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4s the shooting range
8s in this episode pages of history
10s elephants and ferdinands
13s special trying out the new weapon
15s loadout menu
17s and metal beasts the double chinese fish
20s bed
22s [Music]
30s many pilots have first-hand knowledge of
32s the mig-21 fighter family fewer people
36s are familiar with their chinese versions
38s the j7 modification 2 is almost
41s identical to its soviet siblings while
43s the e version boasts a unique wing
47s but how about a double mid
49s surprisingly that's the kind of task the
51s chinese aviation engineers once received
54s and here's what they made
56s the aircraft's power plant is two
58s turbojet engines with afterburners
61s self-sealing fuel tanks are found in the
63s wing and the fuselage while the nosecone
65s hides a radar system
67s fixed armament consists of a
69s 23-millimeter auto cannon with an ammo
71s pool of 200 rounds the aircraft can also
75s carry conventional bombs and rockets as
77s well as infrared and radar-guided
79s air-to-air missiles
81s the key part of this machine is its
83s power plant two engines provide a high
85s thrust to weight ratio which in turn
88s means excellent dynamics and climb rates
91s and no one ever thought the regular
93s mig-21 had a shortage of it in the first
96s place
97s the increase in power didn't affect the
99s maximum speed however it's limited by
101s the wing's capabilities much like on its
103s predecessors
104s we definitely wouldn't recommend
106s accelerating past 1 360 kilometers per
109s hour near the ground unless you want to
111s turn into a starfighter
116s now one might assume that adding another
119s engine would make the aircraft big heavy
121s or clumsy like some phantom but it
124s actually didn't the increased size had
126s little effect on maneuverability the j8
129s does a great job at turning towards the
131s enemy and you don't really need much
133s more from a top fighter
135s it has two types of missiles against
136s enemy air the ir homing pl5b for close
140s range and the radar radar-guided usb for
143s long distances
144s both do their jobs just as well as their
146s counterparts from other nations now the
149s fixed armament of the j8 leaves much to
151s be desired its ammo pool can only last
154s 3.5 seconds of continuous use and with a
157s low fire density it's far from the best
159s choice for gun duels
161s as for countermeasures it's a mixed bag
164s for this fighter i mean it does have
166s some which is already a matter of envy
169s for some competitors the mirage the
172s draken the starfighter the nesher and
174s the f1 fighters can only have flares in
177s front of their noses
179s but there are only 64 of them and even
181s despite their increased caliber they
183s might not last the entire battle
187s [Music]
189s the mirage the draken the starfighter
192s the nesher and the f1 fighters can only
194s have flares in front of their noses
197s but there are only 64 of them and even
200s despite their increased caliber they
201s might not last the entire battle
204s close air support isn't the strongest
206s role for this chinese fighter you can
208s destroy tanks with its rockets and 500
210s pound bombs but it's a tricky task
212s without a ballistic computer what the j8
215s does great is clearing the skies of
217s enemy aircraft providing a major
219s contribution towards victory and
221s ensuring the safety of allied vehicles
224s [Music]
235s [Music]
238s the ferdinand self-propelled guns occupy
240s a special place in the history of german
242s armored vehicles there are so many myths
245s about their creation and battle
247s engagement that these machines are no
248s doubt legendary
250s they also had just as legendary a
252s predecessor the porsche tiger
255s by the way many made up stories and
257s misconceptions accumulated around the
259s wartime activities of the porsche
261s company you can often hear that the spg
264s was actually the idea of ferdinand
266s porsche himself they'd say porsche was
269s making his tiger for a competition but
271s lost to henschel and decided to use the
274s hulls for the sp genes in fact porsche
277s was only a design bureau back in those
279s years nothing else
281s both tigers were made according to
283s official contracts with steyer factories
286s assembling both porsche tiger and
288s ferdinand machines no independent action
291s was allowed in producing vehicles of
293s course
294s due to urgency the germans put the
295s tigers into production with no
297s preliminary testing right off the
299s blueprints
300s no wonder the first tanks had heaps of
302s issues and assembly plans were shattered
305s the porsche tiger was the most notable
307s issue producer it had a new unique
310s suspension new air-cooled engines and an
312s electric transmission
314s unlike other german tanks it had rear
316s leading wheels while pneumatic brakes
318s were in the front no one had any idea
321s about their real world performance
323s and soon the number of issues became so
326s overwhelming they had to stop the
327s assembly lines for porsche tigers what
330s could they do next
332s they could try to polish both tigers but
334s didn't they have enough issues with just
336s one
337s on the other hand discarding an entire
339s project would be a shame with so much
341s time and effort spent
343s so the germans found a compromise the
345s henshaw tiger would be mass-produced
347s while the porsche tiger designs would be
349s used to create a self-propelled gun it
352s was still a complicated task that
354s required new solutions but porsche
356s engineers weren't new to bold
358s experiments
359s the first thing they had to solve was
361s the layout the new more powerful canon
364s had such a long barrel that they
365s couldn't simply replace the turret with
367s a casemate the german army already had
370s spgs with a casemate in the rear and
372s engines right below it it made repairs
374s difficult even with open top compartment
377s vehicles so they had to find another
379s solution for the ferdinand so the
381s engines and the generators were placed
383s in the center
384s now only the casemate had to be removed
386s to access the electric drives the
389s suspension units were outside so they
391s could be replaced in the field while the
393s road wheels didn't overlap
395s the engineers were worried about their
397s brainchild they didn't have enough time
399s to polish the porsche tiger and yet they
401s had more issues to work on could a 65
404s ton spg be reliable how do you tow and
407s repair it how would the electric
409s transmission perform in battle
411s the ferdinand's first actual combat went
414s off the plan originally they had to
416s follow the infantry and lighter vehicles
419s providing covering fire but during the
421s battle of korsk the ferdinands found
423s themselves in the front and in a
425s minefield no wonder so many of them
427s became immobilized moreover the summer
429s of 1943 was hot and dry leading to dust
433s clogs and overheating in the engines
435s still this machine was theoretically the
437s best in the world in terms of armor and
439s firepower at the time
441s by winter they gained enough experience
443s in employing the ferdinands so in
445s december of 1943 the remaining machines
448s were sent to austria for a major
450s overhaul
451s the spgs received commander's cupolas
454s machine guns for the radio operator and
456s a new toolbox in the rear
458s a month before the overhaul the
459s ferdinands were renamed into elephants
462s which led many to mistakenly believe
464s that the elephants were improved
466s ferdinands in fact both names were used
468s in parallel
470s after the overhaul the elephants were
472s sent to italy where they demonstrated
474s notable performance
475s they say there was a battle where two
477s elephants fought around 50 american
480s tanks for 10 hours and damaged roughly
482s 30 of them
484s it's hard to say how much truth there is
485s to it but there's no doubt that they
487s might well have pulled it off with their
489s armor and firepower
491s later some of the elephants were brought
492s back to the eastern front where they
494s remained until the end of the war
496s the porsche engineers took a great
498s technical risk developing their tiger
500s and it certainly paid off the ferdinands
503s based on that tiger sustained two years
505s of heavy battles and earned their fame
508s as fearsome machines
512s [Music]
519s [Music]
525s not long ago pilots of some top aircraft
527s received an updated suspended armament
530s selection menu we know how much you
532s wanted this feature and honestly
534s speaking we're a bit tired of manually
536s composing dozens of weapon loadouts
538s ourselves
542s so let's talk about these new
543s opportunities
544s we'll start with the list of aircraft
546s that enjoy this new system currently
549s eight machines of different nations have
550s it available a couple of american a-10s
553s the german mig-23 mla and the su-22
557s um-3k today's metal beast the chinese
560s j-8 the top italian starfighter and
563s french mirage planes and the israeli
566s fear c2 but very soon with the danger
569s zone update more top planes will receive
571s the custom loadouts as well as all
573s phantom and mig 21 23 and 27 planes
577s which will increase the total past 30
579s machines and more are coming
584s to create your first loadout select a
586s plane go to suspended armament and press
588s create in the bottom left
590s you'll see a line of squares
592s representing your plane's hardpoints if
594s you click on a square you'll see a list
596s of weapons you can load onto this
597s hardpoint aircraft upgrades and
600s unlockable modules will add to the list
602s of available weaponry as expected it
604s makes sense to consider possible
606s activities and battle conditions when
608s creating a loadout you're unlikely to
610s need bombs and air-to-surface missiles
612s in air combat so why take them the
615s opposite is also true no use taking a
617s full set of aaa missiles from mixed
619s battles
620s you can only create a custom loadout in
622s your hangar not in battle so think
624s through future scenarios in advance
627s for instance we don't recommend simply
630s going for the top weapons on attack
631s aircraft having a few different sets is
634s better there's more than one reason for
636s that first each bomb and missile
638s increases your respawn cost it would be
641s a shame to not be able to take off at
643s all because you're only missing a few
644s points you wish you could drop a few
646s bombs right
648s second each weapon has its own mass that
650s affects the flight performance of the
651s carrier in a major way there's no sense
654s in carrying a bunch of heavy bombs if
656s you expect to suppress enemy aaa defense
658s with guided missiles you'll have way
660s better chances with no flight
662s performance penalty
664s on some machines it's possible to lay
666s out the same weapon set in different
667s ways
668s pay attention to the type of your
670s ordnance in that case for instance large
673s caliber bombs can be dropped with equal
675s precision from both the wing and the
676s belly hardpoints while rockets are more
679s convenient when they're closer to the
680s center of your plane
682s bear in mind that payload capacity is
684s limited you won't be able to take enough
686s bombs to prevent takeoff as for
688s different wing loads it's a bit trickier
691s if you fill out all the hard points on
692s one side and leave the other empty the
695s game will warn you about it and won't
696s allow you to save this loadout however
699s it doesn't mean all your loadouts have
700s to be symmetrical you can have an uneven
703s spread of the weight but only within
705s reasonable limits individual for each
707s plane
711s well that's it for the loadouts get
713s creative give them unique names for
715s quick navigation and favorite them to
717s find them faster share your experience
720s in the comments meanwhile we'll be
722s answering some of your questions
725s [Applause]
737s the first question was sent by a player
739s called dio helang ramadan why can't i
742s launch tv guided rockets or bombs at
744s night
746s hi dio there is no mistake here such
748s munitions can't be used when it's dark
750s the reason behind that is that their
752s homing devices seek out points or groups
754s of objects on the ground with a high
756s contrast and use them as guidance and
758s they simply can't do that at night
762s tethanos asks does the nuke get unlocked
764s at 6.7 or 7.0
768s hi there currently the nuclear bomber
770s becomes available at a br of 6.7 it's
773s either the b-29 or the 2-4
776s another question comes from pahor 95 how
779s do i use suspension on a japanese mbt
783s hi power all the settings you need can
785s be found in controls ground vehicles
788s suspension control
790s as for tactics you might need the
791s suspension in closed position such as to
793s improve your depression angles or
795s decrease the visibility of your tank's
797s outline
799s 439 sparky one right do you pick
802s comments to read for the next episode
803s throughout the entire week
806s hi sparky as a rule of thumb we collect
808s comments from multiple aired episodes so
810s if your question isn't there in the next
812s episode chances are we haven't gotten to
814s it yet
815s and the last comment for today was
817s written by blauish stoffel you should
820s also have rated the turning circle for
821s the wheeled tanks
823s hey there it isn't important enough to
825s have a full stage dedicated to it so we
828s didn't show it in the triathlon but we
830s can have it right here if you want let's
832s line up the participants and
835s go
836s the best result is shown by the german
838s machine then we have the centauro then
840s the chinese american and japanese
843s vehicles showing similar results and the
845s biggest circle belongs to the ruikat
848s that's it for today you've been watching
850s the shooting range by gaijin
851s entertainment and the next episode will
853s premiere the following sunday at 4 pm
855s gmt or noon eastern time
858s subscribe and click the bell if you
860s don't want to miss our next videos don't
862s forget to leave a like remember to give
864s your smart missiles a pep talk before
865s you launch them for that extra speed
867s share your thoughts and comments and see
870s you next week
874s [Applause]
897s you

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