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0s [Music]
6s hi
7s welcome to thunder's show and the best
9s moments of the past week today you can
12s expect some true horsemen of the
13s apocalypse players who achieved such a
16s devastating victory or delivered such a
18s mighty blow that their enemies had no
19s chances left whatsoever
22s for morale or the enemies themselves
24s were obliterated anyway let's get
26s started
30s [Music]
32s we'll begin with the cherry pick seven
34s against one the enemy seems happy they
37s are many while our winner only has a j7
40s still they're not prone to give up so
42s soon with a level head they spin the
44s chasers in a tight carousel masterfully
47s dodging their attacks and first destroy
49s a mig-21 then a phantom and a mig-27
53s steep turns are followed by a supersonic
55s chase almost hugging the ground and two
57s more meet their end with a crash the
60s last pilots leave their machines they
62s seem to have realized that they have no
64s chances at all
65s [Music]
68s cat t5 celebrates the arrival of their
71s helicopter by launching a few rockets
72s towards the enemy whereabouts you think
74s it's just a symbolic gesture before
76s gaining altitude fat chance it's a
79s personal greeting for the enemy su-22
81s seeing the hangers screen thanks to a
83s couple of hydras hitting from four
85s kilometers away
86s pouch
87s [Music]
91s captain shadows here is fighting off an
93s american fighter chasing their heavy
95s flying boat they seem to be doing pretty
98s well
99s no wonder trying to attack a rear turret
101s is a risky idea
103s meanwhile our winner developed a taste
105s for it here's them exposing their tail
107s on purpose and downing a second xp-50
111s and then a corsair setting a fock-a-wolf
113s on fire
115s downing a messerschmitt and another faka
118s and here's the first one finally hugging
120s the graph the grand total is six frags
124s six on a bomber
128s [Music]
132s good at cs go lost half their wing in a
134s dog fight now if only they could make it
136s to the base wait what they down an a36
140s then flip and send a corsair to the
142s hangar and even a wildcat
144s this is already legendary you can stop
146s now friend but their wounded cobra goes
149s up for another attack
150s down to p36
152s turns into a dive and knocks out a
154s lightning and here's the final touch a
157s one-wing carousel and another frat on
160s i-16
161s all of this with no
164s wing
165s we're at a loss for words here's your
167s reward
170s having slipped through the air defense
172s an enemy helicopter was going to land
174s discreetly and capped the point what
176s they didn't realize was that striker o2
178s was covering this area with their asu-57
182s hidden so skillfully in the factory that
184s it basically blended in with the
185s landscape one good shot from this tiny
187s tank destroyer and the area is clear
190s again an amazing job
195s [Music]
196s and now it's time to reward another
198s great work from live war thunder with
200s all their advantages the horsemen of the
202s apocalypse have one tiny little flaw
204s they herald the end of the world
207s however kulduyas saw about getting you
210s all a great vehicle even in the
211s radioactive wasteland here's an amazing
214s post-apocalypse camo for the g6 great
217s vibes
217s [Music]
224s one more thing for today we've seen a
226s few comments saying yeah i had a similar
228s moment but way more epic should have
230s sent my replay of course don't hesitate
233s to send us all the amazing things that
235s happened to you in your battles looking
236s forward to it bye
239s [Music]
248s you

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