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On January 14th, 1950, the prototype SI (I-330) aircraft, soon after named the MiG-17, took her maiden flight. Even then the aircraft showed better flight characteristics than its predecessor, the MiG-15bis jet fighter. The MiG-17 was in service with many armed forces and was used in intense combat becoming the principal for Chinese, Polish, and Czechoslovakian licensed copies.

Complete the task from 11:00 GMT on the 14th of January until 11:30 GMT on the 16th of January and get the reward!


Completing the “Birthday of the MiG-17” task will bring you a battle trophy with one of the following rewards:

10-30% RP booster for 3-10 battles

10-30% SL booster for 3-10 battles


Destroy 20/10/10 (AB/RB/SB) player vehicles whilst controlling specified vehicles in random battles

The task can be completed only in vehicles from the following list:

MiG-17, MiG-17AS, Shenyang F-5, J-4

Follow progress by clicking on your nickname → Achievements → Memorial Date.

MiG-17AS Pack

The Kit Includes:

MiG-17AS (Rank V, USSR)

2000 Golden Eagles

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