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0s [Music]
6s hi welcome to thunder show and the
8s freshest moments of the past week today
10s we're going to have a bunch of true
12s unstoppables showing their skill
14s a heavy pe-8 an experimental american
17s light tank a south african atgm carrier
20s a panther and even an su-7 with a nuke
24s you'd think what else can you do with a
26s nuke well you'll see let's get started
32s [Music]
34s now what else would mental need with
36s their su-7 here's the nuke here's the
38s battlefield what are you waiting for
41s drop it but no they're so confident they
44s dart past the battlefield and save the
46s bomb for dessert and the first course is
48s gunning down an enemy helicopter
51s now they can make a turn and finish the
53s battle with the nuke
54s some might say it's showing off but they
56s got some class
58s [Music]
62s pe 8 means fab 5000 right a classic
66s combo but renamed decided to make things
68s more complicated they took on a bunch of
71s fab 100 at almost two kilometers of
74s altitude they're spraying these bombs at
76s tiny moving targets how could you even
78s hit something this way well here's how
81s minus two tanks and a plane plus five
84s thousand gold for the account
88s [Music]
92s and now a high wire act these machines
95s are mostly used for flanking but chop
97s suey pushes their crazy experimental
100s tinkette right onto three modern mbts
103s the enemies could have simply sneezed it
105s away but something goes wrong first a
108s t90 sees the hanger screen then another
111s one and the startled t72 promptly joins
114s them too
115s now that's a truly unstoppable rage
118s [Music]
123s an atgm carrier against a strike jet
125s that's maneuvering wildly fat chance
128s griffin launches some smokes probably
131s just to obscure the view and accept the
133s inevitable
134s or to get a moment to aim through the
136s smoke and get a good exchange hold up a
138s minute an atgm against a jet with zero
142s visibility
144s no words
150s paddy is in for a doozy here with their
152s panther a t-3485 is right around the
156s corner and a bearcat is diving from
158s above it already smells like the hanger
160s screen but the bearcat misses by a hair
163s and the explosion pushes the t-34 into
165s the open
166s even nudging the panther to a better
168s position and we've got a winning shot
170s bring in the gold
178s and as usual we'd like to wrap up with
180s the weekly reward for the best works
182s from live war thunder today's gold goes
184s to gin master for their amazing masking
187s war 2077 style camouflage for the j8b
196s [Music]
198s speaking of gold we're often asked when
200s do the accounts receive their rewards
202s here's the answer within about a week
205s after the replay is featured on our
207s channel we've got a spreadsheet for all
209s our winners so we don't miss anyone so
211s as usual keep sending your replays
214s looking forward to it bye
217s [Music]