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4s The Shooting Range
8s In this episode...
9s Pages of History: Diesel as a German Solution
13s Arsenal: Largest Custom Loadout
16s And Metal Beasts: Forgotten Flying Cannon
29s In the hangars of many players, deep beneath the dust and spare parts,
34s one can find quite a number of enjoyable low-tier vehicles.
38s We’re continuing our search for such unfairly forgotten machines,
41s and today’s highlight is a rare visitor that both new and veteran
45s War Thunder players might like.
47s Please welcome a German Rank 1 fighter, the He 112 A-0.
53s This machine is propelled by a liquid-cooled in-line 12-cylinder engine.
58s Self-sealing fuel tanks are found in the fuselage and the wing roots.
62s Its armament is a single 20-mm engine cannon with 100 rounds of ammo.
68s We’d like to start by discussing the weaponry.
70s Yes, there’s only one barrel, but in this case, it’s quality over quantity.
75s This 20-mm cannon, the MG C/30L, is unique in War Thunder.
80s The main highlight of this gun is excellent ballistics,
83s something you’d never expect from early German 20-mm guns.
87s An ammo pool of 100 rounds might seem too shallow at first,
91s but with a modest rate of fire, it can last you an entire battle.
98s This weapon is the main thing that piqued our interest towards the aircraft.
102s It might become a great way to practice shooting in air combat for beginners,
105s while also providing a great experience for both new and veteran players alike.
113s Here’s what a typical battle looks like.
115s Take off and start climbing towards the enemy.
118s The best speed here is around 220-230 km/h.
122s As a rule of thumb, you can sustain that at an angle of around 15 degrees.
127s As soon as you spot your first contacts, level the aircraft and start gaining speed.
132s Your best choices are frontal and energy attacks.
135s Thanks to this amazing autocannon mounted in the engine hub,
138s you can deliver accurate fire even a kilometer away,
142s while most of your opponents will have to fly closer.
145s If your enemy is still flying after the first attack,
147s just break away, make a safe turn, and try another time.
154s The Heinkel can even dogfight some monoplane fighters, like the American P-36,
159s using its multimode flaps.
161s It might sound surprising to all you top-tier vets,
164s but at Rank 1, some planes don’t even have flaps.
170s This aircraft can also be useful in mixed battles.
173s It doesn’t have any suspended armament, sure, but the cannon is still good.
178s Its armor-piercing rounds can penetrate up to 37 mm of steel.
182s At this battle rating, it’s enough for most enemy tanks.
186s The Heinkel 112 is an extremely simple yet promising machine.
190s Maybe it’s time you dusted it off, fueled it, and sent it to battle?
208s In one of our previous episodes, we started telling you about German tank engines.
212s Back in the mid-1930s, Maybach basically monopolized
216s the development of engines for military trucks and tanks.
219s At first, it presented no concern,
221s but with the outbreak of the war, it led to some serious issues.
225s Despite Maybach being the largest European engine manufacturer,
228s it still couldn’t meet the demand.
231s And what if the factories got bombed?
233s No vehicles would be made at all.
235s In 1942, the Germans recognized the issue and tried to add some Ordnung.
240s Maybach commissioned eight more companies to work on engine assembly.
244s At the same time, they had an idea to standardize the line.
248s They wanted all new engines to have pistons of the same diameter and stroke length.
252s Need a small engine? Get four cylinders in line.
256s Need a strong engine? Get the same cylinders and place them into a V-12.
261s It was a good idea... that came too late.
265s Maybach was already having issues launching new engines with light crankcases.
269s Developing and designing another new line was certainly beyond possible.
274s Meanwhile, they had an even more extreme plan: switch to air-cooled diesels.
280s This idea wasn’t as crazy as it might seem at first.
283s The Germans were using coal to make gasoline, diesel, and even lubricants.
287s In 1942, they thought they’d be able to mass-produce synthetic diesel.
291s Moreover, despite the widespread belief,
294s the Wehrmacht had never limited itself to gasoline only.
297s The Germans spent the entire war fueling their trucks with diesel.
301s Why not switch tanks to it, too?
303s Besides, the Germans were even producing powerful aircraft diesel engines,
307s and that task was much harder than tank engines.
310s Air cooling, on the other hand, was a subject of long, heated arguments.
315s The Germans fought in all kinds of climates,
317s from the sands of Africa to the frosts of the Soviet Union.
321s In the former, the radiators almost boiled,
323s while in the latter, they often froze solid.
326s Air-cooled engines had no such issues,
328s but machining the cylinders for them took more effort and resources.
332s The Maybach company never made air-cooled engines,
335s while Porsche engineers had a great deal of experience.
338s They managed to design an air-cooled diesel engine for the King Tiger.
342s It had an X-shape,
343s which allowed the engineers to fit no less than 16 cylinders in the short compartment.
348s For the time, it was an advanced turbocharged engine with 750 hp.
354s They even managed to install one such engine
356s into a Jagdtiger and made a few test runs,
359s but this unique SPG was soon captured by the Soviet army.
363s Unfortunately, it was lost later.
366s Smaller diesels were borrowed from the Tatra heavy trucks.
369s The Hetzer was supposed to have an 8-cylinder engine with 180 hp.
373s A more powerful V-12 with 220 hp found its way into 8-wheel armored cars,
379s and after the war, the Czechs put it onto their half-track IFVs.
383s So, could the Germans make a complete switch to diesel engines?
387s Let’s imagine that the StuG III, the Panzer IV,
390s and other vehicles with old chassis were discontinued.
393s What would we have left?
394s The Hetzer, the Panther, the King Tiger, an IFV, and an 8-wheel armored car.
399s Those already had suitable air-cooled diesels.
402s Not a bad set! But there’s one problem here...
405s The Germans needed tens of thousands of engines, yet they had nowhere to make them.
410s Rebuilding factories was too complicated, and new ones were few and far between.
415s The Germans started the war with a whole zoo of Maybach engines...
419s And lost it with the same zoo.
421s It was simply too late to change anything.
439s In the last episodes of Arsenal,
441s we discussed the best choice for top attack jets.
444s How about prop aircraft?
446s After multiple requests in the comments,
448s today we’d like to focus on the most advanced Skyraider,
452s also known as the record-holder for the number of hardpoints in War Thunder,
456s the A-1H.
460s If there’s a plane that makes players struggle with choice, it’s this one!
463s You can easily run into the load limit while picking your weapons here.
467s Still, even if you don’t cross the line,
469s a Skyraider loaded up to the brim is far from enjoyable in flight.
474s Let’s start with the bombs:
475s there are no less than 7 types, and it’s easy to get lost.
481s We’ll start by saying that full 250 and 500 lb loads are useless.
487s You can take a large number of smaller calibers,
489s but those aren’t that handy against tanks.
492s Moreover, dropping them all will take a long time,
494s which increases your chances of seeing the hangar screen prematurely.
498s We recommend you go for more reliable calibers as your main ones,
501s like 750 or 1000 lb.
504s You can take up to three bombs of each; they don’t cost that much;
508s they’re dropped one by one, and they don’t overload the plane.
512s In addition to the main three, you can take some 500-lb M64 bombs:
516s these have more explosives than the Mk 82.
519s The plane can fit up to eight of them, but you shouldn’t be chasing quantity.
523s It might be wiser to create a few versatile sets and increase your load gradually,
528s so that it doesn’t make assault difficult.
531s The Skyraider has more expensive 2000-lb bombs,
534s but those have more flaws than just the cost.
537s The wing ones can only be released in pairs, which reduces your number of drops.
542s The central one is usually a part of a mixed set, and that’s inconvenient:
545s you’ll have to increase fuse time, which makes smaller calibers harder to use.
554s This American aircraft has quite a few rockets as well,
557s but we believe the ultimate choice is the large-caliber Zuni.
560s They’re accurate, powerful, and come in decent numbers.
564s They’re also extra handy against open-top vehicles like the anti-aircraft ones
569s since they don’t need a direct hit.
571s Large-caliber rockets are also pretty good against tanks.
574s So if you want to put some additional weapons onto your wing hardpoints,
578s take a look at the Zuni.
581s The Skyraider also has some other great sets.
584s For instance, you can use eight Miniguns for air battles.
587s They won’t turn this plane into a good fighter,
589s but anyone who dares attack the “helpless strike aircraft” from the front
593s will be in for a huge surprise.
595s And of course, we can’t help but mention the unique ceramic ordnance.
600s You can carry it as a talisman, use it as an intimidation tactic,
604s suppress enemy morale,
605s or simply keep it in a dry, cool place away from children.
608s It’s up to you.
610s Well, now it’s time for us to answer some of the questions
612s you left in the comments...
628s The first question was sent by a player called Begula:
631s “What is the plane that holds the most air to air missiles?”
635s Hi Begula. We don’t have a clear record for now
638s because multiple planes can carry up to 8 air-to-air missiles.
642s Kim Jong Un asks:
644s “So the black night is better?
646s Because even though it’s slow it has the APS.
648s And can do hull down anyway”
651s Greetings, Supreme Leader!
653s The Black Night’s APS is a great option, no doubt,
656s but we believe a strong engine is more beneficial,
658s so we’d pick the 2E as the best model right now.
662s Another question comes from Loren:
665s “Which is better; the Panzer 2 or the Panzer 3E?”
669s Hey, Loren.
670s Their tactics are similar, so it’s more about your personal armament preference.
674s The 37-mm cannon one-shots enemies with its capped round more often,
679s while the 20-mm autocannon can attack multiple enemies at once.
683s hardlymonetizablememes writes:
686s “Why was the nose section of He-111 made asymmetrically?”
691s Hi there. You can spot this design solution on many planes and helicopters.
695s It’s usually done to compensate for the propeller’s torque reaction.
699s And the last comment for today was written by Panini:
703s “Am I the only one hearing german?
705s Why is everybody commenting in English like they understand something?
708s Im so confused”
710s Hello, Panini. The Shooting Range has recently added German dubbing!
714s You can choose the track you want in the player settings.
717s That’s it for today. You’ve been watching the Shooting Range by Gaijin Entertainment,
721s and the next episode will premier the following Sunday
724s at 4 PM GMT or noon Eastern time.
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731s Don’t forget to put a freshener into your privy if you want to drop it with style,
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738s and see you next week.

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