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0s [Music]
3s the tiger heavy tank is one of the
6s symbols of the Vermont this massive
8s vehicle with its sturdy armor and a
10s deadly gun left quite an impression on
13s people especially when it made its debut
15s on the front lines as you know Tigers
17s were unable to save Germany from defeat
20s but the work of German Engineers had a
22s lasting impact on the global tank
23s industry naturally tiger tanks are
26s available in War Thunder as well they
28s can be found at ranks 3 and 4 of The
31s Ground Forces Tech tree today we're
33s going to talk about the ways that you
35s can unlock the full potential of these
37s tanks
40s one of the key features of the tiger is
42s naturally its armor the hull of the
45s earliest variant of the tank the H1 is
48s protected by 102 millimeters of armor in
51s the front and 80 millimeters on the
53s sides that's not that impressive for a
55s rank 3 vehicle at the right angle the
57s frontal defenses of the H1 can be
59s pierced by both the Soviet 85 millimeter
62s gun and the 17 pounder of the British
65s Firefly and when it comes to the side
67s armor it can be defeated by even less
69s powerful armaments at the same time even
72s this variant of the tiger can become an
74s almost indestructible Fortress if you
77s know how to position the vehicle if you
79s angle the tank slightly its armor can
82s easily withstand hits by Rank 3 cannons
85s just keep in mind that even a correct
87s angling technique won't make your
89s commander cupola any less vulnerable and
91s a successful penetration by a powerful
93s aphe round will result in a knockout for
96s three crew members in the turret the
98s tiger can bring up to 92 rounds of tank
100s ammunition into battle but we suggest
102s that you should never have that many
104s explosives on board it's more than
106s enough to take around two dozen rounds
108s for instance you can bring 20 Panzer
111s grenade apcbc rounds and five AG rounds
115s in case you run into lightly armored
117s targets a pzgr round has more explosive
120s filler than the 122 millimeter shell of
123s the Soviet d25 gun in other words if you
126s manage to pierce the enemy's defenses
128s with your first shot you probably won't
131s need to shoot them ever again
133s thanks to a good cannon with adequate
135s accuracy the tiger is very effective at
137s any range it takes the gun around eight
139s seconds to reload which is on par with
141s medium tanks at the same time there are
144s some notable opponents that you should
146s be especially wary of including the
148s American Sherman jumbo which can be
150s defeated by shooting at its machine gun
152s port and the Soviet is which has a
155s vulnerable lfp and turret cheats we also
159s suggest that you should be very careful
160s when engaging captured Panthers employed
163s by other nations aim at the mantlet or
165s the commander cupola as there's next to
167s no chance that you'll be able to pierce
169s the frontal plate
174s thank you
174s [Music]
175s pretty soon the early H1 variant was
178s replaced by the tiger e a new Commander
181s cupola makes this tank considerably more
183s effective at close range and a more
185s powerful engine allows this tiger to
187s almost keep up with medium tanks almost
191s another important piece of equipment is
193s a new smoke system capable of firing
195s smoke grenades one at a time and not
198s just in Salvo which allows you to be
200s considerably more flexible with your
201s smoke screens naturally this improved
204s version of the vehicle has some new more
206s dangerous opponents the frontal defenses
209s of the American
210s t26e1 super Pershing and the t26e5 are
214s nearly impervious to shells fired from
217s your 88 millimeter gun
218s that's not to say that they can't be
220s countered though the former can be
222s eliminated by a well-placed shot to the
224s turret to the right or to the left of
226s the area covered by spaced armor you can
229s also damage its vertical aiming drive by
231s shooting the springs on the turret roof
233s when it comes to the t26e5 your best
237s options are to flank it or to destroy
239s the barrel then there's also the Soviet
241s t-44 which can be defeated with a Shell
244s through its turret sheets fun fact in
247s the German Tech Tree there is an
249s alternative version of the tiger
250s designed by a Porsche it has the same
253s turret and Armament as the production
255s version just with a slower turret
257s Traverse Speed Most notably though the
259s turret is mounted on a completely
260s different chassis compared to the
263s standard tiger H1 the
266s vk4501p which is a gift vehicle comes
269s with a different engine a different
270s transmission and a different design for
272s its upper frontal plate this version of
275s the Tiger has Hull sheets on the front
277s of its Hull which means that you
279s shouldn't angle it under any
280s circumstances what you should do instead
283s is either keep your distance turn the
285s front of your Hull directly towards your
287s opponent or engage your Targets in
289s Reverse so that enemy shots hit your
291s transmission or actually bounce off of
293s those cheats don't worry about your
295s speed thanks to a unique transmission
297s the tank moves just as fast in Reverse
300s if you get used to it this tiger can be
302s quite effective even as an assault tank
304s just don't forget that it's not equipped
306s with smoke grenades it's pretty ironic
309s but the unique transmission that makes
311s this vehicle viable in the game was one
313s of the main reasons why this particular
315s model was not picked for actual
317s production
320s the premium ponzer befells wagon 6 is an
323s up armored version of the Porsche model
325s fitted with additional plates in the
327s front you can play it as a Ferdinand
329s lake or as a normal tiger at the same
333s time despite a better armor Arrangement
335s overall your Hull cheeks still remain a
338s massive weak point and all that
340s additional armor made the vehicle
341s considerably less mobile
348s at Rank 4 of the regular Tech Tree we
351s find the iconic tiger 2 also known as
354s King Tiger there are two variants of
357s this tank available in the game because
358s the first batch of tiger twos made by
361s Porsche had a slightly different turret
363s with more vulnerable cheats later tiger
366s twos made by henschel use to crop turret
368s which was sturdier and used more flat
371s surfaces basically with this turret
373s Soviet aphe rounds with calibers up to
376s 100 millimeters as well as shells fired
378s from American 90 millimeter guns pose no
381s threat to you at the same time both
384s variants of the vehicle store some of
386s the ammo in the rear and there's no way
388s to move all that explosive cargo to
390s another location within the tank so any
392s penetration from the back might take you
394s out immediately
398s when it comes to other characteristics
400s the King Tiger is very different from
402s the previous models in the family it's
404s less mobile but it's also considerably
406s tougher with a massive chunk of armor in
409s the front World War II era rounds can
411s only penetrate your defenses through the
413s lower glacis plate or through the
415s machine gun Port if you engage at
417s distance you're basically Untouchable
419s especially when fighting opponents from
421s the lower part of the BR bracket all in
424s all this tank is best used at long
426s ranges its quick firing powerful gun
429s extremely reliable shells and good armor
432s mean that you can hold your ground even
433s against post-war Vehicles if you
436s position your tank at a slight angle
437s your side armor can bounce enemy shells
440s pretty reliably furthermore even the
442s slow acceleration and limited
444s maneuverability of the vehicle might be
446s a blessing in disguise as it makes it
448s easier to aim when you stay in first
450s gear there is next to no gun bouncing
452s the most dangerous enemies that you can
454s encounter in a tiger too are vehicles
456s with access to heat rounds and enemy
460s aircraft the former can penetrate your
462s frontal armor even though they don't
464s have much armor themselves these are
466s Vehicles like the ratel a South African
469s ifv or the Italian c-13 T90 and the
473s latter well when it comes to those pesky
475s Flyers you just have to rely on your
477s armor after all it is good enough to at
479s least protect you from many aircraft
481s guns
485s all in all German tigers are true
487s breakthrough tanks they can lead the
489s assault and push the enemy right back to
491s the gates of their own base are there
493s any tiger variants that you particularly
495s like tell us in the comments below