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27 Sep


We always have a X.XXX.1.X update. They just dont always have names. Regia Marina had a name as it was the full release of the Italian Fleet too.

26 Sep


As you can see by the article you quoted, it does not say its the same as the Leopard 2A4. It states it used a range of sources to come to this conclusion including the 2A4 report.

And no, a screenshot in game comparing the 2A4 and Type 90 in game is not enough. Proper information is needed.


It differs in its secondary torpedo armament. Lübeck, has adjustable torpedo tubes (and 4 of them) to the Köln's 2 fixed 533 mm Mark 35 torpedo launchers.


It was shown and discussed in detail by Oxy and Mike, going in depth into its capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. It was not played in battle as some Naval RB games can take up to 20 mins or more in some cases and there was only a limited time for the stream.

25 Sep

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Research is done by historical consultants who go to archives and gather data and then those of us who visit museums (such as myself for example in the UK) to collect reference photos of any surviving examples in museums.


A 0.5 BR spread is not possible in any area of the game. We have a +/-1 BR range across all modes. 0.5 would not be possible due to the limited spread, restricted pool of matchmaking vehicles that could be used in a given range as well as the drastically increased queue times this would cause. Naval does not have the population to support such a drastic reduction of BR spread.

You asked this same question on August 28th:


Any issues need to be properly reported with all sources as a Historical Report


In the Raining Fire update, War Thunder saw the addition of a brand-new high-tech armament type – guided air-to-air missiles with a semi-active radar homing (SARH) warhead. Today we’ll be discussing the hardware aspect of the new armament specially designed for seasoned War Thunder veterans.

What are these?
The new semi-active radar homing missiles operate with a signal that is continuously emitted by the radar of the player’s aircraft and reflected back from the target. Such tech grants the armament a series of advantages over heat-seeking infrared guided seekers Firstly, SARH missiles boast almost all-aspect capabilities, allowing the player to engage their enemy from practically any direction, and that includes blowing up right in their face – at this stage, heat-seeking guidance has zero purpose. For the very same reas... Read more
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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/236390/announcements/detail/2776989525391909411]here[/url].

24 Sep


As someone who currently works for Gaijin, please allow me to clarify that this is not how it works.

Also as a bonus part, any NDA signed by any current or former staff member or anyone thats ever worked with us is at any point "no longer under NDA". Its a non-disclosure agreement for good. It doesn't simply go out the window when you stop working for someone. So thats a very telltale sign that whoever this person was that posted this on whatever discord is clearly deceiving you as they have no concept of how NDAs work