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0s [Music]
6s hi and welcome to thunder show today's
9s episode is full of failed hide and seek
11s games among those who fail to hide are
13s some panzers on the normandy coast a
15s leopard and a forest a bunch of vehicles
18s in the dunes three unlucky attackers and
20s even a very lucky is-2
23s let's get started
27s [Music]
29s raptor is definitely using their la-5
32s wrong here they got some bombs on and
35s proceeded to cast as if they're supposed
37s to
38s wait maybe they are supposed to
41s the german tanks are grouping in plain
43s sight on this road they're so tight
45s there just asking to get bombed and we
49s got three frags not just random three
52s frags three frags with a couple of tiny
55s 50 kilogram bombs
61s this leopard hid in a forest and is now
63s aiming at an enemy in the thick urban
65s area they seem to have forgotten that a
67s hot tank shines like a christmas tree
69s when viewed through thermals guided bomb
72s away
72s and we know what happens next right
76s oh wait the explosion also knocks out a
79s mig-27 passing by
83s let's move on to one very familiar sandy
86s planet the commander of this rocket
88s launcher spots some enemy tanks on the
90s horizon and spends both of their tubes
92s almost dry probably praying to the rng
95s god
96s -4 you know what they say you can run
99s but you can't hide here's your goal
104s deutsoon moves their rbt-5 towards the
108s capture area while the enemy attempts to
110s get another one where are they can't see
112s them too many buildings maybe just scare
115s them off sending a torpedo that away
118s and the shot went the whole hob
121s not one but three tanks were in the
123s vicinity and all three were blown away
130s stalker rolled their heavy is-2 out into
133s the open where multiple enemies could
135s one-shot them there's also a bomb
137s whistling from above
139s but wait the bomb throws the nearby
141s burned down panther up into the air only
144s to catch the round meant for our winner
147s what a nice combo now you can
152s [Music]
155s hide while the game's still going on
157s we'll proceed to awarding another live
159s war thunder work
161s this week's winner is vota piedra for
163s their amazing kim kui camo for a patrol
166s ship here's what it would look like if
168s it found its way onto the vietnamese
170s coast guard
172s [Music]
177s one more thing you often ask us what
179s software you need to create your own
180s skins and camos for the game we're happy
183s to deliver the answer for starters
185s you'll need the cdk or content
188s development kit it's a piece of software
190s our developers made specifically for mod
192s creators as for the camouflages
194s themselves we'd say the substance
197s painter is pretty good simple and
199s convenient looking forward to your works
201s and of course some fresh replays with
204s epic moments
205s bye
206s [Music]
215s you

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