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4s the shooting range
8s in this episode ages of History
10s Liberator the Condors
14s special a tour around the new map and
17s metal beasts perfect simplicity
21s [Music]
30s the Metal Beast section is happy to
33s announce the traditional new vehicles
35s parade today it's headed by the Soviet
38s warthog the legendary su-25 Rook also
42s known as the Frog foot there's a few
44s legends about how the plane got its
46s original name The Rook some say it has
48s to do with a radio call sign used in the
51s first Afghanistan operation others
54s attribute it to some resemblance and the
56s ability to pick its prey out of the
57s hardest to reach places others still
60s connect it to the initials of gregori
62s alexevich Chekov commander of the 200th
66s strike Squadron with so many versions
69s however we are unlikely to find out
70s where the name actually comes from
73s this aircraft is propelled by two
75s turbojet engines self-sealing fuel tanks
78s are found in the center of the fuselage
80s and between the wing spars
82s survivability is provided by bulletproof
84s glass and plates made of steel and a
87s titanium alloy fixed Armament is
89s represented by a twin-barreled 30
91s millimeter Auto Cannon the aircraft can
93s also carry conventional bombs and
95s Rockets of various calibers gun pods
98s air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles
101s let's discuss Air Combat First the su-25
105s shows an amazing flight performance for
108s its class but it's still far from enough
110s to compete with Fighters same as for the
112s warthog this attack aircraft's main
114s feature is its Armament first let's
117s check out the rs60m all aspect
119s air-to-air missiles the load won't last
122s you a whole Battle of fun but a couple
124s of frags sure on top of that this
127s machine can carry an impressive choice
129s of artillery the fixed 30 millimeter
132s cannon plus four gun pods will teach
134s everyone to never attack this poor
136s little bird from the front finally
139s there's 256 flares to protect the Rook
142s from enemy missiles the American
144s counterpart has 480 but that's still not
147s too bad
150s naturally the su-25 shines best in mixed
154s battles 10 hardpoints were the reason
157s some called This Plane the Afghan cone
159s they allow a tremendous amount of
161s Firepower the outermost pylons are
164s expectedly reserved for aams while the
167s load of the rest is up to you we'd like
170s to suggest a few loadouts that can be
171s combined or adjusted depending on your
174s preferences and battle conditions
177s number one is the S250 heavy Rockets
181s they're 58 kilograms of explosives
183s guarantee enemy demise even with
186s indirect hits in most cases and your
188s ballistic computer will help you
189s calculate the lead
191s an alternative option is the s13 Rockets
194s they have less explosive power but offer
197s the pilot 20 launches compared to eight
199s in the previous set and of course don't
202s forget your Cannon its penetration is
204s much lower than the Thunderbolts but it
206s has tapped rounds instead
211s rockets and guns are great at fighting
214s enemy tanks at shorter distances
215s allowing you to feel like a true Strike
218s Fighter a descendant of the legendary
220s eel 2 but enemy Sams might spoil your
224s mood pretty quickly to fight enemy error
226s defenses you can use the laser-guided ha
229s 25 and hot 29 missiles they are harder
232s to use than the Mavericks since the
234s aircraft has neither a laser designator
236s nor optical zoom but they'll do so climb
240s a bit higher dive and send the missiles
242s on don't forget to employ your air brake
244s The Rook is eager to pick up speed
248s [Music]
250s foreign
250s [Music]
257s [Music]
262s August 17 1943 the Atlantic Ocean 300
267s nautical miles west of Lisbon Fighters
269s couldn't get here since they simply
271s didn't have enough fuel maybe if they
273s were deck based with a carrier nearby
275s but for an aircraft carrier to show up
278s here it Waters so thick with German
280s submarines would be a death sentence
282s still cargo ships needed to cross the
285s Atlantic to deliver countless Goods for
287s the Allies fighting in North Africa how
290s could they be defended there were two
292s options destroyers and long range
295s anti-submarine aircraft based on
297s strategic bombers
299s and really what could a submarine do to
302s a four-engined liberator should it even
304s detect it it seemed like a safe bet but
307s Maxwell Jr a B-24 pilot who was taking
310s off in Morocco that morning knew it
313s wasn't so simple
314s by that day everyone already found out
316s that the ocean waves were guarded by
318s Swift four-engined Condors looking for
321s prey they attacked convoys and broadcast
324s Target coordinates to any friendly
326s forces around sometimes Yonkers and
329s dornier aircraft were spotted as well
331s but those were two engine and often
333s lacked range the enormous four engine
336s faka wolf planes however remained a huge
339s headache for the allies the chances of
341s meeting such a luftwaffe hunter were far
343s from zero that day Hugh Maxwell Jr LED
346s his plane towards the Convoy he was to
348s escort when he spotted two Condors
351s following the same course below at only
353s 300 meters above the water he knew a
356s fight was inevitable there was one
358s problem though he was a B-24 pilot and
361s had no clue about air combat he'd never
364s flown a fighter before that's why he
366s followed his guts and sent his 28-ton
369s bomber into a flat dive directed right
372s at the German Plains lower lower hold
376s your fire before you can be sure you'll
378s score a hit but then the Condors opened
381s fire they spotted The Liberator those
384s German tracing bullets sure didn't look
386s like machine gun fire those were cannons
388s the Germans must have enhanced the
391s condor's Firepower surely expecting some
393s air combat it was too late to turn
395s anyway so the pilot went full in
397s attacking the leading flockavolt had
400s tried to Swerve but multiple brownings
402s spraying it with bullets sawed through
404s the German machine in seconds and set it
406s on fire the Condor never finished its
408s turn and the fires were only
410s extinguished by the ocean the B-24
413s however received some damage too the
415s second Condor hit both engines on the
417s right and penetrated the fuel tanks
419s setting the blades the liberator's tail
421s and ball turrets were sending volley
423s after volley at the second German plane
425s and finally did it full of holes the
428s Condor turned away and scuttled off Hugh
431s Maxwell Jr knew perfectly well that his
434s plane wasn't going far with that kind of
435s damage all he could attempt was to make
438s an emergency water landing and wait for
440s Rescuers from the very Convoy he had to
442s escort only seven crew members survived
445s but the British Highlander Destroyer was
448s already visible on the horizon the
450s sailors were shocked with the fight and
452s rushed to the rescue the damaged Condor
455s was barely visible now
457s it would reach its base in the occupied
459s French Bordeaux but crash while landing
461s and burned down on the airstrip as for
464s Hugh Maxwell he would return to combat
466s and fly liberators till the end of the
468s war retire in the late 1960s and live
471s all the way to be 101 years old only
474s passing in 2017.
480s foreign
483s [Music]
490s the Drone age update introduced a new
493s amazing map for mixed battles between
495s aircraft and ground vehicles to help you
498s navigate this new unfamiliar ground we'd
500s like to show you around
504s this map was inspired by the Landscapes
507s found in the foothills of the Himalayas
509s forested Hills block The Horizon on all
512s sides and behind them stand the Glorious
515s ancient ridges covered in snow here you
518s can expect to see some Northwest India
520s and Northeast Pakistan motifs grassy
524s Hills and flood Plains steep drops and
526s long tunnels Stony gorges and a flooded
530s cave white houses with red balconies and
533s a mountain river with turquoise water
535s numerous Bridges and even a waterfall
542s let's start our tool we'd like to begin
544s with the western part of the map a
546s bypass route and a railroad will provide
548s a quick path from here going along
550s viaducts and through the mountains via
552s multiple tunnels this more or less flat
555s area under the stone bridge is where
557s point a is found it's pretty easy to
560s reach from both sides but good cover
561s comes in short supply that's why you
564s need to take a good look around while
565s moving here
570s let's move further east a mountain river
573s with Crystal Clear Water welcomes us
575s here no need to be wary thanks to the
579s dam it's pretty shallow enough for any
581s vehicle to be able to safely cross it
583s moreover there are two bridges in the
585s center of the map we don't recommend
587s using them for no good reason because
589s the terrain is too open here but it's a
591s decent option for a quick advance to the
593s central point
594s speaking of the Central Point capture
597s point B is found under the bridge right
599s between the two settlements on the rocks
601s to get here you'll have to follow the
603s riverbed between the stone walls and try
605s to avoid enemy encounters
609s foreign Let's cross this River again and
612s move East everything we've seen on our
614s way before looked like cross country
616s right well welcome to a tanker's
619s nightmare narrow Canyons full of rocks
622s Railway Bridges piled with carriages a
625s curvy Bypass Road and steep drops with
628s complicated climbs another tunnel and
631s even a flooded cave okay who thought
634s this dank Place could be a great
636s position we know you did now the capture
640s area here is just as tough as the rest
642s of the picture Point C is found on a
645s higher spot with Rocky slopes around it
647s you can reach it from both sides but
649s it's hardly a simple task however once
652s you take control over it defense becomes
654s much easier
657s as you can see this location can be
660s pretty tricky the only relaxing part is
663s that waterfall but would you get any
664s time to admire its beauty in battle only
667s time will tell please share your
669s impressions and tactical advice in the
671s comments while we answer some of your
673s questions
675s [Music]
683s [Music]
688s the first question was sent by a player
690s called Mr shoddy face man
693s what's the best American mid attacker
695s aircraft
696s hi there many American aircraft can
699s effectively fight ground Vehicles so
701s your choice would depend a lot on your
703s preferences check out our video called
705s climbing the ranks with U.S aircraft
707s where we share some details about the
709s most interesting American planes
712s HH asks why is the Whirlwind Mark 1's
715s Wing one black and one white underneath
718s Hi H this kind of camouflage was used by
721s the British to quickly tell friend from
722s foe in the skies
725s another question comes from Life HKS for
728s the Wiesel 1a2 what's the difference
730s between the toe 2 and toe 2A and also
733s which one would you recommend
736s hi life we'd strongly recommend the one
738s that has an A in its name it's a tandem
741s missile that can ignore reactive armor
744s and the last comment for today was
746s written by Star Wars Niels I remember
749s the question from episode 1 of the
750s shooting range do you read all of the
752s comments so do you still read all of the
756s comments
757s hi Niels yes we're still reading each
761s and every comment in the shooting range
763s episodes can't even imagine how many of
765s them you wrote and we read in all these
768s years keep it up
770s that's it for today you've been watching
772s the shooting range by Gaijin
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