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0s iPad is about to die so we have a full
2s full list of um contingency plans for
6s today the app has crashed twice so far
9s so good and uh we're we're here with the
11s Deb short where we're going to give you
13s 15 minutes of Warframe News Right From
15s the Source uh I'm going to kind of try
18s and position the agenda with the hopeful
21s truth that Steve walks through this
23s store at any moment but we don't know
25s he's he's he's an enigma the man is a
30s mystery so we just wait to see but hello
34s I have twitch chat open I assume Steve
36s will have um YouTube chat open when he
38s comes but we just don't know so welcome
41s we want gyroscopic on PS5 that actually
44s would be fun I thought there was
46s something but I'm picturing my switch in
48s my hands like my brain was tilting but
50s it was the switch wrong Hardware my
52s mistake Mr Sony all right thank you
56s Rebecca for the new Prime mods finally
58s enough that's on the agenda one of the
60s agenda items was Barrow he was here he's
63s gone now so I'm telling you something
65s that's not relevant to you because you
67s probably missed it or maybe you didn't
68s but Barrow did bring a new Prime mod uh
70s on Friday to Sunday he brought Prime
72s dual rounds if you managed to grab that
74s cool if you
75s didn't he'll be back for Tenon I we do
79s this thing at Tenon where we sell a
82s digital pack that has like a barrow
83s special ticket that Barrow brings
85s everything he's ever sold what that
87s looks like is you get your digital pack
89s you get this like cool Tenon relay
91s Barrow is there with everything he's
93s ever sold since the dawn of time which
95s is a lot and every year the list gets
98s longer and longer and our poor team has
100s to set up every item and check every
102s item so what could that mean this year
106s like I guess we we did bring some new
108s Prime mods since last tenacon that'll be
110s good to come back what else Lots anyway
113s that's happening but you need a Tenon
115s digital ticket to go to that party that
118s sweet party
122s I love the cottage core I'm actually I
123s don't actually think this is Cottage
124s core I think this is like Italian Winery
128s wife where like I sit on the Tuscany
130s Winery all day and like curse at my
133s husband for not growing enough grapes
136s that's what I feel like I don't think
138s it's Cottage Corp I think it's Tuscany
140s wife scolding her husband
145s G you know that kind of thing anyway uh
148s what else do we have we have
151s our Tenon announcement I don't know I
153s might have to do this one solo today I'm
154s not going to get distracted at all I'm
156s just going to go just going to commit uh
159s what's the timer behind you for the
161s second that turns to 15 minutes the show
164s is over this is just a 15-minute talk
166s show where I talk to you in chat and me
170s on chat also usually I would talk to
172s Steve as well
174s but Steve just he said that he oh
178s actually you know why Steve's not here
180s he he was mad that we were wearing the
181s same thing he was pissed he was pissed
183s off that our outfits matched and he said
185s I'm not going out there if we're wearing
187s the same outfit so his choice but uh
191s anyway what else do we got Jandy we have
194s poolish people in the chat that's nice
196s uh what is the plan to streamline the
198s new player experience there are several
201s plans happening always every major
204s update we fixed something and I think
206s we're going to do like a deeper fix this
208s year at some point um but
211s yeah any chance to fix the oh Andre if
215s you caught that one hate incarn and
216s Holster bug that is what I saw lemon
220s prime time it is a lemon day Jade
223s Shadows music on Spotify we're going to
225s bring the music out to you I don't know
227s if it's going to be before or after
228s tanon though but we're working on it um
231s Riven slots equals weapons time 1.5 for
234s slots Max oh wow well Warframe accounts
238s can be quite old and
240s large so we'll see about increasing that
243s but I I it would take some we need to
245s get some very dense accounts run some
247s tests before we consider increasing
249s those thoughts on a necrom Warframe
252s pretty cool uh stalker in our Arsenal wi
256s that question came from stalker Umbra so
258s I'm
259s sensing a very vested interest in that
265s question oh we got lots of questions
267s today we have a bit of an agenda too uh
270s Penta Penta Prime when we don't Prime
272s Corpus weapons so you can't have that
274s I'm so
275s sorry Rebecca I've have been having
277s problems with the Pandora when the ship
279s is crashing into the
280s Rock is that a reference I'm sorry I
283s don't know what that means Pandora Ship
285s Rock is that a railjack node are we
288s spawning you on a rock in railjack on
291s Pandora it must be right that was a bug
294s where you would spawn and you wouldn't
296s be able to move cuz a a rock would be in
298s your spawn room but I don't know
301s oh man is Steve mad you wore the same
306s thing yeah yeah exactly Auto fire I
309s don't know uh all right so let's see
311s about the agenda we have here second
314s ephemera is live an operation Belly of
317s the Beast so if you've played Belly of
319s the Beast and you have a whole bunch of
320s Moes you'll be able to purchase the
322s second ephemera of the trio so the first
324s one was unlocked now the second one is
326s unlocked you'll be able to grab that I
328s think it's 40 40 volatile
331s Moes and then we're well on our way to
333s getting the finale ephemera which has
334s more Wing
336s action did you get it did you get the
340s second ephemera I did I bought it on
342s Sunday and then I blessed a relay and
344s someone just said huh and that was it
346s and then I left the relay that was that
348s was my Sunday gaming it was a good time
352s uh what else do we have
354s here Reb can all exalted weapons have
357s arcanes please that is a great question
361s nothing to say on that right now there's
363s definitely a this is just like player
365s talk not making game talk so take this
370s as like a off the rec If This Were a
371s legal conversation this is off the
373s Record it's kind of like one of those
374s things where exalted weapons had this
377s place where we really didn't let them
378s use every mod like for instance like
380s blood rush and other things and we
382s definitely didn't let them use arcanes
383s but now you look at Warframe and you're
384s like what to do about exalted weapons
387s have they fallen behind but there's some
389s of the were like yeah anyway that was
391s off the Record back on the record now we
394s need to have like a little like flag I
395s pull up when I say something that's just
397s an opinion and not anything else um but
400s yeah will railjack ever be expanded on
404s off the Record maybe back on the record
408s uh all right rep can we have separate
411s coloring for helmets no we have no plans
413s for that I'm sorry what is the next
415s Ember after after what is the next
417s heirloom after Ember can't tell you that
420s it's a secret all right back to the
423s agenda when we last left our heroes
432s oh how's the streaming going hello Steve
436s welcome to Deb shorts how nice of you to
438s join us uhuh how nice of you to join us
441s how's everyone doing everyone's great
443s they I said you weren't going to be here
445s because you were mad we were
447s matching we're matching same yes oh he
452s obviously got changed he didn't want me
453s to show him up welcome back Steve how's
456s the agenda been well I'm glad you're
458s here just some time for the most
459s stressful part of the agenda oh tenacon
462s countdown Tenon countdown yeah that's
464s okay we are here yeah it's July 2nd and
468s we have until here for the Tenon big day
472s so big day it is if you're watching from
475s home how many of you will be watching
477s from home
480s hopefully everyone who's uh watching
482s these things I don't know maybe they'll
484s say no or maybe they're working or
486s they're
487s busy okay well we have lots for you to
489s do from home so that sounds exciting you
491s will have a busy day a full day of
494s Warframe stuff and a little bit of a
496s soul frame isn't that right Steve hand
497s hand it over to you Steve agenda yep we
499s got we're doing um our first uh Dove
502s stream for soul frame at noon so that'll
506s be broadcast on the main channels
508s including the Warframe
510s one uh and yeah that's that we're going
513s be showing off uh progress on the intro
516s to the game and some new AI types and
519s that sort of thing and we launched our
521s preludes number five last week uh it's
525s going great we're going to hot fix it
527s shortly a few issues I saw someone in
531s chat ask about cross trading um after
535s last week we talked about it the team
537s has a library of plans ready we have
539s nothing to share we might be able to
540s give you a deeper dive at Tenon just to
542s continue that at the widest possible
545s announcement um but yeah we have worked
548s on being worked on we'll talk about it
549s more at Tenon um we won't be launching
551s it or anything at that time but we do
552s have some like cross- saave when
555s postmortem updates for everyone at ton
556s so we so it's become cross trade when it
559s is now cross trade when absolutely
562s awesome all right so you guys also gave
564s out 5,000 uh codes I saw yeah we're
567s going to give out some more probably
569s this week well obviously every week we
571s give out some if I slipped you a little
573s Platinum will you give me a code o yeah
576s actually this is hard to come by so
578s maybe interesting interesting uh we did
581s okay so so far in the agenda we talked
584s about Barrow we reminded you that you
586s can get Barrow with everything he's ever
587s brought if you get a Tenon digital
589s ticket uh we talked
592s about operation Belly of the Beast
594s ephemeras are slowly being unlocked with
595s player progress progress progress yeah
598s prog how that's how we refer to it
600s around progression progress It's a port
603s to okay uh we talked about
606s Steve uh what else being late well now
610s that you're
611s here now that you're here Tenon is soon
615s we have 10 live we have drops we have
617s lots of drops and we have an update that
619s uh we'll bring you Ember heirloom that
621s day right
624s excellent Ember heirloom launches that
626s day the game will be ready for you to do
628s some stuff in game if if you're watching
630s from home you want to get your Twitch
632s drops oh are you being koi with what
634s exactly yes okay that's fine excellent
637s stuff to do stuff to do stuff to do yeah
641s video games we have and then of course
644s if you are coming to t con we'll we'll
645s see you soon as well we will it's going
647s to be hot it's going to be very hot most
649s of the streets around the convention
651s center are torn up how many of you have
653s been to London Ontario so it is uh not
656s the most tourist friendly from a driving
660s standpoint uh but you can drive there
663s but many many lane closures just to warn
665s you I think all of the pandemic road
669s construction just got pushed into this
671s year so everything's torn up at once yes
674s we're lots of I don't even know I
677s couldn't even think of what to wear but
678s yeah it's going to be it's going to be
679s hot it's going to be hot and lots of
680s construction be prepared to wear good
682s walking shoes I think is what I was
683s going to say all right but yeah okay so
687s twitch drops two major ones the a x52
690s which is Arthur's cool gun safety on or
694s safety
697s off you'll get that during the day and
699s you'll get sarin Prime during keynote 10
701s alive sarn Prime pretty cool awesome
704s lots of lots of good skin I heard you're
706s doing like autographs while Soul frame
709s is doing the dev stream like you're
711s trying to like pull our pull our people
714s away ten con yeah that's what Megan told
717s me yep little sabotage moment thank you
721s very much I heard you're doing
722s autographs while I'm up there so that's
724s not true yeah you're doing autographs
726s while I'm up on the sound panel so what
728s do you make of that I don't know huh I
731s don't know any do you want My Autograph
733s yes okay you want my autograph for sure
736s you want are you
738s sure don't don't do your autographs
741s don't do it you want My Autograph don't
742s do it don't do it you want My Autograph
745s this is like a Law and Order episode
747s someone's going to steal your identity
749s here's my autograph show up on time yeah
753s y I deserve that I deserve that all
757s right
758s agenda back to the agenda back to it
762s back to it to the agenda we got we got
765s an LOL in chat for that one all right
767s got him all right um oh uh in case you
771s missed grabbing this year's pride month
772s items you can use the code Pride 2024
774s until next June to claim these you have
777s a whole year you have a whole year wow
779s okay you have a whole year to be proud
781s it's like the slowest Disney Vault
783s closing
784s ever yeah I don't want any excuses all
786s right get your cool stuff uh we do have
789s some general maintenance notes regarding
791s archon hunts we had to pull um Boreal um
796s and we have to keep subbing Boreal out
798s because there's a crash we can't fix
799s until our next deploy which isn't for a
802s little bit so boreo will be away for a
804s little while but um you'll be getting an
808s azour archon Shard Shard Alert in light
811s of the absence there is a foreign post
812s with more details so if you are an
814s archon Hunter and you've been waiting
816s for Boreal Boreal has some issues right
818s now we taken him to the vet and in the
820s absence of take it to the vet the archon
824s vet uh very very high quality um needs
828s those worm pills he needs those worm
830s pills it needs to be dewormed and decked
833s debugged no fleas and you will get an
835s alert for an AZ your archon shard in
837s light of boreal's vet visit so don't
840s worry about that all right Boral that's
842s probably the best line of VO from the
844s new war Boreal is H saying
849s Bor Bor yep y all right what else do we
854s got uh let's see here oh here's one are
857s you a Zoomer Steve a Zoomer yeah uh oh
861s my God you're wearing a green shirt and
862s a white hat is that a reference to
863s everyone's favorite wizard gnome
870s he's aligned with the wizard gnomes not
871s the knights wow take note Zoomers wow
875s take note
877s Zoomers RZ MOG everyone knows everyone
880s knows yeah all right let's do a little
882s bit of
883s Q&A sounds good sounds good how's
886s everyone doing in chat is everyone happy
888s everyone enjoying their summer yet um we
891s had long weekend here we did have a long
894s weekend uh what else do we have I see
897s questions flying by I know
900s when is Dante's first skin probably not
901s for a while unless Teno Jen comes in
903s with a clutch uh we want a viking
905s Warframe I feel like frost Hara skin is
908s like the closest you'll get and he also
909s has a jot and time helmet in ten
913s jot oh well