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48s Hello, friends! This summer’s turned out really hot, but fall has already shown up
54s on our calendars, and that means it’s time for a new major War Thunder update: the Drone
59s Age. It brings reworked visual effects and models, a new tech tree and a unique vehicle
65s class, some picturesque locations—and, of course, some new metal beasts you’ve been
70s waiting for. But first things first...
73s We’ll start with the new class: unmanned aerial vehicles, which come in two types.
79s The first is a light reconnaissance UAV available to light vehicles of ranks six and seven as
85s upgrade modules. It’s a combat consumable that can spawn at low altitude to have a look
89s around the battlefield: it may help you get ready to meet your enemy, supply your allies
94s with some intel, or mark a square on your map. Forewarned is forearmed!
99s UAV type two is much more dangerous. It’s a large strike and reconnaissance drone available
105s in battles starting at a certain BR. You can pilot it once you earn enough spawn points
110s using any vehicles from your lineup. It functions much like the nuclear bomber, just requiring
116s fewer points. The combat UAVs have target sight systems, thermal vision devices, and
121s laser target designators, but most importantly, they’re armed with guided bombs and missiles.
127s The ammo pool is small, but you can always reload on the airfield and return to battle.
133s Now, here come the new visuals... Ground vehicle destruction effects have achieved an entirely
139s new level! Tank explosions are now unique: for instance, you can see burning roadwheels
144s fly away, skip, and roll around the landscape leaving smoldering trails. Should a full ammo
150s rack detonation occur, even finding the tank would become a non-trivial task... The only
156s clues would be its blown-up turret, a hole in the ground, and some scattered metal pieces.
161s Moreover, we’ve improved the penetration render in the hangar protection analysis screen
166s as well as the destruction replay camera. Shell models have also been updated; the penetration
172s process now demonstrates the breach forming with procedural generation of the shell interacting
177s with the armor. Aviation has received some new features, too.
182s Local fires and smoke aren’t limited to certain aircraft modules now either: they
186s can also catch where a round hits the covering. These local effects don’t inflict additional
191s damage, they’re for visual variety only. Wait, that wasn’t some fireworks... that’s
197s the fuel tanks exploding! Just look at how much fire we’ve got here!
202s We’ve also prepared a few new mechanics for our pilots. Number one is manual and automatic
208s engine fire extinguishing systems. They first made their debut back in the WW2 era, and
214s today pretty much any military aircraft is equipped with them, both planes and helicopters.
220s Fire extinguishing systems will be added to more than a hundred planes and choppers in
224s this update alone, and we’re going to add them to other combat aircraft that had them
228s in real life too. The second mechanic is the emergency suspended
232s armament drop. With this, whenever you have to, you can drop all your bombs and missiles
238s without having to look for a target and wait for a launch. With the click of a button,
242s you can lighten your plane or heli—for instance, if you expect imminent air-to-air action.
248s We haven’t forgotten the new research trees... The Israeli ground branch receives some massive
253s reinforcements: the Merkava Mk.3C (Bet Baz) and a whole line of Magachs featuring various
260s modifications. Now, China gets a full-scale helicopter tree! Starting with the familiar
267s Gazelle, then there’s the multirole Z-9 and Z-11, and here’s the Z-10 strike helicopter.
274s Are you ready for our traditional vehicle parade? Let’s go!
279s And the honor to start it is given to one of the most requested planes... Did you ask
284s for a Soviet A-10?
286s Please welcome: the Rooks have arrived! The Su-25 and Su-25K are all fueled, armed, and
294s ready to crush enemy armor. They have built-in and suspended cannons, a hefty stock of rockets
300s of multiple calibers, conventional bombs, and guided air-to-surface missiles. For self-defense,
307s they also have IR-guided air-to-air missiles, and the pilot is shielded from enemy fire
313s with an armored enclosure.
314s So, which plane are you expecting next? Maybe a new French Mirage? Oh wait, we’ve got
320s just the one! Please welcome the most famous French jet
324s fighter: the Dassault Mirage 2000 , modification C-S5. This incredibly beautiful combat bird
332s has inherited all the best features of its predecessors to truly become a top aircraft.
337s It’s powered by an amazing turbojet engine, and its nine hardpoints can carry a wide range
343s of suspended armament.
346s Britain receives the long awaited Skink, a new mid-rank anti-air vehicle based on the
352s Sherman. Its four 20-mm autocannons can create a wave of fire so thick no pilot will be able
358s to ignore it.
360s Heli fans will be happy to see the Italian T129 and the South African Rooivalk. As proper
367s strike helicopters, they’re armed with 20-mm cannons and rockets, as well as air-to-air
373s and air-to-surface missiles.
375s The vast naval expanses are now furrowed by the Alaska cruiser and the Andrea Doria battleship.
382s The American ship can boast a strong anti-aircraft battery, while the Italian one carries no
387s less than thirteen 305-mm main caliber guns.
393s That’s far from everything the Drone Age brings into the game. Take a moment to admire
400s the new locations: Pradesh, with its noble mountain ranges, will host mixed battles with
405s both air and ground vehicles; and the Golden Bay that will look over naval giants clashing
412s in combat. As usual, the full changelog is available
416s on our official website. Please subscribe to our channel, try out the new vehicles,
420s test the drones, and don't forget to share your impressions in the comments!
425s Good luck!