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27 Oct


Originally posted by PrimoZeroYT

WHOOP WHOOP🎃 Does this mean we can pre-download the update or is it out early? 😳

Hello, you'll be able to download the update during tomorrow's maintenance. We just wanted to share a quick patch notes in advance to let you know what's coming.




  • Added Halloween-themed menu tab;
  • Added Gun Game mode;
  • Added Gun Game leaderboard;
  • Added Event Progression interface;
  • Server tick rate now equals 60 Hz.


  • Optimized the performance of shooting with shotguns and automatic weapons;
  • Optimized character movement, both on client and server side;
  • Optimized hit registration with high ping difference in a match.


  • Grenades now can explode on Oasis lawns;
  • 3D pings can no longer be placed outside playable map space;
  • Holo no longer disappears after a box animation goes full circle;
  • Leaderboard position arrow is now displayed properly for players who made it into the leaderboard for the first time;
  • Fixed the problem when a losing team could not initiate surrender vote in case some of its play...
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26 Oct


Hello Primo, thank you for this "little" constructive feedback, I'll go point by point so I don't miss anything. 😉

- Amazing feedback about the friend list, I believe we didn't receive feedback on it so far so I'm happy to give to the devs some ways to improve it.

- We have already received a lot of feedback on gun balance, especially on the machine guns and we've sent it to the devs. We'll add this part about the burst SMGs.

- This week's update will include some optimization on movement and performance, hopefully this will make things better.

- More money for revenge kills is a great suggestion, I'll add it to our list, thanks! Although it's normal that the winning team can buy better weapons, it's the losing team's job to spare some money during one round to afford better weapons on another round and maybe make a good comeback.

- I don't think the "attachments in-game" mechanic is in our plans as the only equipment you could change here w...

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Originally posted by connormfleming

What else are you hiding in this update Breakout Team? 😈

Hello, everything will be in the patch notes as usual 😇

23 Oct


Originally posted by Discoverinq

This is awesome! Thank you for the update!

I hope Gun Game stays after the update we need a FFA style game mode.

This is all very exciting!!!!

Hello, if the community likes it and really wants it to stay into the game we can totally do that. 😉


Originally posted by massidm

I hope there will be 60hz servers too

Hello, this update will indeed include the 60 tick rate servers as well.


Dear players,

Spooktober has been around for quite some time, and Halloween is already around the corner. Next week Warface: Breakout will get a very special update - let’s take a brief look! briefly talk about it, but we are not going to spoil all the secrets!


Halloween event in Warface: Breakout will take place from October, 28th to November 11th. Two full weeks to enjoy a new game mode we have for you, which is…

Gun Game

Yes, a good old Gun Game mode, where you start with a handgun, but each time you secure a kill, you get yourself a new weapon. Use this weapon to kill your opponent and get another one, progress till the very end, and make your last kill with your trusty knife. And voila - you are the winner.

All the details about the event are coming soon - follow the news!

Event Progression & Leaderboard

A special progression will be available to everyone playing the event. This will be a separate prog...

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Hello, thank you for your suggestion, I'll forward it to the dev team.


Originally posted by C4Cannabis

I am constantly being shot behind the wall, I know they plan on 60tick servers but WHEN. I have some teammates the dont show up on the mini map as a triangle but somehow they took the site A/B icon

The 60 tick rate servers will arrive this month. The teammates icon is a known issue our team is already working on, sorry for the inconveniance.


Hello, thank you for reporting it, may I ask on which platform did this happen?


Hello, this feature has been suggested multiple times since launch so this is now in our plans and should be released later this year.

22 Oct


Dear players,

Welcome to our new blog about gameplay tactics on Warface: Breakout maps. If you were wondering what strategic positions “Storage” has, today’s article is totally for you.

“Storage” is a relatively small map, filled with narrow passages, boxes and above ground walkways. Even though the territory here is not as vast as some other maps, you’ll be able to find use for both short and long range weapons.

Here’s the layout of ‘Storage’. Let’s discuss these key points in detail.


Central position

Point 1 (neutral)

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Hello, we should reveal some spooky details later this week. But, as we revealed in a Q&A article last month, you can expect a new temporary game mode during this event!

20 Oct


Originally posted by 8shkay

I gave it a try had fun and decided to buy it .. idk how the season works i only have to play ranked ? I tried but i was stuck in a long queue

Hello, welcome to the community, basically every Season is splitted in 3 parts during which you can play ranked games to get to higher ranks and maybe reach Rank 1. There is also a leaderboard for each Season where you can compare yourself to other players. Each Season is also the occasion for us to release a new big chunk of content, this Season brought a new map, new features and of course new cosmetics to unlock.
That said, the ranked queue isn't the most popular so it may take longer to find a match there at some times of the day.


Hello, that's a known issue indeed, our team is looking into it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

19 Oct


Originally posted by CZARDOOM_7

it apparently has fixed itself after many restarts, I'm on Xbox One S. it appeared when i started queue.

Happy to hear that you are now able to play, I'll forward this to the team so they can have a look, thank you for the details and the quick reply.


Originally posted by sasuune

Thanks to the sale and the free weekend, you got yourself another player on Xbox. The game is far from perfect but I'm really enjoying my time with it.

Welcome to the community! We have some cool updates to come for both making the game more stable and adding more content, I hope you'll enjoy it!