
86s been a fluke if they did it once but no
88s this champ intercepted three Fab 5000
92s bombs in a single battle just imagine
95s how many allies they saved considering
97s the mighty caliber of those bombs
103s on the other hand you know a pilot's
105s worst enemy is another pilot here's the
108s eel-28 trying to end a battle with a
110s nuke and out of the blue a wild fire
113s light a gear is on their Mauler one good
115s volley and they're down okay stopping a
118s nuke is a nice feat on its own but then
121s another new carrier takes off and the
124s Mahler Downs it too ignoring the
126s incoming fire you shall not pass
134s oof the battle's getting too hot and
137s confusing
138s heiliga Heinrich here has an eel which
140s must mean they're a pilot although they
144s use a bomb to knock down an enemy
146s Thunderbolt then attack ground vehicles
148s with tannins and then they land to
151s finish off their target it's a shame
153s that the wing got caught in a tree but
155s the turret Gunner couldn't care less
157s anyway plus two Frags
160s all right
165s and now let's check out live War Thunder
167s for some peace and quiet look at this
170s camo for the leopard too hmm it's so
173s soothing so green so spotty a real
176s relaxing treat for us thank you so much
179s comrade Reaper
182s [Applause]
182s [Music]
186s one more thing you know it's such a
188s magical moment a game that's all about
190s fighting and destruction managed to grow
192s an entire community of people interested
194s in creating things skins missions sounds
198s models we're so happy to see your work
201s and of course don't forget about insane
204s replays looking forward to them bye
209s thank you
211s [Music]

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