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This is a really useful way to flesh out the lower-level lore of the setting with simple text mentions of various things (such as Suda's operatives being augmented). But we need a lot more variety. Currently, pretty much the only variety appears in the second sentence of each text block, and the rest is Syndicate-specific.

I'm an amateur writer; if DE wants me to do it I'll whip up a ton of different variations of backgrounds for them myself. Should barely take me a weekend.

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The influence of having good lead writer is really noticeable - Cam Rogers has nailed the game's writing in tone and variety since Fortuna or so. Lots of flavour in little snippets and really distinct voices for the characters, too.

Thanks, I appreciate your saying so.

I should point out that the crew bios are all Adrian Bott's work. The dialogs were a joint effort (and fun).