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0s [Music]
4s [Applause]
6s [Music]
12s hello everyone welcome to primetime 307
16s and i am so excited
18s because marcus is here and
21s guess who's back helen
24s helen is in the cold pot as we like to
26s call it but she's going to heat it up
28s with your top 10 comments tonight am i
30s ever oh god it's so nice to hear you're
32s back guys she's back yes she is back
36s uh helen is there anything you want to
37s say to the uh it is so good to be here
40s especially with you both what a happy
43s evening i'm having this has been a
45s delight and discord love you all right
47s now yes speaking of discord if you'd
49s like to join uh the prime time live chat
52s channel that we have going on where you
54s can hang out with helen and a bunch of
55s wonderful people you can do exclamation
57s point discord in twitch chat right now
59s it will send you the link to there and
61s we open up this channel at 5 45 on
63s thursdays so we can all get chatting
65s about what's happening on prime time
68s see what's going on yeah get gabin
70s i have so much we i should say we have
74s so much to talk about
75s so i'm just going to get speaking of
77s gabbing i'm just going to get right into
79s it
79s and dean you can hop over sorry
81s i was going to say are those your
82s reading glasses the these are my blue
84s light blocking glasses but they're
86s making everything very distorted i
88s actually can't drive with them oh really
90s because i can't really tell what color
92s the lights are
94s it's a little dangerous there's no blue
96s street lights
97s but there's
99s blue in the lights right yeah and now
100s you're like oh an orange light
104s do i go faster and break slowly
108s exactly it's dangerous i don't know i
110s feel like cops would pull me over but
111s anyways thank you dean uh
113s angels of the ceremony as you guys know
115s is on uh all platforms and we've had a
119s plethora of hotfixes go out since its
121s launch we had quite a few this week
124s uh one thing that we do want to mention
127s is that we will be hot fixing again
130s tomorrow on pc
132s and we're actually bringing some really
134s interesting changes and some well needed
136s fixes to that as well for consoles we
139s will be hot fixing what i'm about to
141s mention on the following week on the
143s monday
145s just some complications some background
147s complications but that's okay we'll get
149s it fixed up for monday
151s one of the biggest things is that we do
152s have some follow-up operator and focus
155s changes coming specifically addressing
158s focus abilities and their casting
160s animation speeds so we've actually
162s replaced
164s caustic strike magnetic flare and void
166s snares animation speed
169s a casting animation with a faster
171s variant
173s we've also shortened and increased the
175s speed of void leviathan
177s and the contamination waves casting
179s animation
181s and we've replaced guardian shell and
183s temporal drags casting animation with a
186s faster variant
188s that is also only upper body so we went
190s to the gym did a couple chest press and
193s that allows for you to do
195s full movement while you're casting so
196s you won't be rooted in place when you
198s cast those abilities anymore
200s now
201s very important there's been obviously
203s lots of conversations and discussions
205s around void sling lots of feedback we
208s are making very too uh i would say on
211s the scale of the feedback we've received
213s smaller changes for this hotfix
215s that's not to say that we haven't taken
217s into account the feedback that we've
219s seen that we've read on multiple
221s different points
223s so
224s we will have a update to review further
227s tweaks to voidsling mostly an emphasis
230s on void sling
232s because we know that's very important
233s for you guys but for this upcoming
235s hotfix we will be decreasing the time it
238s takes for void sling's endpoint to reach
240s its maximum distance
242s we are also increasing the overall
244s velocity of slinging to the endpoint so
248s those are two changes that will be
249s coming in this next hotfix but i want to
251s emphasize again that we are working on
254s optimizing the base speed duration and
257s animations for these hotfixes and then
259s doing a full code review for our next
262s update
263s for future tweaks for operator and focus
266s changes specifically on voidsling
269s okay
271s okay
272s we will also just marcus and i will
275s mention throughout the stream
277s some other changes that will be coming
279s and fixes as they are relevant
282s but it is a juicy hot fix so a lot of
284s beefy hot fixes
287s significant there has been a signal and
288s that's all thanks to you guys sharing
290s your bug reports and your feedback
293s on some key items so uh we're very
296s thankful for that
298s moving on more angels of the zareman
300s content the community twitch drops
303s they continue
304s with today of course for prime time
306s specifically 45 minutes to get yourself
309s 45 ducats which is perfectly timed
312s because
313s barrow kateer arrives yes he's on his
316s way he arrives tomorrow um but also
319s and i'll get to this in a little bit you
321s might as well start saving up those
322s ducats for tennocon
325s might as well start saving them up
327s um
328s another thing i want to mention um with
330s the twitch drops after the stream is
333s done
334s we will be moving into the last portion
336s of the angels of the zariman twitch drop
338s campaign which you can see here it is a
340s directory-wide xeriman standing
343s bag so
345s if you want to get those void plumes
348s you can watch anyone that's in the
349s warframe directory for 45 minutes you
351s get a limit of five claims
353s that could be pretty beefy that is quite
355s beefy that could be i will definitely be
357s tuning in i will also be tuning in it's
359s coming in right at the right time where
360s we're going into the weekend
362s so definitely look out for that
364s um also what we'll be we'll be doing a
366s portion of this on the stream but we
368s will be doing the um angels of the
370s zeraman arg reward alerts
373s so you guys figured out you decoded the
376s arg that we had before the launch of
378s angels
379s yeah you guys did awesome that was
380s incredible to watch i thoroughly enjoyed
383s watching you guys scramble to figure it
385s out within like 15 minutes
387s even less than that actually you guys
389s are doing just all the different
390s attempts and like the the guesses and
392s the the offshoots the people the little
394s you know listen the discord side quests
397s popping off so you guys were right into
399s it which meant that because you
401s um solved it we have some gift uh from
404s the lotus alerts so
406s you probably noticed them and you were
407s like ah
409s those are some spicy alerts where do
411s these come from exactly so an umbra
413s forma blueprint is up right now um two
416s orekin catalysts and two orkin reactors
419s i think they're just built ones it's not
421s even blueprints i think they're just
422s built
423s catalysts oricon goodies so
426s those are live right now on all
427s platforms so be sure to sign in and
429s collect those goodies
434s i also have the glyph on from the arg oh
436s you do yeah awesome yeah
438s so if you
439s have not redeemed that uh the code
441s remember us yes in the in-game
443s marketplace we'll get you the
444s commemorative ceremony glyph as a thank
446s you for all of your hard work during the
448s arg
449s yes remember us all one word you can
451s claim that in the in-game market and on
453s the website i believe yeah both
455s locations
456s but yeah so umber form a blueprint and
458s the organ catalyst and orkin reactors do
460s you already know you're putting that
461s number for me danny i don't know i think
464s i don't know i've just recently really
466s gotten into zaku
468s [Music]
469s so what a good spot for it i know i'm
472s debating
473s update maybe chad can help me yeah
475s next up
478s primeval news we just announced that
480s zephyr prime and chromoprime are coming
482s may 11th
484s um
485s again just to note here that we are
486s continuing our regular schedule of prime
489s vaults as we've known it before primary
491s surgeons but primary surgeons will
493s return in some form and sometime but we
496s are going to continue regular rotations
498s of the vault which means
500s your favorite zephyrs she's back she's
502s back back
503s and beautiful as ever
504s zach is watching this he's been waiting
505s to get zephyr for years now and he's
507s like it's finally my chance here he goes
509s i'm sure there's lots of other people
511s there like now now now's the chance
512s now's your time she is uh amazing
515s fluttering over with her bestie chroma
518s who arguably i mean they are both winged
520s creatures no yeah they are yeah they're
523s indeed so i mean
524s they're both technically dinosaurs
526s wait no zephyr's just a bird
529s well birds are kind of dinosaurs in a
531s way are they aren't all animals just
532s dinosaurs well we're not i wonder how
534s many people know about
536s like happy's effort
539s right like a lot of new people that's a
540s great point you probably don't even
542s realize that
543s they can also uh
545s rage quit like me after about 30 seconds
548s if you guys don't know there is a mini
551s game in warframe if you have a ludoplex
553s which is basically kind of like our um
556s how would you put that like our arcade
559s machine where we have mini games and you
561s you can get the ludaplex from cephalon
563s samaras if i'm not mistaken um and you
566s can have access to mini games one of
568s them being
569s happy's effort happy suffer
572s where you smash your space bar to make
575s her jump over obstacles and let me tell
577s you
578s it's not as easy as it sounds is still
581s accessible from the arsenal or oh yes
583s yes yeah so if you own zephyr and you
585s don't have the little place
587s you just go to i think it's like the
589s there's an extra loadout there is so in
592s your configs when you have when you own
594s a zephyr either zephyr or zephyr prime
597s um in the abc configs there's actually a
599s z or zed config and if you click that
602s it'll take you to happy's efforts it's
604s either after
606s i think it's after applying a format
607s there might be like one slight wrinkle
609s to it i think so it gets you there yeah
611s nonetheless it's a good time it is a
613s good great game within a game who
614s doesn't love it yeah and we have you
616s know wormius and we have wormies we have
617s a bunch of little like mini games that
619s you might not be aware of so
620s but yes we like to have fun we do like
622s to have fun here did i do the vote i
624s think i did the vocals that was the very
626s first thing you did yeah uh yeah where
628s me is i did wormy i did i did the vio
631s part you did the work right yeah that's
632s the steve and i collabed on the uh the
635s trailer for wormious if you want to go
636s look back it was like 2015 or something
639s yeah it was a throwback
642s yeah um and the most exciting news of
645s all truly is that tennocon
649s 2022 is happening the digital event
652s it's happening july 16th
655s 2022. get your calendars out get them
658s out
659s uh do what marcus does get one of those
661s whiteboard calendars yeah i got a big
663s old whiteboard make a whiteboard
664s calendar and just
665s write in big letters channel call
667s tennocon happening
669s uh you can do exclamation point tennocon
671s in chat and it will take you to the
672s webpage where you can learn a little bit
674s more about that i thought we'd save the
676s the best news for last it is absolutely
678s the best who doesn't love a good
680s tennocon announcement i mean it was in
682s the water people were like
684s where are they gonna say something you
685s know we're kind of mentioning it and
686s here it is it's finally announced it's
688s here july 16th it feels like it's right
690s around the corner like it feels like
692s it's a gun
695s it kind of is but yeah we'll have panels
697s um
698s fun stuff of course tunnel live is gonna
699s happen uh more information on digital
702s packs um and merch and and stuff like
705s that to come down the pipe but you know
706s what i'm most excited for about what are
708s you most excited for deep no more
710s freaking circles or triangles turquoise
713s triangles there's circles on the screen
717s yeah our branding this year i guess is
718s going to be triangulus
721s which makes you very happy those of you
723s who are very triangular fear not
725s no more hard sharp edges on
728s anything do you have an issue with with
730s four 36 degree angles oh boy
733s uh geometry
735s yeah crackles like i can't even say the
737s word
738s triangle
739s yeah trauma three sides of an object is
742s not your thing then fear not um
745s okay we got through
747s we did we make it did i we made it
749s through we did great that was a
751s soliloquy
752s one more thing i already mentioned but
754s helen is here and she's going to be
756s watching the
758s chat
759s for your top 10 comments whether in your
760s discord or if you're in twitch chat so
763s helen do we
765s on on a scale of
767s uh jalapeno to
769s hobbit ghost pepper where are we at
771s where are we at in the spiciness level
773s of the commons we're approaching ghost
775s pepper
776s already
778s we've had some juicy ones but i mean
780s wait maybe you're right spice is the
782s wrong way let me just read you this
783s little sample
785s is okay turquoise
786s geometric version of a turducken
789s i can't say it's spicy but did it fill
791s me with joy absolutely absolutely okay
795s i love that keep them coming discord is
797s uh discord is primed yeah that extra 15
800s minutes before stream they just spend
801s getting like that's when they started
803s that was aaron tonight on twitch
805s giving credit where it's due or night
807s um i actually did i actually missed a
810s couple things to mention here but
812s before um i actually go back into that
815s we should just jump into a um a relay
818s marcus yes and uh why don't we jump into
821s relay and i'll go over those last uh
823s little points there fantastic
826s where should we go we are on pc
829s oh you can see baro he's slowly making
832s his trek over he's setting up a stand do
834s you want to let's we can go to cronia
836s sure
837s early um oh there's no one here so
840s instance one if you want to come join us
842s in the uh relay
844s uh just
846s you probably noticed we have the same
848s kind of spoiler boxes up last week for
851s obviously spoiler reasons for angels and
852s ceremony
854s we are continuing that because we don't
856s want to spoil anything for anyone so not
857s at all
858s fun fact about the coronia relay
860s pharaoh's here this week but you know
862s what else was there this week
863s was the met gala
866s marcus the mega epic
868s gala
869s and what was your uh level of
873s fashion or sorry that's tonight i meant
875s to say that's right now
878s wait
879s did the mecca had not already happened
880s no it did but the met gala and the
882s cronier relays oh what's happening
884s tonight yeah the mega epic tenno
887s okay where we get to see everyone's
889s fashion that's right now okay
891s is this oh okay all right does this mean
894s i we need to do like a little fashion
895s show like
896s i mean people come dressed up quite
898s nicely i changed how i
900s i changed my my look hopefully i i did
903s mine as well but i don't know if it's
904s gala worthy oh i don't know mine's not i
906s don't know what what would be the tenno
909s version of met gala
914s i feel like it'd be something to do with
916s planets
917s like a solstice
923s challenge your best suggestions yeah the
925s heck gala the mag gullah mega yeah it's
928s pretty good the metagala that's pretty
930s good graphic gala
933s man you guys orkin beauty pageant
935s you guys are way more rottie ball that
938s was pretty cool the tenno gen gala
939s actually speaking of tennogen since
941s we're here talking about uh things that
943s i miss talking about
945s um gyre cars
948s gyrating gyres
950s uh gyres tennogen files are coming soon
954s so if you are a tenno-gen artist and
956s you're like i want more skirt i want
958s more flair i want more marilyn monroe
960s happening i want to
962s shake it up a bit with gyre her files
964s will be coming very soon
967s oh we got blessed laszlo
969s resources drop chance oh that's gonna be
971s perfect oh that's what we need yes this
973s is exactly how did you know
975s how did you know yeah uh who we got here
978s we've got a mesa doing a little jig yeah
982s little gallop love it love it we're
984s we're rocking the the red and gold
987s features
988s got a very very cute looking uh valkyr
991s carnivex
992s very pink and sweet and very lethal
994s looking very but so sweet it's quite
997s it's
998s quite the contrast yeah oh we got
1000s another one this is joey
1002s bestowed affinity blessing thank you oh
1004s that's going to be again that's going to
1005s work perfectly so very handy what are we
1008s doing today marcus for game play uh
1009s today we'll be evolving our incarnant
1012s weapons
1013s you've been playing through the angels
1014s of this airmen update you've been going
1016s through the ranks a little bit you know
1017s that if you visit one of our friends in
1019s the relay they've got access to some
1021s incarnate weapons that you can level up
1023s in-game
1024s very similar to the protovire yes
1027s exactly yes cosmetics which is uh
1029s excellent so yeah we'll be uh danny will
1031s be um
1033s upgrading the paretos today the fed more
1035s defend
1036s more i'll be upgrading the leia tones
1038s yeah pistol yes so so this affinity um
1042s these affinity boosts and all that stuff
1044s for the blessings thank you very much
1045s it's well needed because my fenmore is
1048s not ranked at all so
1049s i'm not i've not touched the latem yet
1051s no so it's a fresh start yeah it'll be
1053s great you can all uh
1055s thankfully i don't think i have to oh no
1056s i don't have to hit i thought i read the
1058s first challenge is hitting 100 head
1059s shots and i was like oh boy oh god no i
1062s think this is gonna be
1063s they could just kill 100 enemies for the
1065s first one oh who do we have here chop ch
1068s chipotra i love your name because it
1070s sounds like chupacabra but you're also
1073s wearing
1074s uh the mirage deluxe skin so we're
1075s matching today oh i love your style i'll
1078s see you right there marcus i love it
1080s we're matching we're duo we've got a
1082s gauss goss goes we've got a baruch who's
1085s waiting for a handshake
1087s do i have it equipped i feel like i
1089s never have it equipped wait wait hold on
1091s do i have it dean i did
1093s oh yeah
1095s where is it
1096s where is it
1098s i also blacked out last week again yeah
1103s boom boom yep unreal
1105s ah any of mine out let's see who wants
1107s who also wants to handshake
1109s uh
1110s do i
1111s i could do a little wave with the little
1113s wave yeah uh i'm loving this um
1117s is this oh this is also mesa oh golden
1120s gracious mesa
1123s uh
1123s do we have
1126s modest android thank you we're waiting
1127s for another handshake
1129s oh the one who blessed us
1131s i give you a handshake and thanks
1134s from the phoenix
1135s cards i love it um all right oh so many
1138s zaku's here really oh we're having a
1140s zombie
1141s corner
1142s zaku corner nobody leaves zaku in the
1144s corner
1147s yeah
1148s saku is fabulous i love them i'm buddy
1151s fresh naja
1152s after my own heart yes
1155s uh oh
1156s it's actually funny because um george
1159s just sent me a message and it reminded
1161s me of the fact that warframe's audio
1164s team won the webby awards people voice
1167s award for best sound design and music
1169s and that was voted by the community that
1171s was yeah absolutely all community so
1173s thank you guys for that i know the sound
1175s team we're over the moon about it so
1177s very awesome very cool we got another
1179s blessing okay i think are we
1181s are we blessed we're blessed up i'm
1183s feeling blessed absolutely all right so
1185s let's um
1186s let's head i guess we could just go to
1188s the yeah and i think i uh if you want to
1190s send me an invite yes
1192s gonna go to invite only yeah it was
1195s awesome seeing i would always see posts
1196s on the subreddit about people saying
1197s like hey don't forget to cast your vote
1198s today for the warframe sound team you
1200s guys it was uh very wholesome very
1202s wholesome always sharing the love
1205s um all right oh megan megan send me a
1207s message megan
1210s megan wants somebody
1212s oh and i'm going to change my cliff she
1214s said nice glasses i said thanks baby
1217s thanks man again thank you yeah we're
1218s like how do i get danielle's glasses in
1220s game
1221s do we have something similar for
1223s operators i don't know yeah there's for
1224s sure
1227s yeah but they've got the half they've
1228s got the yeah the lower the tenno gen uh
1230s they exist oh true yeah there's just no
1232s orange lens that's true yeah
1234s um all right if you guys would like to
1236s join us in squad we are on pc
1241s what should we get them just do or say
1243s come on down uh
1245s give us your best glasses pun okay let's
1249s do it glasses pun if you want to join
1251s our squad dm either
1253s d e danielle or d e marcus with the
1255s square brackets on the d e um i'll pull
1258s over my name over there
1259s which relay we are in the cronia relay
1262s yes cronia relay yes for now all right
1265s we can just camp out until barrow
1267s tomorrow it's perfect
1269s set up your tent get some cheetos hang
1271s out for the night all right who do we
1272s got here
1275s nato brindo literally just sent a bunch
1277s of uh sunglasses emojis and just said me
1279s please which is enough for me
1282s you know i did say glasses puns i don't
1285s even know if those actually exist at any
1287s point well
1288s laszlo said something something gara
1290s glass pun
1293s do we have a winner
1294s a for effort
1296s um
1297s wait hold on
1298s moore's looping there's always room for
1301s puns let's be honest of course um they
1303s said i've got a rather spectacular
1305s glasses pun
1307s that's what we're looking for
1309s that is what we want
1311s send that player an invitation they were
1313s sending them in we're sending them an
1314s invite
1316s jb voiceover said i like glasses they
1318s are pretty oh we're sticking with the
1320s spectacular
1321s theme it's uh oh
1325s sandy said you know i heard about the
1326s lens not sure why the corpus are using
1328s some glasses as a weapon but whatever
1331s okay these are getting good marcus i
1333s like that we're heating up we're cooking
1334s the ball is rolling we're going
1337s lots of spectacles the pun train has
1338s left the station
1340s yeah we're on we're like almost
1341s derailing at this point with how fast
1343s we're going oh yeah okay so we're
1345s thinking we want to do uh for the sake
1348s of not spoiling anything or continuing
1350s to save spoilers
1352s uh we are going to do an exterminate
1355s mission
1357s okay we will do an exterminate
1360s uh we will go to the helical perimeter
1364s let's embark
1366s before you embark yes it has been 25
1368s minutes
1369s yes dean and you have not given the
1371s people what they want for shame
1373s someone rained the bell
1376s ring the bell
1378s [Laughter]
1380s sorry helen i had you muted do that
1382s again
1386s oh here marcus you got to read this one
1388s all right
1389s poco chin maru won you've won a thousand
1392s platinum please whisper the warframe uh
1395s twitch account with your in-game alias
1397s and the platform that you play on and
1398s we'll send you a thousand plateaus
1406s i've never seen that much platinum one
1408s place in my life oh my god that's
1409s incredible
1411s uh actually my this might not we'll see
1414s if this works oh i am so
1418s yeah here's the question can my latem
1420s yeah with oh nope we killed one we
1423s killed one person okay oh my god why is
1425s the sensitivity who was on this pc last
1428s oh man you know what who was on this pc
1430s last
1431s i may have to turn my effects down after
1433s this i think i've got them cranked
1434s because i was taking some screenshots
1436s okay and my mirage is uh it's a light
1438s show oh my goodness this is so this is
1441s okay it's great
1443s we're out of rape hold on everybody keep
1445s me alive
1446s we're gonna turn this puppy down because
1448s my god
1450s it was actually on default i'm just so
1451s used to playing with the controller that
1453s uh
1454s okay we're good are we good i've gotten
1456s so used to that controller life on
1457s switch as well you get used to like
1459s sitting back in your chair kicking up
1460s your feet yep having a blast
1463s it's just so comfy that's so comfy it's
1465s just so comfy the back of pc i'm like
1467s hunched over i'm like you know oh my god
1469s it's still so high
1470s oh we have a friend marcus yeah follow
1473s the friend
1474s oh the friend
1476s oh we found a soma core tone
1478s wait do i have a scanner oh thank
1479s goodness
1481s yeah if you guys didn't know we released
1482s three new songs yes and the zereman so
1485s uh very exciting stuff oh no a threax
1488s i'm not prepared for this
1491s i got you dania i'm not prepared my
1493s fenward is like no damage
1495s i'm missing all my shots because nothing
1496s worse than going for a mission and being
1498s like oh i'll level up all my weapons and
1500s then uh yeah jumping in being like oh i
1502s do potato damage yeah potato damage oh
1505s and i'm also ranking up an am so let's
1507s see how much uh
1508s actually
1510s thank you so much for bringing that up
1511s marcus because i am using
1513s a 177
1515s amp situation right now is he dead
1518s um and
1519s this was inspired by
1521s one of our wonderful creators who we
1523s will be featuring later on in the uh
1526s the stream
1528s yeah if you have not yet built an amp
1530s and you're waiting waiting to dive in
1532s you're like ah angel's xamarin is out
1534s you know now it's probably time to build
1535s an amp
1536s this is uh this is the guide for you
1539s yeah wow all right all right oh we're
1541s good we're good oh and now he's
1543s okay
1546s all right i don't know if i've got any
1548s of my fenmore challenge done because oh
1550s i see a void plume uh waypoint oh yes
1554s yeah it's the classic thing of like oh
1555s i'll bring a couple things to level up
1556s okay i just formed this i'll bring that
1558s yeah
1559s and i look and then i'm going to go do a
1560s mission and i do no damage yes which is
1564s a little problematic when we want when
1566s we have challenges we have to do so we
1568s might
1569s we might uh shift over to uh an easier
1573s exterminate
1574s and then uh once we get it leveled up we
1576s can actually mod it properly
1579s oh we got an x-mas
1581s you know what let me just swap over to
1583s something oh god oh my god stay alive
1587s got him
1588s okay
1589s let's pop it back
1591s yeah i don't think i'm gonna get much
1592s kills on this oh wait a minute i got two
1595s going oh let's go i got three marcus
1598s boom danny you're you're halfway there
1600s oh i fell down oh i fouled on the tunnel
1603s hello you find anything good i uh oh
1606s it's actually you know these are
1607s definitely worth exploring oh yeah uh
1610s there might be something in here that we
1611s want so i am going to do a little
1612s exploring which totally defeats the
1614s purpose of why we're here but no
1616s exploring is half that half the name of
1618s the game in the zero it's true
1620s so much good stuff oh i don't think
1621s there's anything down here
1625s all right
1626s following another child
1628s hello everyone
1630s oh you're following oh hello friend look
1632s we're the same
1633s i think is to your leader i'm small like
1635s you
1637s it's crouching i can't run
1639s where where are we going friend
1642s where are we going
1643s oh sorry i blocked your way so so rude
1646s of me
1648s so rude i'm not little
1651s oh no marcus
1652s oh no
1654s don't look don't pay pay no mind
1656s to the
1658s large child on the screen oh yeah oh
1660s yeah yeah
1661s hit a girl's starter where are we going
1664s this has been a long it's been a long
1665s journey where are we going fred it's
1667s been a very long journey huh
1670s i feel like you could have been close to
1671s where you needed to go
1673s maybe maybe this is are we either
1675s running back to their pal maybe we're
1676s running a marathon at this point yeah
1680s does someone have gatorade i think we're
1682s gonna need some gatorade yeah dude this
1684s kid has not stopped
1687s this is a fast ghost wait
1689s where are we going
1693s honestly
1695s down the pit okay okay
1697s we've gone this far oh oh wait wait wait
1699s this is a good sign it's gonna be good
1702s he's gonna be good i believe this has
1703s got to be a dead end right
1705s oh we made it ah no there was a hey okay
1708s it was worth it yeah it was worth it
1711s that was a haul that was that was an
1713s absolute mission
1715s i was like i'm not even running in real
1716s life and i feel like i'm out of breath
1719s oh my goodness
1720s this is that was a lot okay
1723s i'm so distracted by all the the boy
1726s blue markers did i not pick it up
1728s normally it goes away when you pick it
1730s up but um
1731s oh god
1733s this is good this is the this is the fun
1734s hide and seek part feel like i need to
1736s uh hold on look at all the collectibles
1738s that's the thing i am such a loot goblin
1741s that i feel like i can't
1742s i can't like
1744s ignore it you know yeah because you know
1747s you know you're you're letting it go by
1749s and you just desperately don't want to
1751s no
1751s how do i know
1753s you know i just followed the skype today
1754s i absolutely did
1759s but it's good though because it's like
1761s there's lots of really
1763s interesting spots you can get to in this
1764s update and i have found some
1768s i found some very very interesting
1769s places like a very much rewards
1771s exploration which i quite like
1773s yeah i always liked that when i first
1774s started playing warframe and like
1776s especially in the um orek and derelict
1779s oh no just the straight up uh
1781s the oregon towel set um
1783s there's a lot of really neat spots you
1785s can go to and honestly some that i still
1787s have only recently found um like behind
1789s certain corners or
1791s walls and stuff like that
1792s it's a it's funny because uh before the
1796s update even launched i uh i messaged uh
1800s grant
1801s and i said i keep seeing all these like
1804s these mentions of these like secret
1806s rooms like
1807s what are these all about and uh he said
1810s oh well i i'll send you a bunch of
1812s videos it was like oh you don't have to
1813s do all that and then you send me like a
1816s whole
1817s like
1818s uh basically like uh uh
1820s what do you call those like a like a
1822s guide
1823s kind of like of all the secrets it's
1825s like a cheat sheet like yeah it was
1827s basically a cheat sheet of all of the
1829s locations of kind of these little secret
1831s rooms that you can find in ign back in
1833s like 2005
1835s right exactly so i was like damn i got
1837s an upper hand now this is great
1839s i don't think it was the fullest um but
1842s it was really neat to see what what uh
1844s the environment team ended up coming up
1846s with
1847s there's some very clever it reminds me
1848s so much of uh if anybody's played portal
1852s oh um a couple of the secret uh secret
1854s rooms you can get to early on yeah in
1856s the game secret tunnel
1860s secret tunnel
1861s that's basically what i sing every time
1863s i'm in the ceremony
1866s [Music]
1868s where are we at
1869s well i finished my night wave challenge
1871s so that's good hey that's great i am
1873s only a little bit there maybe we'll get
1876s to it oh no i finished one of them all
1878s right well we've we've done our
1880s exterminate and i think i've only
1882s successfully killed maybe 10. yeah i'm
1886s with 14.
1887s so we're literally a tenth of the way
1889s there
1890s i mean it doesn't say what level you
1891s have to kill them at so perhaps killing
1892s level 50 enemies is like yeah let's go
1894s the extra mile here yeah
1896s we're not messing around yeah
1898s secret tenno
1899s [Music]
1904s um
1905s all right oh whoops i almost came out of
1907s the elevator
1908s oh my goodness
1910s i like getting on the elevator with your
1911s friends you know it feels uh feels like
1913s you're actually uh out in public with
1914s your buddies
1915s don't jump
1916s don't jump don't jump all together jump
1918s it's gonna break the elevator
1920s that's what my mom used to say is that
1922s really what she used to say i feel like
1924s that is a smart thing to say yeah i mean
1926s yeah yeah she'd be like oh that could
1927s break and then and then i'd be like in
1929s the elevator fall she's like i don't
1930s know oh it stresses me out stresses me
1933s out yeah well we got opinion that's
1935s pretty good the top um level
1939s um all right so we are back in the uh a
1942s neck or necrolisk oh my goodness we're
1945s back in the chrysalis
1947s um we're not going to venture too far in
1950s here just stay in this mossy area we're
1951s just in this mossy area but i think uh
1954s we should head back to our orbiters
1956s and um we could do like a bunch of
1959s missions get to like
1961s get to like almost finish or complete
1962s yeah and then maybe we're on a mobile
1964s developer
1965s yeah let's look we're gonna go the easy
1967s route here the sky's the limit or you
1969s know what we could actually do we can do
1971s the um
1973s uh gift from the lotus alerts that's a
1976s great idea let's do that that is a great
1979s time if you would like to open what is
1980s megan saying
1982s mickey
1984s saying your glasses are cool again she
1986s said
1987s baby you must be an angel cause those
1989s glasses are manifesting in my arms
1994s i
1996s never in my life have i heard a pickup
1999s line like that megan so megan that's
2001s incredible and it worked
2004s give me a call
2008s text me later megan i'm so impressed
2010s with you right now megan
2012s it's honestly so much poetic wait megan
2014s are you you're online do you want to
2015s join us i think she wants an invite
2022s i didn't answer her quick enough just
2024s like a cool cat just drops it in ghosted
2026s yeah i ghosted herself like in like 25
2029s minutes she's gonna come and be like
2030s please respond yeah i'm back online are
2032s you guys here yo
2034s you up wait hold on
2037s let me see here those glasses still fly
2039s i'm gonna send her a side
2041s she just said i was so hurt i left
2044s i sent her a sad face
2047s a very sad face
2049s you gotta reply with a new warframe who
2050s dis
2053s hello
2054s hello
2055s uh sandy your uh pun was so good that
2058s i'm gonna send you an invite
2060s and elixis prime
2062s oh come on down friends we're gonna do
2065s uh which of the
2069s um which alert you want to do
2071s good question
2073s let's oh i already did the umbra formal
2075s one whoopsie
2078s okay well in that case let's do the
2080s defense would be good yes would you do
2082s the defense yeah okay
2085s perfect
2087s all this talk of ghost makes me think
2089s i'm watching the wrong game
2091s we are still waiting for one more person
2094s who did i send that invite to sandy
2096s is sandy still online
2098s sandy come come join us
2101s if not
2102s hello and good evening to you too
2103s awesome xero hello
2105s i'm gonna sign a link the tenno sandy
2108s joined okay sorry i linked the dino uh
2109s let's do that defense
2111s cannot select oh whoops my bad we
2113s already we're doing that
2115s whoopsie noodles
2117s are we going back to the void we are
2119s taranis let's get back in there
2121s get some argon feed the helmet
2124s let's get snack pop rocks now
2127s for those of you who are just joining us
2130s seeing some comments about voice link in
2132s chat well
2133s we are working on it we are working on
2136s looking through your feedback reviewing
2138s for further tweaks for void sling
2140s and just general operator and focus
2142s changes
2143s but we are hot fixing tomorrow on pc and
2145s we are making some changes to
2148s animation speeds uh for certain of the
2150s for some of the focus abilities and we
2154s are decreasing the time it takes for
2156s void sling to reach its end point at max
2159s distance and we are increasing the
2160s overall velocity of that sling as well
2163s so speeding it up a bit
2165s but uh do not fret more changes will be
2167s coming
2168s in the future for void sling and
2170s operator stuff in general
2174s fear not great teto oh my god thank you
2177s everyone who's been submitting that
2178s feedback it's been
2180s very thorough um very thorough very
2183s helpful but uh what you all want to see
2186s which is quite excellent
2189s oh my goodness i'm so sorry um
2192s i i've been playing so many fps games
2195s that i do the the jiggle aim
2198s like just naturally like i'm doing this
2200s while i aim down sights and that is so
2202s just i feel like that's so nauseating to
2204s watch so i'm going to try and know
2206s that's a pro strat danny you're a gamer
2207s don't hide yourself i know but this is
2209s not the time i don't want to get sniped
2212s i don't i don't want to get a head shot
2214s i don't want to avoid although do we
2216s feel like the grineer have like
2218s stormtrooper level of um oh yeah of aim
2222s you know what i mean
2223s except some of those ballistas on the
2225s planes they're pretty sharp they are
2226s this is true they'll get you
2229s okay we're making progress with the
2230s fenmore here are you are you making
2232s progress with your relatives yeah i'm
2233s doing doing well we're
2235s 23 kills in okay they're not quite a one
2237s shot but if i aim for head shots it'll
2238s be a lot less so yeah
2240s okay you'll get to see my sharpshooter
2242s skills
2243s prepare to be amazed he's a ranger
2246s he's a cowboy
2249s i got a horse
2253s do you
2255s wait oh we have a lift with us oh i wish
2257s i didn't have a friendly lynch hello
2259s friend you were very large thank you
2261s oh god
2262s goodbye
2264s um thanks for coming over
2268s what's your favorite frames and why
2269s that's a tough question can you really
2272s choose at this point there's just so
2274s many i feel like you have to have like
2275s top three at this point you know
2278s yeah that's uh that's way too tricky and
2280s it's like i don't know it's kind of like
2282s picking like a favorite song like there
2284s are different songs you like at
2285s different points your life or like a
2286s favorite kid
2288s [Applause]
2289s or that
2290s you know kind of the sense of
2292s you know who it is you just won't say
2295s right
2296s um well marcus who's your favorite for
2299s it's a good question i would say like
2302s yeah if i had to play
2304s one
2305s frame for the duration of warframe who
2308s would i pick
2309s i honestly still probably have to say
2311s zephyr because
2314s i would say that it's enough of a
2315s combination of
2317s because like what i like most about
2319s warframe is
2320s like goofy fun stuff like that's what
2323s kind of keeps you coming back like being
2325s powerful is cool and like playing
2327s through missions is cool but like
2328s lots of like fun interesting things like
2331s like how zephyr glides and like just
2334s you're so used to playing that like
2335s heavy weighted movement that that kind
2336s of glide oh so you don't have the
2338s augment on her then no no you like the
2340s gravity no i do like the gravity or the
2342s lack of gravity the lack of gravity you
2344s really have to adjust back for it yeah
2346s but once you get the hang of it it feels
2348s very nice and it does kind of feel like
2349s you're flying so that's the sort of
2351s stuff i gravitate that i find
2353s brings me back in over the longest
2354s period of time i see it's like it's like
2357s how when you play super mario brothers 2
2359s you always play princess peach
2361s because she can glide
2362s yes like i don't play any other
2364s character when i play that game it's the
2365s same i think it's the same concept that
2367s marcus is talking about do you feel like
2368s you have more control yeah yeah
2371s yeah i think when you're so used to um
2374s the fast like paced
2377s movement
2378s nature and warframe to kind of slow it
2380s down a bit with zephyr it's interesting
2382s even though she's a speedy bird she is
2384s very fast so you can you can traverse
2386s areas in quite a in quite a quite short
2388s direction but yeah like
2389s first like i'd say that first like 100
2391s 200 hours of warframe like i feel like i
2393s was just like
2394s like jittery because you're moving so
2396s quickly right and the things are coming
2397s at you so fast whereas efforts kind of
2398s like it's a bit more it's a bit more
2399s chill right what about you danielle
2401s who's here
2403s uh i'm a little biased here
2406s uh sarin is my favorite but she was my
2408s favorite before i ever did any voice
2411s work for her so
2412s hey that's good she was actually the
2414s warframe um when i did my interview with
2416s reb why oh my god i'm missing all my
2418s shots when i did my interview with reb
2420s um to be an intern
2423s uh she asked me who my favorite warframe
2425s was and i said
2427s saren and she was like great choice and
2429s i was like am i hired now is this it did
2431s i pass i literally thought like oh that
2433s was a good choice that was a good trick
2435s yesterday yes
2437s um so definitely serenitis for sure
2440s sweet danielle i'm fascinated how did
2442s you do voice work after the warframe had
2444s already been released we did a rework
2446s for sarin oh and that came with
2448s voiceline it did yeah so uh saren was
2451s reworked in
2453s 2018
2456s was it 2017 possibly
2459s um that's when we did the whole overhaul
2461s with her spores and like having like a
2463s ui indicator to see which uh people or
2466s enemies are infected and like all kinds
2468s of changes her damage type changes and
2470s corrosion and whatnot so
2473s corrosive not corrosion um etc and then
2476s the sound team
2477s uh messaged me without even knowing that
2480s i loved saren and said hey would you
2482s like to to do some sound work for saren
2486s and i
2487s kid you not squealed at my desk
2490s and i said i don't think you guys
2491s understand she is my favorite warframe
2493s and they were like we had no idea that's
2495s perfect and then i got in a booth and i
2497s screamed into a mic yeah they're like we
2499s had no idea reb's like
2501s yeah yeah i was like did she did she do
2504s a little hint not not that no it was
2506s just it was in the cards the universe
2508s was like this needs to happen yeah so uh
2511s so that's that's why i'm a little biased
2512s towards uh saren and i love um
2516s yeah it's difficult i am a huge fan of
2518s i'll have to say even though i don't
2520s have her yet gyre um i played a lot with
2523s her um when we were in the testing
2525s phases for angels liz airmen
2528s and i fell in love with her very quickly
2531s i'm such a sucker for if you couldn't
2532s tell like aoe
2534s cc control i literally mentioned sarin
2537s and nidus
2539s um and she just kind of
2541s fits that mold so well so yeah her cc is
2543s very satisfying it's also easy to see it
2546s reminds me a lot of the um
2549s uh those uh like
2551s uh orbs you could put your fingers on
2554s and it makes the sparks like touch your
2556s fingertips i have no idea what they're
2558s called they're like right in the lava
2559s lamp era yeah um what if they could hold
2562s those what are those what are those orbs
2564s called what does those pondering
2566s make your hair stand on it yeah it's
2567s called and it's the ball
2570s yeah
2572s any any of those plasma balls it's the
2574s thing that you'd never buy but you'd
2576s walk past the store and be like oh sweet
2577s one of these um it's so funny that you
2580s mentioned that cause pablo in his
2581s instagram live that he did this week
2583s which we did do like a live uh dev q a
2585s on instagram live if you missed it oh my
2587s god um
2589s he mentioned that he said that part of
2590s his inspiration was those orbs i think
2592s he mentioned uh something from his
2594s childhood
2595s uh he had like come across one of those
2597s orbs and he was so fascinated by them
2599s and that's why he included it in gyres
2601s um overall like design and development
2604s how sweet is that right pablo you're a
2606s gem apollo is a gem
2609s yeah that was really really fun to watch
2610s actually
2611s maybe we'll do more in the future yeah
2613s oh that'd be a ton of fun
2615s they're called plasma balls so plasma
2618s someone just said gyre is so squishy
2620s she's like a glass cannon though you got
2622s to build you got a min max around that
2624s you know
2625s yeah high power output and you gotta
2628s find ways to protect yourself you know
2629s exactly you avoid slinging off of the
2631s corner drop a health pad i'll jump back
2633s in that's my strat yup is it an
2636s efficient one not at all does it work
2638s for me
2639s right it does we love it okay this is so
2642s much more effective marcus yeah i'm at
2645s 89 now oh man
2647s this see this is what happens i was like
2649s oh i'm like keeping face with danielle
2650s like she's gonna talk a bit about sir
2652s and i'll be able to catch up and i'm
2654s like way behind you now i'm at 68. oh i
2656s gotta get going two waves remaining
2658s that's two waves you got it you got it
2660s i'm also sitting in like a paw in that
2662s pocket corner where no one else is right
2664s now so i'm kind of like taking i'm
2666s definitely taking your kills your spawn
2669s cam i am spawning yeah that's fun game
2671s it's those fps
2673s i can read you like a bug daniel oh
2676s forgive me i'm just trying to get no i
2678s appreciate i like i like the friendly
2680s competition i need my incarnate
2682s transmutation to happen i need it i need
2684s it in my blood i need to have a
2686s avoid riddled uh
2690s like arc gun i guess is the form that
2692s it's in when the fenway's and yeah who
2693s doesn't need that just got to do a 360
2695s no scope
2697s are you ready for that yeah okay hold on
2698s hold on yeah yeah if you do no scope
2700s yeah 365
2703s sensitivity okay yeah
2704s oh wait hold on uh how am i gonna do
2706s this we're also in third person
2709s i guess technically when i aim down
2711s sights i'm kind of in first person sort
2712s of okay hold on hold on hold on
2715s who who am i gonna mole where is there
2718s an enemy
2719s oh
2720s okay they're all dying hold on we have
2722s one wave remaining
2724s okay okay i need to find my victim i
2726s found one
2728s [Laughter]
2734s that was so good
2737s wait let me check
2740s did i get them did you get them did i
2742s get them
2743s okay hold on
2752s yeah it's like 360 60 times over
2755s oh there's an exitus over here help
2758s my friend moore can't handle the exodus
2760s not yet at least we did it oh i don't
2762s think i got 100.
2765s where are we at honestly i'm 17 kills
2767s off so i'm very happy though okay okay
2768s we also have the um
2771s the
2772s uh
2774s we have the other gift of the lord from
2775s the lotus yes we do
2777s thank you to our squad
2780s uh alexis prime with the two lockers
2782s opened appreciate it count those stats
2785s marcus 21 head shots hey 29 headshots
2790s and 85 crates open we were busy we were
2793s busy that was a good round yeah thank
2794s you squad we're gonna grab another uh
2797s squad and dean if you want to run
2799s another platinum prize
2802s i suppose i was about to write my own
2804s name that's not who i want to invite i
2806s don't know how to spell
2807s marxists yeah i pocket dialed myself
2809s yesterday wait how do you do weird i
2812s don't know it was it was so odd i was
2813s like because i've got the hands-free in
2815s my car and i looked and it was like
2817s marcus is calling it i was like
2820s like did you call do you have two lines
2821s like did you call like your home you
2822s have two phones oh do you have a bra
2824s how's that even possible
2826s i don't have a burner phone but if i did
2828s i wouldn't be telling you
2830s no no burner phone but i was uh yeah i
2832s somehow called myself
2835s and i even answered and i was like
2837s hello did it echo into the no it was
2839s just like i was just quiet i hung up i
2841s was like weird marcus from the future
2848s congratulations to you you've won a
2849s thousand platinum please whisper the
2851s working channel that you're on right now
2852s with your in-game alice and the platform
2854s you play on and we will hook you up with
2856s that 1000 plot congratulations to you
2859s one thing
2860s i do want to mention actually that is
2862s coming in the hot fix tomorrow for pc
2866s um
2867s you may be aware of some of the
2869s incarnate evolutions just as we're
2871s working our way towards unlocking them
2874s um we actually fixed an issue um with
2877s the
2878s evolution that increases or any of the
2881s evolutions that increase or reduce your
2882s critical or status chance um not
2885s applying correctly and basically the
2888s base stats were not it was not additive
2891s to the base stats which meant that it
2893s wasn't being applied in
2895s full percentages
2897s so for example the fedmore which i'm
2900s using the survivor's edge evolution
2902s four i think it is it's supposed to do
2904s plus ten percent critical chance and
2907s plus ten percent status chance and it
2908s was only doing like two percent
2911s status chance or like two percent of
2914s that on each of those anyways
2916s it just wasn't working properly
2918s so we will be fixing that in tomorrow's
2921s topics as well
2922s yes
2923s brilliant
2924s get those extra percents we're getting
2926s the max represents all right we've got
2929s the defense mission was it or no the
2932s survival survival yep
2934s um all right add any more mods to my
2937s weapon it's another good thing to check
2940s if you would like to join the squad
2943s please dm us with in game
2946s with
2950s [Music]
2952s thoughts uh your favorite kind of cheese
2954s oh let's go what's your favorite kind of
2955s cheese and if you're lactose intolerant
2958s don't join us
2959s hey i'm kidding i'm kidding
2961s tell us your favorite brand of lactose
2963s or non-dairy cheese because we've got
2965s some non-dairy cheese fans in the house
2967s tonight
2968s cheeses yeah
2971s just with
2973s yeah we know that we know they're
2974s lactose intolerant life oh
2976s i didn't realize i walked into the yeah
2978s marcus is between doesn't want to play
2980s with me or daddy i guess i'm between a
2982s non-dairy cheese sandwich right now
2984s marcus baby belle cheese is where it's
2986s at baby belle cheese is baby belle is
2988s that a real cheese yes
2990s what is it gouda it's a
2993s it's a gouda question
2995s i bet it's white cheddar why cheddar
2997s cheese white cheddar it tastes a little
2998s too tangy
3000s it's e-dam cheese what do you think eat
3002s him oh dutch it's a dutch semi-hard
3005s cheese that has gentle notes of sweet
3007s grassiness and a bit of nuttiness
3009s [Music]
3010s yeah exactly aggressive exactly
3013s i love it you hit a certain angle where
3014s you get you catch both the lights and
3016s it's the perfect am i like a jojo you
3018s won't you won't hit it until you're not
3019s oh you won't get wait unless you're not
3021s paying attention
3026s oh no yeah
3028s it's great
3031s hello yeah
3033s it's uh it's very someone earlier was
3034s like danielle looks like she's straight
3036s out of an anime i'm like that's the
3037s anime look right there
3038s it's definitely a jojo move that is the
3040s one
3041s um max trap said parmesan the best
3045s oh anonymous user the only said pepper
3047s jack
3049s it's got just the right flavor of cheese
3050s for that good taste pretty much anything
3052s i you know i agree i i bought some
3054s pepper jack the other day
3056s regardless of the fact that i'm like
3057s disintolerant let's not talk about it i
3059s have an issue
3060s it's just too good
3062s you love the cheese but the cheese don't
3063s love you
3065s you definitely don't love me
3069s there's a really good uh ghost pepper
3071s pepper jack at farm boy ghost pepper
3073s pepper jack farm boy farm boys they got
3075s some yeah they got some good cheese they
3077s do
3078s it's jesus the samplers
3082s cheese is amazing overall on god yeah
3084s brown cheese
3086s how long are these streams uh well it is
3088s almost seven o'clock now where we have
3090s another hour
3091s seven ish minutes give or take
3094s two hours long
3095s two hours long which actually
3098s blow by
3099s they go by really fast so fast it is the
3101s fastest two hours of your life yeah yeah
3103s nacho cheese time flies you're talking
3105s about cheese and warm frame
3108s anyone currently eating cheese while
3110s they watch i wish i wish someone so last
3113s time i was on primetime i was talking
3115s about uh whether or not we should have
3116s like a snack break or like bring snacks
3118s on uh-huh and then uh on twitter i came
3120s across like a very controversial thread
3122s that was like should streamers eat like
3124s discuss
3125s should streamers eat period sorry should
3127s trainers eat like while on stream yeah
3130s you don't want the asmr smacks you get
3132s well
3134s i got my bits and bites right here
3136s oh
3144s i do like it it's very calming
3146s oh i got i unlocked it marcus you got it
3148s i got my yeah i can go in kernel mode
3150s when i go back to the chrysalis heck
3152s yeah turn it on i'm so happy for you oh
3155s well thank you
3156s i'm gonna get on your level
3158s get on my level
3160s die
3162s piano apparel
3164s and you could go back and watch i turned
3166s one corner and i swear to goodness there
3168s was like 30 enemies in one go i was like
3170s i've never oh there he goes again
3172s i've never seen a spawn that thick
3174s before
3175s thick this is what i need the game's
3177s like a very weird market you know you're
3179s just a couple kills away and there i am
3182s we have arrived all right we did it
3185s oh yeah just in time
3187s just in the nick of time
3190s all right
3192s we got a whole nine more minutes to go
3194s which is great
3196s it's absolutely spectacular
3198s i forgot this was the survival first
3200s opposed just asked warframe asmr when we
3202s actually did that as an april fool's
3203s joke did we two years ago we had the
3205s warframe lifestyle channel gag that we
3208s did
3209s and uh we were coming up with ideas and
3212s concepts of what to do and i jokingly
3214s said it's like let's just quickly do an
3215s asmr thing so i grabbed my uh excalibur
3219s statue box
3220s were you doing boxing it wasn't an
3223s unboxing it was i put it on a table and
3225s i just started tapping it
3228s it's in the video for like all of 10
3229s seconds but it's a couple of different
3231s tippy taps it's great i don't remember
3232s that dean i'll have to like look back
3234s yeah it's the warframe lifestyle channel
3236s i'm sure i'll remember it when i see it
3238s i think it was i think it was the
3240s 20th it was the first year of the
3242s pandemic when we were like what are we
3243s doing for april yeah that's when we did
3245s that so in chat's asking for a cheese
3247s warframe honestly we're pretty close
3249s with the uh the spore print void shell
3252s uh material i've been seeing lots of uh
3255s people talking about being sponges i
3257s feel like you know what you could very
3258s uh very easily be swiss cheese that's
3260s the sarin uh
3262s one in her collection right
3265s yeah it's uh
3267s yeah someone i forgot what they colored
3268s this was like it was like orangish brown
3271s it was for rhino uh-huh it was it looked
3274s a little unsettling i think that's where
3275s they're going for
3276s but it was uh it was meat yeah if you
3278s have a
3280s phobia
3281s yeah
3282s or if you're a big spongebob fan hey hey
3284s i this this is this was my inspiration
3287s are you wearing a spongebob shirt check
3289s me out
3291s what does it say it's the krusty krab
3293s come spend your money here at bikini
3295s bottom yeah marcus
3298s my nails are spongebob inspired
3300s it's it's patrick and and and spongebob
3303s and they've got the little bikini bottom
3305s flowers on it oh no you can't see
3307s oh i died oh no i'm so like are you
3309s serious i am serious um
3312s it's funny because uh i asked instagram
3315s what um what nails i should do and
3318s everyone's like anime anime anime and i
3320s was like you know what the best anime is
3321s spongebob spongebob
3323s so i went to my nail girl and uh i was
3326s like hook me up with some slip bob nails
3328s dude that's so cool i'm honestly i am a
3330s little blown away right now they both
3332s came with spongebob this is
3338s it's funny how quickly things devolve
3340s into spongebob conversations helen and i
3343s are just failures we didn't
3344s we didn't coordinate the spongebob thing
3346s that's only i have a cute little floof
3348s here though
3349s that's close yeah that's close enough a
3351s little hello
3354s in on the patrick's day my friend
3356s yeah this is very patrick
3359s got something
3361s assist spongebob easter egg in the next
3363s update i don't think that the the actual
3365s designers won't want that but a cheese
3367s warframe a cheese warframe
3370s is lula made of cheese
3371s would that mean that it just has like
3373s really good invasive um
3375s abilities or like passive because that
3377s is possible it's basically zaku's
3379s passive because that's
3381s well if we look at zaku's abilities
3384s um it's literally 25 damage reduction on
3387s aoe attacks and chance to avoid incoming
3389s weapon damage so is zaku the cheese
3391s frame then is zaku the swiss cheese
3392s frame i think so because like they
3394s already have
3395s an evasive passive
3398s right and then that gets increased with
3400s the fast on time so they bust their void
3404s form right and then they're just like
3406s that's like a crumbly that's like a
3408s crumbly manchego or parmesan
3411s or a blue cheese i got a blue cheese in
3412s the fridge right now oh delightful
3415s like a blue cheese you bought as blue
3416s cheese or a cheese that's turning into
3418s blue cheese because it's been in the
3419s fridge
3420s how do you chill if blue cheese goes bad
3422s this is a serious question i mean blue
3423s cheese is already bad you know what i
3425s don't understand about cheese but can't
3426s it go bad further this is what i
3429s understand about chicken
3430s you can buy old cheddar aged cheese but
3434s it has an expiry date i don't understand
3436s that
3437s it's been aged for months or whatever
3439s because it's not being because once it's
3441s in your hands and you've unwrapped it
3443s from its prison that it's been in for
3445s months it like it it it's cheese tuna it
3448s oxidizes and the air gets too i get that
3450s but like if you keep it i just don't
3452s understand it if you keep it sealed i'm
3454s sure you could keep it for a lifetime
3456s could you age it more if it's fully
3458s wrapped in wax or whatever how old can
3460s cheese get
3462s yeah the google expert yells at aged
3464s cheese
3467s i just don't understand it it's one of
3469s those mysteries to me
3471s i'm sure i could google it and it's like
3473s on a wikipedia article
3474s but it's just like
3476s someone's in the challenge surface
3478s knowledge are you in the challenge room
3479s marcus no that's not me who's in the
3481s challenge room right now where are we at
3483s good luck yeah good luck succeed 15
3485s seconds left yeah
3487s max max trapping our squad said can't
3489s wait to take a can't wait to bite into
3491s zaku
3492s steady
3493s i feel like that would hurt your teeth
3494s zaku's very like um
3497s well let's take a look at zaku they have
3500s um not much meat on them nope
3502s so
3504s so the the parts they do have has got to
3506s be pretty strong it's going to be it's a
3507s lot of energy so you're basically just
3509s eating air
3511s right there's no cow yeah there's no
3514s calorie-free
3517s let's see here
3518s pep pow pow pow boom you guys were
3521s asking about how old cheese can get
3524s yes
3524s discord got on it mango has an answer
3527s mango the oldest pieces of cheese ever
3530s discovered are over 3000 years old and
3532s were well preserved in desert tombs
3534s while this ancient cheese is inedible
3537s the oldest edible cheese on the market
3539s today could be aged for up to 18 years
3542s wow that's an old cheese that's a
3544s variable cheese 18 years how would you
3547s feel like if you were an 18 year old
3549s eating an 18 year old piece of cheese
3552s would you be like this is you we were
3553s born on the same thing
3555s i wonder how long it took them to figure
3557s out that 18 was like the
3559s the limit the upper limit of cheese yeah
3561s yeah who had the 19 year old sacrifice
3564s who hit 19 and 20. i was like
3567s and did they live to tell about it
3569s yeah this is a great point
3571s winter you're the oldest it's time to
3573s try the chicken
3575s time to try the cheese
3578s we'll do this for you
3579s papa pop pop oh we have a an existence
3582s over here we have a
3583s fire or heat
3585s oh we have a leech xmas
3587s oh you found a leech xmas speaking yes
3589s it's speaking of legit just about the
3590s same word coming with the next hotfix i
3592s know i can i can pick up what you're
3594s putting down danielle put it down put it
3596s down
3597s um
3598s leech eximus and energy leech eczema
3600s their abilities will be affected by a
3602s line of sight
3604s so similar to
3606s um you know one of the reasons why uh
3609s leech eczemans and energy leech eczemas
3611s got their change is that you know you'd
3612s have
3613s one of those examples on like the other
3614s side of a wall and you wouldn't even
3615s know that your energy is being drained
3617s and stuff like that right whereas now
3618s you would see the pool but still you
3620s wouldn't be able to find the eczema
3621s itself and you know this would happen to
3623s defense objectives and stuff like that
3625s so coming with the hotfix their
3626s abilities will be affected by line of
3628s sight so yes there you go yeah because
3632s they could um prior to that fix they
3635s could basically um
3637s clip through the environment and hit you
3639s without even knowing that you exist
3642s so
3643s yeah now we're making it
3644s oh see yeah see
3646s are you even here
3648s once you're once you're in the room with
3649s them though it's still got a tango yeah
3651s but uh but yeah no more like
3654s seeing the their ability happen you're
3656s in a different room
3657s or behind a wall or yeah no no more
3660s cheating no more wall hacks
3662s yeah
3663s sneaky sneakies so yeah sneaky not so
3666s sneaky i guess they are the most like
3668s visually obvious i am here
3671s yeah they take your life they call their
3674s presence very uh
3676s very astutely
3677s is that the right word for that stupidly
3680s a stupid you know the amount of words i
3681s have to google on a daily basis to make
3683s sure i've got them correct
3685s um you know what word gets me every time
3687s um the plural of desk
3689s desks desks desks
3692s little
3695s it could honestly it sounds like a
3697s warframe word at this point in my mind
3699s like a made-up warframe word like um
3702s um
3703s oh what's a what's a warframe word that
3705s when you think of it you're just like
3706s yep that's warframe
3708s chat like when you think of the warframe
3710s word creations that the the the writers
3713s have come up with that the narrative
3714s team has come up with
3716s tenno ool
3718s dax kuva
3719s snipe tron snipe tron
3723s sniper it will always be the most
3724s warframe for me
3733s but sometimes these words are actually
3735s words though
3736s is a necroliska thing
3738s i don't know it sounds like a thing
3741s ricotta hellman helmet is a thing no
3744s i don't know i don't see this is the
3745s game that i play the lines are blurred
3747s lines are absolutely blurred they're
3749s great bolarola bola rolla
3753s rolla and honestly similarly wrote below
3754s list
3756s yeah sorry somebody said bullet jump
3758s which i think is really cool because it
3759s is kind of like oh yeah turned into a
3762s nomenclature for a type of movement very
3765s true very very true um i would love to
3768s bowl at a place called bolarola
3770s that would be amazing
3772s and the balls are shaped like ball rolls
3773s oh
3775s so cute all right we're done we did it
3777s we survived all right
3779s let's go evolve those incarnations let's
3781s do it let's see if i die on my way to
3784s the door oh my god so many lasers up
3787s whoops excuse me pardon me
3792s do i have my shots nope i didn't get a
3793s chance
3795s a new mini game bolarola bowling
3798s that would be i like the sound of that
3799s it would be like the wii the the wii
3801s game because wii sports or like way like
3804s way back in the day i used to play like
3805s this like penguin bowling game
3807s like those old like old old old pc games
3810s that you'd like get out of a cereal box
3811s and like load up on your wait can we
3812s talk about how
3814s cereal boxes had games at a certain
3816s point so cool why don't we do that
3818s anymore i guess because
3819s roller coaster tycoon 2 and cheerios and
3821s i got that honestly we should we should
3823s put out a physical copy of warframe or
3826s like with a limited edition cereal or
3828s like the mini games we could put more
3829s meals in minigames yeah yeah i don't
3832s know
3833s ever outside of london or ontario but
3836s there was a year or two years
3838s where the yellow pages
3840s huh
3841s came with a pack in version of
3845s doom
3846s what
3848s doom of all honestly it was in the
3850s yellow pages watch this in my yellow it
3852s was just bizarre
3854s and it was the full version too it
3855s wasn't even just like a shareware thing
3856s it was like legit here's the yellow
3858s pages and doom
3859s that is
3860s so like
3862s i'm just looking for a place to get my
3864s hair done and it's like
3876s well back in the day before the internet
3878s was the real thing you used to get the
3879s yellow pages and the white pages
3881s delivered to your door every year or so
3883s and one year it had
3885s quake
3886s chill duke and just said rip and tear
3888s the pages
3890s the doom music kicks in and they have
3891s flipped through
3892s it's like that sound it's like a
3894s greeting card but when you open up the
3895s yellow page
3899s i just need to find my local florist
3901s what is this amazing
3903s um
3904s all right well we can go to the
3906s chrysalis let's do it uh dean could you
3908s go away from her screen for a bit here
3910s uh we just don't want to spoil
3912s who's actually in the chrysalis so we'll
3915s um head over there and then
3917s we're gonna go see our friend
3919s with the thing i can't wink at the place
3923s honestly i did i did wink a bit earlier
3925s and i was like i got to practice that
3927s that was a horrifying wink i like how
3929s everybody's calling me a boomer it's
3930s like you'll all get there too one day oh
3932s you're not talking time dude you want to
3934s talk for anyone i saw on reddit last
3936s week someone
3938s in the uh gaming subreddit posted
3941s does anybody know what game was it
3944s i want to say it might have been
3945s it might have been destiny
3948s someone posted why is this achievement
3951s called the cake is a lie oh no and all
3954s the comments were like i just aged 20
3957s years
3958s [Music]
3959s and uh i felt that too i was like oh no
3962s we're at the point where like uh it was
3965s it was tough it was really oh it was
3967s minecraft it was a minecraft post thank
3968s you it was minecraft whoever sniped that
3970s in chat yeah i uh
3972s it hit a hit deep
3974s i felt so old reading that there's a
3976s couple warframe challenges that
3978s reference certain things that i feel
3980s like is like
3982s old school i'll have to look at the
3984s challenge list are you are you okay
3986s you're in dean you can come back to our
3987s screens
3989s so we are in the oh
3992s are you good marcus yeah i looked at the
3993s ground oh you can you can be in the the
3995s actual evolution screen that's fine
3998s oh dean come away from our screen again
4000s it might pop back okay i did pop back
4003s okay okay okay all right we're good
4005s we're
4008s i was like i was like maybe that's a way
4009s to navigate the christmas was just like
4012s i am looking respectfully
4014s at the no spoilers
4018s all right well we unlocked our incarnan
4021s form
4022s oh which is great i can uh this ui
4024s screen is so sweet it's so beautiful
4026s because i don't think we have this is
4028s almost like this is almost like getting
4030s back to like og warframe skill trees
4033s that i never thought about that i didn't
4035s think about it until just this moment i
4037s love it the mad gala comment i did
4039s prepare this i did not yes
4041s uh so yeah so now i have my um
4045s uh in carnan form activated which means
4047s that when i get headshots i charge in
4050s kernen transmutation and all fire swaps
4052s it to this incredible
4055s void
4056s twisted
4057s arc gun basically which i could swap on
4059s and off from and then um so now oh
4062s gotta kill eczema's let's do it we gotta
4065s kill eggs okay
4067s all right and then those uh we
4070s will get
4071s let's see
4073s 58
4074s accuracy and 50 less recoil while aiming
4078s uh 20 fire rate and 80 projectile speed
4081s ready to go what are you going to go for
4083s danielle what do you think
4085s i mean that's not how i build it it'll
4086s have eight eggs in this to think about
4088s it
4089s the accuracy is nice and the recoil is
4091s nice while aiming when you're in in
4093s carnan form because of the kind of
4095s kickback you get from the the heavy arc
4098s gun basically
4100s but
4102s uh
4103s and fire rate is good for that as well
4105s out in in carnan mode so am i building
4107s just for incarnate mode i mean i might
4109s as well right yeah projectile speed i
4111s feel like using
4113s chat what do you think what have you
4114s what did you guys unlock which one i
4116s mean the nice thing for your weapons
4118s that you can swap between them with no
4119s penalties this is true you have to play
4121s around with it a bit and then yeah once
4123s it's unlocked once you've evolved and
4125s unlocked the evolutions um
4128s you can swap between the three in each
4130s of the slot at any point at any time
4133s uh someone says left side all the way
4136s less recoil
4137s recoil yeah see that was my first choice
4140s recoil as well that's why i was having a
4142s tough time landing a few head shots at a
4143s certain point i was like you know i
4144s think it's a recoil but the thing is is
4146s you can build around this right so
4148s that's the beauty of it um if it's not
4150s working for you maybe you need to change
4152s your mods or maybe you need to swap out
4154s the evolution to yours marcus what are
4156s you going to go for i think you're going
4157s to go for the reduced recoil but now i'm
4158s thinking about it i'm like yeah you can
4159s use like mods also fill this purpose so
4161s you can either min max or certain thing
4163s for certain evolution you're gonna just
4164s blend exactly because i'm a uh a tim
4166s probably a
4169s movement speed's nice because it's gonna
4170s throw on amalgam
4173s diffusion i think what the model is
4174s going to put on which does improve your
4175s movement speed as you're shooting so if
4177s you do that
4178s then you could really be
4180s you know i think i'll try that i think
4181s i'll try that out first
4182s okay i like it you know synergize my
4185s warframe yeah you gotta the this is the
4187s thing this is like the
4188s the
4189s mental gymnastics and warframes you kind
4191s of have to do because
4193s now you have with these with the
4194s incarnation specific you have not only
4197s the the actual uh upgrades themselves
4200s here but then you also have your modding
4202s yeah and then you have and your weapon
4204s arcanes too
4205s arcanes and then like how your operator
4207s interacts with this and how your
4209s warframe now that there's more synergy
4210s between the two exactly oh yeah yeah
4212s especially your operator yeah
4214s all right uh dean you can come away from
4216s the screen again
4218s like moose the plural of xmas is eczema
4220s moose
4222s there's a whole herd of eggs
4225s actually speaking of herds of eggs and
4227s moose yes uh we had a follow-up change
4230s to the eczema spawning cap uh that went
4232s out in a recent hotfix and so now in
4234s survival missions uh there can only be a
4237s max of five
4238s simultaneous exodus so there can be no
4241s uh simultaneous eczema past five you
4243s know were seeing like lots of people
4244s were talking about being in situations
4246s where you just get a lot of
4248s eggs missed together in one small space
4250s and you know their effects can compound
4251s um on the enemies themselves and so now
4254s it is a max of five which should make
4256s them a bit easier to heal a bit easier
4258s to deal with once you kill one then now
4260s that's opened up again and another one
4262s can spawn but yeah things will
4264s and that actually yeah it scales based
4267s off of your squad size um and one thing
4270s i do want to mention because i have i am
4271s seeing some mentions the um this affects
4274s certain endless missions not all of them
4276s yes um survival being one of them and
4278s there is a a change coming in tomorrow's
4281s bc hotfix and consoles uh next week um
4284s that will um we're basically
4288s not removing that restriction but for
4290s sortie
4291s um
4292s survival missions let me just make sure
4294s i'm reading this right
4296s uh so we did we did increase it for that
4299s because the sorties are a little bit
4301s more difficult um we are also and it no
4303s longer scales by squad size so
4306s um we are looking at other changes
4307s potentially as well to that original um
4311s uh scaling spawn cap as it like as it
4314s touches on um steel path and stuff like
4317s that so don't worry um
4319s the sentiment eczema cinnamon
4322s the cinnamon eggs
4323s the syndicate eczema squads are not
4325s affected by this change it's only
4327s mission so you will get the full desk
4328s squad yeah folder i think even those
4330s squads it's only like two or three xmas
4332s in those as well something like that
4333s yeah yeah a room full of eggs moves
4335s marcus and the eggs marcus and the eggs
4337s that sounds like that's fine
4339s i would win over their their hearts and
4341s we would all
4342s we would all gang up together i feel
4345s like by episode three we'd be we'd be a
4347s troop yeah i was gonna say i feel like
4348s we need to introduce cinnamon xmas is
4350s around stardates
4352s like cinnamon yeah
4361s okay that's very cute
4363s um all right so because we need to do an
4365s eczema challenge
4367s do we go to
4370s yes so not eso but sanctuary on [ __ ]
4373s yeah we go there because our because my
4376s fenmore again is not leveled up all the
4378s way so
4379s uh we should do also do another platinum
4381s prize shop has a great idea
4383s oh and i saw a comment flew by
4386s like also chat let me know if you don't
4387s like the poking because i find i've been
4389s doing this a lot where i pull it
4390s straight into the lens that's so
4392s aggressive and i'm like i i'm sure that
4393s like freaks people out like they feel
4395s like they're in 3d like you
4397s um
4398s uh here i'm gonna i'm gonna ramble so
4400s we'll do the we'll do the winner first
4402s life forza sh
4404s shafard lazy shard or lazy shard
4408s lefor is a shift forward you've won a
4410s thousand platinum congratulations
4413s please whisper the warframe account with
4414s your in-game
4415s alias the platform that you play on
4418s lefor's a support
4420s or lazy shard if you're if you're hip if
4422s you're hip with the now do the internet
4424s youngsters of today know what leetspeak
4426s is is that a lost art i feel like lead
4428s speak is kind of a lost art right yeah
4430s it was sort of a blip like i kind of
4433s whenever i see three one three three
4434s seven i'm like that person's older than
4436s 30.
4437s or the calculator uh yeah
4443s i think lead speak in particular is that
4445s not the origin of lead speak i mean it
4447s yes
4449s the eight double double zero b
4452s or b eight i ruined
4455s that's inappropriate i'm sorry
4458s yeah all right elite hacksaw yeah there
4460s it is elite hacksaw
4461s yeah
4463s someone in chad who i can't read because
4465s in lean speak said i'm keeping it alive
4467s i couldn't read their aliens because he
4469s would keep the dialect alive
4473s it is its own link it i guess you would
4475s consider it a dialect because it's an
4476s english dialect
4479s i think there's a certain age of people
4480s who can read personalized license plates
4482s really well
4483s and they're the people who like no lead
4485s speak
4486s true
4487s every time i see like a custom plate of
4489s some sort i'm like is this lead speak
4491s is this anime
4493s is this is this anime honestly i did
4496s actually see a license plate that i was
4498s like
4499s is this an anime
4503s who is it uh it's an akira
4505s and there's a part towards the end of
4507s the movie
4508s where akira just is screaming his
4511s buddy's name and i'm pretty sure it's
4512s tetsuo and he's just like that's what
4514s yeah and he just screams that for like i
4516s honestly want to say it's like the last
4518s half hour of the movie that's all he
4519s does and it was a license plate and it
4521s was just tetsuo
4523s [Music]
4528s yeah i don't think you're allowed to
4528s have more than three of the same letter
4530s yeah but it was like
4532s like as much as they could tack on the
4533s rose at the end yeah yeah there's also
4535s rules like you can't have a zero and an
4537s o next to each other oh really because
4538s then police can't actually like read it
4540s out properly it's the whole thing that's
4542s funny dean you can come back to uh
4545s back to our screens now the whole reason
4547s i was going to talk about the pointing
4548s though is because uh someone was asking
4550s about the grendel missions which we
4552s actually did take a look at today
4553s internally yes and uh they're yeah yeah
4556s i can't can't say too too much but we
4557s did we did take a look at this in
4559s regards to the um
4560s changes yeah because those missions
4562s definitely got tougher yes that's for
4564s sure yes uh all right we are going to do
4567s a uh we're going to hunt down some
4570s eczemas in sanctuary onslaught so if
4572s you'd like to join it's not eso we're
4574s not going too crazy because our my
4576s fenwar is only level 13. i gotta kill
4578s him i've got my peculiar growth i'm
4580s happy
4581s i'm like i'm good
4583s uh so um what what should we
4586s oh send us something in leetspeak
4589s send us something in leasepeople see if
4591s we can read it yeah let's find out if we
4593s can actually read it yeah as we were
4595s going through someone's like you read
4596s much marcus
4597s at least speak
4600s uh when cross play we are still working
4602s on it my friends still clipping away
4603s still working on it you know i was
4605s working on it just before i got here
4608s marcus is our sole programmer on the god
4611s god help us
4613s that's what's taken so you guys want
4614s crosstalk in 2067 yeah
4616s get this kind of i mean i'd be impressed
4618s if you can do it in 30 years i would i
4621s could literally see that i'll be like
4623s i'll talk to you guys in a few decades i
4624s come back i've just got like i do look
4626s like gandalf at this point i've got a
4628s massive beard i'm like yes done that
4630s that is absolutely if it's time if you
4632s want to age 50 years you start working
4635s you know we don't use consoles anymore
4636s right i'm like
4638s no one told me
4640s we sent you so many emails i don't read
4642s those
4644s marcus you gotta
4646s get that caffeine going
4648s yeah uh coconut fella said zaku is still
4651s the bionicle frame in my heart
4652s absolutely
4653s when i first saw them i was like this is
4655s well well it was a community project so
4658s when we were working with um
4661s an artist on the uh
4664s concept art i was like they are a
4665s bionicle no one can tell me any
4667s difference oh yeah i think time so yeah
4669s diamonds your
4671s dms something in leet speak that's
4673s appropriate
4674s and we will invite you to the squad
4677s either uh d e danielle with the square
4680s brackets
4681s as you see it here or demarcus send me
4683s your lead speaker and i will
4684s really try hard to read it although pira
4686s sent me a message hello marcus how are
4689s four doing
4690s how are four
4697s thank you thank you for sending me back
4698s is
4699s 4u in
4701s leadspeak is in 4a
4704s how are you doing it's gotta be how are
4706s you doing yeah maybe it's more of
4707s attractiveness
4709s okay
4710s teeth
4711s teeth
4712s tithies tithies times just said my name
4716s okay but
4718s i sent an invite but marcus can you see
4720s that
4721s it's t three t h
4724s tethys
4727s oh no
4728s what is this sketch
4730s oh i thought i was like were we just not
4733s saying something great no no no no no no
4735s i i got a full sentence okay there's no
4738s way i'm going to be able to is this even
4740s a thing
4742s okay i see speak
4745s imagine
4746s not using leet speak
4749s in
4750s no imagine not using lead speak
4753s what is all the time i did it i did it i
4756s think i did it
4759s is that was that right yeah you got it
4760s you got it
4762s there that was pretty good that was
4764s pretty good okay it's pretty good
4766s it has not died dean we we're keeping it
4768s alive that's right and you learned
4770s something new
4772s yeah i learned
4773s where
4775s did you see that someone said marcus and
4777s danny the ancient 1999 tomes no
4782s i mean oh sketch is legendary one hello
4786s sketch does know their latest does know
4788s nostril number one with the zaku too
4790s with the zaku oh boy now it just looks
4793s like code i'm just reading code that's
4794s all i'm saying honestly this is okay and
4797s did i i did invite someone else but i
4798s don't see them
4800s let's so let's get another elite speak
4801s send more leads be cultural uh i mean
4803s have you noticed like can you understand
4805s your name and titles on the screen right
4807s now
4808s uh
4809s only because we know what they are
4813s on the 52 commune of 117
4820s these are great
4822s captain inane um sent speak to me
4826s how have you been the last few days
4827s platinum lego it's all coming back to
4829s you now it is it is
4832s okay so
4834s it's already almost 7 30 so let's do
4836s let's see if we can get there
4838s yeah um if we can get i think it was
4840s five examples eight eight
4844s okay we'll try we'll try
4847s eight eggs i believe it i believe we can
4849s get eight collectively yes man this i i
4852s told you it goes by so fast you need
4854s some camera good right now i need some
4856s palms of sweat i need some gamer goo big
4858s time
4859s yeah this is such an unfortunate name
4866s it's just
4870s it is indeed
4871s it is indeed i mean i love the product
4874s but
4877s you know i'm not touching that
4880s you shouldn't
4881s it's not very sanitary
4885s see this is gonna be tough now i'm never
4886s gonna be able to read chat now because
4887s everyone's just lead speak
4889s it's like a trial by combat we're not um
4891s it's like i don't even see the matrix
4892s anymore i could read everything they're
4894s saying it's amazing
4896s imagine yeah imagine chat just going
4898s fully to me forever it's so painful
4901s would be like the perfect way to speak
4902s and code and be like i don't understand
4905s we've been trying to contact you about
4907s your car's extended work
4909s you're sorry if that you were gonna you
4911s got that wow that's a long one easy
4914s i'm old danielle i'm old
4917s this is your wisdom dean
4919s sorry i fell down the vent i should know
4921s better by now
4924s where are the eczema
4926s oh yeah i know it's still pretty easy
4930s if anyone finds an exam just ping it
4932s keep it alive
4933s we may or may not do this i think
4935s let us let us harvest
4937s wait
4938s oh did i kill it nope the toggle didn't
4941s go off
4943s i thought it was a uh an x-mas but i was
4946s wrong i was mistaken
4949s i fell down the secret tunnel you also
4951s fell down i did not do it oh did you
4953s fall did you actually fall i also did
4954s fall down
4957s yeah oh wait wait wait wait oh here we
4959s go here we go here's one here's one
4961s oh
4962s you got them i got them did you get it i
4965s don't think the challenge is appearing
4966s for me no uh it could be progressing in
4968s just the uis not popping up that is
4970s entirely possible which in that case it
4973s is a bug
4974s and we will have to take a look at it
4976s take a look at that wait uh oh wait
4978s here's another one oh wait okay let's
4980s see here hold on
4981s normally it would also hold on
4984s challenges
4985s hmm
4986s [Music]
4988s so
4989s uh if you didn't know there's a new
4990s screen
4991s now uh the challenge screen this is a
4993s great way for you to track your
4994s challenges if you're having issues like
4996s we're having
4997s this might just be an a ui issue maybe
5000s it'll take into account our progress but
5003s if it doesn't then we will uh extract uh
5007s when that extract will just not go
5009s through the portal
5010s and see if it updates there and if it
5012s doesn't then we'll log this as a bug has
5013s anyone else encountered this before yes
5016s wait i'm so stupid
5018s it says with this weapons incarnate
5021s transmutation
5023s oh danielle
5024s learn how to read
5027s hey marcus two marcus we gotta it's too
5030s much speed that person knew before
5032s they're like marcus i don't we forgot
5034s how
5036s we forgot how to speak uh regular
5040s okay oh hello eczema so i need to get
5042s some head shots to
5044s get my incarnan
5046s transmutation
5047s [Music]
5048s oh my god are you good
5050s you know sometimes this is this is
5052s happening
5057s we're good what hijinks are going on
5059s behind the scenes i did a swell elite
5061s speak
5062s you did i did oh my goodness thank you
5070s i okay feel like my sensitivity is too
5072s high and i'm like
5073s headshots these headshots
5078s grineer got such tiny faces i know
5080s they're just so small everything's dying
5083s so fast
5088s at this level too my sentinel can
5090s actually crush these guys too so i'm
5091s like i can't get i wonder if my um do my
5094s uh
5096s my grasp of loke does that actually work
5099s does it no because it's not the fend
5101s more increasing not getting the head
5103s shots
5104s could you imagine that'd be great it'd
5106s be fantastic if all my oh no this is a
5108s i've made a terrible mistake all my guns
5110s are gonna get my kills before me
5114s all right one down
5116s oh my god
5119s oh stay away marcus my head shutting is
5121s so bad
5122s you know what it's because you're it's
5123s because you're calibrated to pvp i am
5127s i'm like they're they're movements easy
5129s to telegraph but i'm overthinking where
5131s they're going to go i believe danny oh
5133s i'm not even going to be able to get an
5135s earning form
5136s i haven't got any encouraging form
5140s it's okay well you got it you got it so
5141s close we'll got it we'll go we'll get a
5142s little halfway there it is true that is
5145s a big adjustment going from pvp
5147s to uh
5148s back to pve yeah okay we're almost there
5151s it's fine i was complaining for nothing
5154s wait until i start complaining
5156s which is very likely to happen
5159s stop moving
5160s stay still
5162s okay have we had any eczema um yeah i've
5165s killed i've been selfishly killing a few
5168s that's okay i'm not even an incarnation
5170s i'll take i'll tag the next one i got
5171s chat you can hold me to it
5174s oh yeah okay there we go
5176s oh they died really quickly this is
5178s where um
5180s also whoever whoever is nightest and has
5183s parasitic link to me thank you very much
5184s oh i went right directly in the portal
5186s oh no please don't tell me it's going to
5187s reset my
5189s number four are we going through yeah
5190s okay cool we are going through i guess
5192s oh it didn't reset your at your headshot
5193s you did it it didn't respond
5196s we spawned right in there oh we're
5198s almost there
5199s please don't kill me
5202s how are you doing on efficiency okay
5204s we're fine we're fine
5205s all right
5206s last little bit left hopefully yeah
5208s we're gonna have to rush through
5211s okay i'll try to get like one well the
5212s good thing is we're sparse on
5214s we're uh we didn't take too too many
5216s captures this week so oh we did it wait
5219s there's a right there
5221s did you get it i got one
5224s i'm not okay
5226s i'm not going to use my i don't want to
5227s wow i don't want to use up too much on
5229s my chart i got one charge left okay
5232s ah all right team if we find another
5234s eczema
5235s bring them to me i'll tag him
5238s how many do you have i got five now five
5241s ten i thought i was almost on my charge
5244s and then i still managed to get like a
5245s little sneaky extra boost there yeah i
5247s was like stay with me one of them is
5250s marked thank you oh let's go
5253s yeah thank you to our squad yes 2002 and
5255s captain america thank you so much
5257s excellent excellent tagging
5259s great spotters i don't want to use that
5260s on on regular
5263s plebian
5264s enemies
5265s i'll just use my abilities instead
5267s oh i'm out of oh hold on i'm out of
5270s energy
5272s don't die
5275s oh actually i'm just gonna use grasp of
5277s loke to uh take care of the rest of the
5279s damage for me
5280s hopefully it won't kill off the eczema
5282s that come around
5285s very handy
5287s where are you oh no grasp of loke was a
5291s bad idea and killed my accident
5298s too powerful so yeah so i guess you're
5300s going to apply that umbrella umbra
5301s format after you've gotten all there
5303s yeah
5304s yeah we're probably going to do that
5305s just uh you're a little too powerful
5307s just a little desirable
5309s just a smidge we are also just in like
5311s default
5312s um sanctuary onslaught so
5314s that too that too
5317s oh
5318s you got that well it is 7 30 so we're
5321s getting we got it we got a bunch of
5323s stuff else to get through oh we got an
5325s enemy marked yep you got it all right
5327s it's all you danny
5328s come here
5331s three actually could we could we do it
5333s marcus i don't know if they're spawning
5334s quick enough
5335s they'll we'll we'll wait another one
5337s won't they only spawn faster
5339s true at a higher level
5341s maybe let's go let's go one more let's
5342s go i'm at four i'm halfway there
5344s i think i'm still at five okay well i am
5347s also stealing the rest of the friday
5359s um is there a planned hotfix for void
5361s flood um there are actually quite a few
5364s fixes for um missions
5367s um i am right in the thick of getting
5370s these exams though so let me just
5372s finish this and then if i remember to i
5374s will
5375s read them out to
5377s let's you
5379s whoops
5381s okay
5382s i'm feeling confident but i also want to
5384s make sure that you get yours done yeah i
5386s gotta rack up my head shots now again
5388s yeah oh you're in headshot racking up
5390s stage okay so i'm gonna steal the eximus
5392s while they pop up here oh there he is we
5394s got one oh oh come here you near you
5396s wait where did he go
5398s i can't see him anymore did he die
5400s oh there was a there was a um oh no he's
5403s alive
5404s you invested where are your faces
5407s this is a good point where are you where
5410s are your
5411s what
5413s oh this is the perfect music for this
5415s dean this is this is what we needed
5417s oh we've got it oh i thought i got
5418s another one
5421s are you still in incarnating for him i
5423s am still in carniform i have like maybe
5425s a quarter of the charge left i've been
5427s very uh picky choosy i'm very smart yeah
5430s i'm nailing like zero headshots here oh
5432s wait wait wait go danielle come here you
5435s oh no i thought that was a oh i'm
5437s wasting it
5438s oh that was an xmas
5444s okay helen how's the discord doing over
5446s there
5447s i love discord this is right isn't it
5449s the funnest place ever
5451s i can't wait to show you the memes
5454s it's a marcus meme night workers have
5456s one more just you know you got it
5458s you go danielle all right oh my team you
5460s guys our team is like this is awesome so
5463s supportive
5464s thank you squad frame community just
5466s coming through again
5468s just doing that you know you can just
5470s feel them always rely on them
5472s feel the love
5474s oh man okay this this is going to be
5476s like our last wave i think because we
5477s got a bunch of other stuff together
5479s we're going to speed run it yeah we're
5480s going to speed run it
5482s if well speed run based off is basically
5485s just if we could oh i see the leech eggs
5487s in this pool i see leech eggs and miss
5489s pools which means one's nearby
5493s oh did he get obliterated where did he
5495s go
5497s where's our friend
5500s lost him
5502s come back come back another one will
5504s come around yeah
5505s uh
5507s oh you know when you're just like you're
5508s so close i bet you one more will spawn
5511s in the next
5512s 40 seconds do we do we do it do we wait
5514s wait oh no one will spawn i feel it okay
5518s do we go through the portals we're gonna
5519s have to blast through fan art and
5521s everything
5523s little 16 seconds maybe oh do you know
5526s oh enemies don't spawn again okay yeah
5527s okay let's go through the portal yeah
5529s we'll do another quick one
5531s we didn't make it this far
5535s as you turn your your glasses back into
5537s the perfect uh oh come on
5542s you did it i get it i did it okay let's
5544s finish this one up and then uh marcus
5546s maybe you'll be able to uh no we're back
5548s on corpus so maybe it's a little bit
5549s easier maybe oh yeah the heads are a bit
5551s easier a little bit easier to see
5553s yeah i'll have to nail enough head drops
5555s to get back into the form
5557s and then yeah how many are you at five
5560s yeah five
5561s okay we'll say as long as they all don't
5563s move a lot why can't i why is my mercy
5565s not working oh there we go cause i was
5567s hitting z and not x
5570s whoopsie daisies
5572s oh we're climbing up beauty oops did i
5575s is that my way point i didn't mean to
5576s put away point there my bad
5578s wow i seem to nail like no head shots
5580s last time i'm not
5582s i know it's a little bit i i
5584s this is what i mean like
5586s challenges are nice to have because
5588s sometimes i'm just hacking and slashing
5590s right
5591s oh there's an exhibit over here marcus
5593s if you can manage oh one more
5595s oh wait you just need one more yep
5598s i was like oh i don't know if i'll make
5599s it okay no i'm really okay we can we can
5601s do it uh there's a
5603s ancient oh wait wait wait right here
5605s right here right here uh let me
5606s take him okay got it you see him yeah i
5608s just killed a guardian you're done yep
5611s we're done you're done
5612s all right
5614s you're done you're done
5616s wow that was like i was like yeah it's
5617s all right guys okay wait i'm back no we
5619s got it we got it we are right on the
5620s cusp all right we did it nice good job
5622s everyone thank you squad yeah thank you
5624s squad
5626s fantastic waypoint there
5627s all right this is our last round so we
5629s got another minute and then we're going
5630s to hop right into fan art we're going to
5632s absolutely buggy yeah absolutely boogie
5634s through the last segments because we got
5636s a lot to show dojos and all
5640s oh i really do want to
5642s like my eclipse build on midas i love
5644s your eclipse build on midas
5646s where is
5647s captain jackson
5649s captain where are you captain
5652s captain oh captain oh captain oh also
5654s your knights looks incredible
5657s love that
5660s you did it
5662s we did it
5664s uh good show
5666s yeah we're gonna
5668s we're gonna set up for fan art and
5670s captura and dojo showcasing
5674s uh i do also
5676s want to read off some more fixes that
5678s are coming in the
5680s hotfix tomorrow for pc and next week for
5683s consoles
5685s it's been a very information heavy
5687s stream so information heavy uh i
5690s appreciate you guys just sitting back
5691s and and listening hopefully this has
5693s been helpful and informative to everyone
5695s yep
5696s lots of fixes coming down the pipe keep
5698s hitting us with your feedback yep um if
5701s you're running into any bugs or
5703s um oh something like this isn't quite
5705s right definitely let us know
5707s all right we're sure
5709s what did it woo
5711s we did it i'm pumped my hands are sweaty
5713s i know my tube that was great
5715s that extra zone that sealed the deal
5717s love it why next week for console um so
5720s just some internal stuff happened uh
5722s we're just unable to hotfix tomorrow
5724s unfortunately so it'll have to wait
5726s for um monday on the console side of
5729s things but don't worry
5731s it'll be coming mm-hmm
5735s all right we did it okay got a lot of
5737s focus yeah leia tim is also a max ranks
5739s i'm going to pop a forum on next time i
5741s think of it all right thank you so much
5743s squad sketch
5745s 22 22.
5747s no 2002 was your name
5750s and i think that's captain underscore
5752s e-nate
5754s i'm dying
5755s captain inane with the knight is prime
5757s thank you very much thank you very much
5758s squad all right let us hop
5761s right into
5762s fan art marcus let's do it
5765s marcus uh handled fan art for this week
5767s so
5769s i'm sorry marcus i
5771s i also sent him like a bunch of fan art
5773s that just kept cropping up like yeah
5775s over there it came out of nowhere it was
5776s like yeah as it was good
5778s and i will i will always appreciate
5780s receiving the fan art yeah um so no
5782s anytime you anytime you get that sweet
5784s sweet fan art daniel sent it my way
5786s yeah so this was like a fan art collab
5788s yes across the board it was it was by
5790s cora 1982
5793s all right
5794s fancy reminder that 10 o'clock is
5796s happening july 16th just a reminder set
5798s your calendars for that uh digital event
5801s uh more information to come on
5803s scheduling and digital packs digital
5805s items all that fun stuff but let's go
5807s let's get right in let's kick it off
5809s we've got joriel is here
5811s uh with ordis and gyre so ortis is very
5814s happy to see jiren is so excited to make
5816s a new friend you know
5818s so they're just you know cuddling up to
5820s jair is very very fun so jorielle thank
5822s you for this one it's super super cute
5824s so cute he's like clearly bringing
5826s riley's like like we talked about this
5829s like you just you come on too hot you
5831s gotta cool off buddy he would be such a
5833s cute little cuddle book yeah look at him
5834s you just use a little orb yeah so if
5837s people have been enjoying the ordnance
5838s sentinel skin which actually i did see
5840s in chat uh people are asking about the
5842s um um ortis does appear a little bit
5844s lower in the arsenal and is also quite
5846s tight to you in missions as well we are
5848s aware um of the bug as you can see here
5851s is
5852s that this is perfect representation yeah
5854s it's like perfect jorio i don't know if
5856s that i it seems like that might have
5857s been might have been the case it wasn't
5858s in the description but this is very much
5860s the theme so yeah he's just he's like
5862s i've never been able to well i don't
5864s want to get too far spoiler terribly but
5866s i've already tried it i've already tried
5867s it too far yeah super super cute love
5869s that all right this is one of danielle's
5872s first submissions which i did i did end
5874s up coming across so it would have made
5875s its way over here
5877s this is jairlin monroe
5879s uh from click application you even said
5881s you were like yeah if you want more like
5882s maryland vibes like
5884s sneak peek um so yeah we have gyre here
5887s doing uh her best marilyn monroe
5889s impression here a much deadlier a much
5892s deadlier breeze though i will say this
5894s uh
5897s skirt goes up enemies go down enemies do
5899s go down and uh yeah it is you can see
5902s those enemies are getting absolutely
5903s torched
5904s in the corners but yeah there's so many
5905s ways the shadows and the uh and the
5908s colors here and in the just does jerry
5910s actually have like kind of healy boots
5912s or is this let me double check actually
5914s do i even i don't think i have
5916s her yet
5917s i think she does
5919s i'm pretty sure she does let's find out
5921s she in du she has a kitten heel she's a
5924s kitten a kitten heel there's a such
5925s thing as a kitten here yeah
5927s it's not they're not as high as in that
5929s um in the art but there there is a heel
5932s there i feel like most warframes have
5934s some form of a heel i learned that is
5937s very good to know but yeah yes excellent
5939s excellent artwork this certainly caught
5940s danielle's i caught my eye and it uh it
5943s is uh it is very fantastic so well done
5945s click it blink it this was this is
5947s really really cool yeah thank you for
5948s that guy or fanart all right moving
5950s right along
5952s this was another day
5954s i'm sorry and i don't know if you caught
5956s this is part of a whole series if you
5958s get a chance is it this is at get uh get
5960s pickle uh p1 ckl
5964s um we also post um the uh
5967s the twitter tags her twitter account
5969s yeah the twitter accounts of the fan
5971s artists um after the stream so if you
5973s want to check out the series definitely
5974s go yeah uh check it out for sure um but
5977s this is all the different warframes
5978s trying to get into the dorm zone and get
5980s locked out and this was like one of like
5981s eight different comics so i was very
5983s tempted to include all of them i didn't
5985s know because they were pretty incredible
5987s um but yeah
5988s gauss doesn't make it in alice does
5991s but there are some cool ones the one i i
5992s liked uh a protea it was like hey it's
5995s me from the future don't lock that door
5997s which was really really great and a lot
5999s of the modesty just like barreling right
6001s into it so adorable
6003s super cute adorable i love that one so
6005s yeah that was from uh from blueprint on
6007s twitter so so unreal
6009s next one this is spoilers for
6012s um the new world of activate
6014s yeah heavy spoilers for the new warriors
6016s look away if you haven't looked yet
6019s this one is from cademo
6021s delivering the goods as always and it's
6022s just simply titled i am
6025s which is which is excellent it makes up
6026s a few different forums here uh that i
6028s won't say what character it is out loud
6030s but um you can uh you can see there's um
6034s there's a lot going on here and it is
6035s very regal there's a lot of symmetry
6038s at work here um it is uh yeah a mix of a
6041s few different of a few different takes
6042s and uh
6043s yeah if only if only you get a blend
6045s because you know there's all the
6046s different
6046s forearms that are now but you know one
6048s big one big blend would be would be very
6051s cool so um a mom smoothie
6056s that's
6056s indeed indeed so demo this was uh
6060s this was really so stunning
6062s yeah yeah this is this is awesome it's
6064s awesome so
6065s uh moving right along we've got uh some
6068s more gyre fanner this is the star of the
6069s show and lovely some lovely line work
6071s here
6072s um this is from actually from lysella
6074s webster who if you've seen we've
6076s sometimes sported uh pins of different
6078s warframes
6079s on the stream those are those are also
6080s from lysella but this is some uh really
6083s cool uh geyer line work um that it's
6085s just uh
6087s really and the the way the background is
6088s situated very much looks like it's like
6090s a stage yeah um so yeah i love this uh
6092s love this piece from uh from lysella
6095s what a star very strong very strong line
6097s work here um so yeah very very cool and
6100s if you're if you weren't a gyre fan
6102s before you probably will be after this
6104s fan art segment because oh boy do we
6105s have
6106s oh i thought we might have even more
6108s fanner that's it for the gyre fan art
6110s but guaranteed there will be more in the
6112s future
6113s um
6114s moving along is my mic hitting something
6117s someone said it sounds like chewing but
6120s my hair is not my hair i think it might
6122s be rubbing against like your necklace
6124s maybe my necklace is down here i know
6126s it's okay it's definitely danny's
6128s because i've muted everybody else
6129s yeah oh ouch no i've gone through and
6132s checked it's danielle's i just don't
6134s know why i'm sorry i might sounded like
6136s more crackling it could obviously be my
6139s hair yeah sorry
6140s there's no asmr chewing should streamers
6143s eat
6145s this is the question helen this is the
6147s question i i know i got so called out by
6149s dean i muted everyone else so it has to
6152s be can't try
6154s by elimination true
6156s um i don't see gyre in this next one but
6158s it looks very i'm seeing a similar po it
6161s could be dryer
6163s nope
6165s it's red hot but it's close there's like
6167s a bit of a skirt there yeah uh this is a
6170s revenant mephisto and uh this is uh you
6174s have some strong line work again what
6175s can i say um but yeah very uh very love
6178s the
6179s love the prism at the top it's like a
6180s little like a little christmas tree it
6182s is um but yeah i feel like yeah that
6184s kind of like
6185s like not there's better way to say than
6187s burnt but like that like rusty purpley
6190s oh what is that called i know exactly
6191s what you're talking about um uh um
6194s it's i'm not sepia sepia tone oh yeah
6197s yeah yeah yeah it's almost it's almost
6199s sepia tone yep um so yeah that like that
6202s purple and the yellow is cutting through
6203s too and uh a little splash at the bottom
6205s there who's the artist uh the artist is
6208s i'm pretty sure i may have i just want
6210s to make sure i have this written down
6211s quickly i'm pretty sure this is nope
6214s this is miss magicka miss magicka yes
6216s this is so appropriate for such a
6218s magical piece of art for a very very
6220s magical frame so yeah we we love our
6222s revenant mephisto here and uh this was a
6225s pretty spectacular so there is more gyro
6226s there is more gyros it's just about the
6228s same oh uh
6231s this is from bug this is from bug breech
6235s absolutely incredible uh
6237s this gyre is just
6240s popping off
6241s uh the energy is incredible
6243s the blue is here the reflections it's so
6245s intricate it's so detailed i absolutely
6248s love it obsessed um it is it is really
6250s incredible i've seen this in a few
6251s different spots
6252s um across the warframe community and i
6256s just want to see it a whole lot more so
6257s keep throwing this in my feed
6260s bug breech you absolutely did
6262s a great service to gyre with this with
6264s this piece of art it's just uh
6267s it's incredible it is really really
6268s great the colors really exemplify the
6271s electric her electric nature yeah i just
6274s uh it's it's honestly it's i gotta say
6277s this one's breathtaking it is so so cool
6280s this next one might honestly take my
6281s breath away this is actually really fun
6283s because i forget what i put into fan art
6285s at the start of the day and i get to be
6287s like i get to be surprised oh yeah this
6289s one this was a spicy one
6292s um so of course this is the valkyr
6294s karnavik skin everything is semi-awana
6297s uh
6298s from california
6300s sorry
6301s i got a little thirsty there
6302s uh from calavera arts this is uh
6305s as a spicy one this that corpus in the
6307s background does not know what they're
6309s walking into uh no definitely i didn't
6311s even notice there was a corpus in the
6312s background yeah yeah yeah what color is
6315s that corpus team
6317s what corpus
6319s oh there's a course you're on a
6320s spaceship right now no way
6322s um yeah there's definitely some uh
6325s someone said knees be dripping yep big
6326s time this is uh
6328s spikes are out yeah it is um yep it's
6332s good what else is there to say good
6334s piece good
6336s good piece of art right there okay good
6338s stuff
6339s i want to run a quick pull one second
6341s oh no we gotta go through this quick so
6343s we got another valkyrie
6345s keep your water out because you're
6347s you're definitely uh 10 out of 10 people
6349s didn't notice the corpus yeah i
6350s completely agree so this one is from um
6352s at jimmy underscore
6354s did you notice the curves
6358s uh at jimmy underscore all
6360s another piece of the bulkier carnivex
6363s and uh
6364s it's just
6366s you are stop doing this skin justice um
6369s it is it is really incredible and also
6371s give me a lot of inspiration as to how i
6372s want to color it because i'm i i
6374s stray far from the default because i'm
6376s like whatever
6377s whatever crude palette i put together
6379s and never does the defaults justice and
6380s like somewhere an artist is crying
6383s silent tears as i walk around with my
6384s yellow and blue
6386s looking warframe um but uh this uh yeah
6388s this purple and uh in beige is uh
6391s so good it's so so spectacular so yeah
6394s i'm clearly not alone clearly not alone
6397s clearly oh and this is
6402s uh incredibly harrowing in every sense
6404s of the word um ring boss just yeah it's
6407s it's it's
6409s it's a totally different style and it's
6410s very much like a take on harrow as well
6413s i almost
6415s yeah there's kind of different elements
6417s i feel like of each skin like you get
6418s like the ribs in there yeah and some of
6420s um
6421s um harrow's deluxe in the arm there um
6423s with the just kind of like the tearing
6425s there um yeah this is
6427s like gothic it's very gothic very
6429s haunting
6430s um so yeah this uh this one really took
6431s me by surprise and uh i was a big fan
6434s he's hero he's a very he's very
6435s halloweeny kind of guy you don't see him
6437s too you don't seem to seem too often in
6438s between those seasons but uh true yeah
6440s this was excellent that was from not
6441s amused on twitter not amused yeah so
6444s um this style is very cool and i could
6446s so go for a series of uh of different
6449s takes on what it was like this just like
6451s a very like haunting like in the black
6452s and white too like
6454s yeah those robes it's uh it's very very
6456s souls-like as well like yeah i would not
6458s want to i would not want to tangle with
6459s this chap by any means i've been through
6462s enough
6463s and rounding out we have this one and i
6465s actually got to give a shout-out to
6466s megan for this incredible piece because
6468s megan retweeted this and i was like uh
6470s thank you i will be taking this one
6472s right to the bank um this is from
6477s is krujie is krusie
6479s yzkr uji
6482s i am
6483s potentially butchering that is kuri
6486s anyway this is their this is their piece
6487s of hydride and they actually underneath
6489s this post they did a time lapse um of
6491s this entire
6493s digital painting and it was so so cool
6496s um so yeah this is hydroids deluxe uh he
6498s has speared some fish probably for some
6500s lunch and uh
6501s yeah it was really really cool is that
6503s what's happening
6505s i think so yeah i think it's either
6507s yeah i think it's i think it's like some
6508s sort of long spear and he's got like
6510s maybe across is back and like it's got
6513s all the it's got all the fish along
6514s there but um
6515s yeah the pinks and the blues and the
6517s purples and it's just uh
6519s it's a little like the app the
6520s background is quite uh is quite abstract
6522s but yeah this is uh this is lovely it's
6524s just a painting you know like there's no
6526s other way it's like water it's
6527s watercolor yeah it's water how fitting
6529s for hydrogen people that's so cool that
6531s might not be a sphere that might be like
6533s from the perspective of under water
6534s that's what i thought are they like in
6535s his and they're just like oh
6537s yeah chad is saying fish kites for
6539s children in japan
6541s that would make more sense that they're
6544s not real fish yes clay kite koi kite
6548s thank you chad you keep me gorgeous
6550s you i learned something from you every
6552s day
6553s yeah this is uh
6555s spectacular carp kite yes thank you is
6558s is is crewy or is khruji
6561s um thank you masterful art piece and
6563s thank you megan for retweeting it yes it
6564s may not come across my feed so that's
6566s normally how i find them too yeah from
6568s megan from yeah but yeah if you ever
6570s want to share we have um exclamation
6572s point discord we have an amazing
6574s community of fan artists in the discord
6576s uh we've got a fan art channel as well
6578s as if you uh take your artwork on
6580s twitter with hashtag warframe fan art we
6582s will come across your art that way for
6584s streams and such and uh it brightens my
6586s day to see all your lovely pieces so
6588s thank you all
6589s uh for that incredible fan art i am
6591s astounded as always and uh yeah now
6593s we'll pass it off to you danielle for
6595s some uh fantastic capture same thing
6598s capture uh the capture community always
6601s continues to
6602s uh just completely blow our minds and
6604s we're gonna start with a
6606s oh i got nervous there a sarin voice
6609s shell skin by purple flurp uh in the
6611s discord uh the the voice skins have
6614s honestly elevated the fashion frame
6617s industry
6618s i guess you could say the capture
6619s community was like yes yeah i'll take
6622s all that you have um so love this of
6624s course i'm a saren
6626s absolutely like
6627s i was going to say something else but i
6629s was just saying i'm a serene face a
6630s certain enthusiast
6633s uh we don't say that word here uh the
6635s golden queen by dez uh we i love the
6639s like head tilt it's very
6642s just
6643s it's it's elevated it's fashion it's
6646s yeah so good luck here does not skip
6648s neck day no no
6650s any more or arm day to be honest
6653s uh so loved this carnavax take
6657s uh we've got this wonderful piece by des
6660s human uh the subtle
6663s lighting in the background and the pose
6665s is just so strong i love me a backlit
6668s silhouette right capture
6670s fabulous for that uh and of course we
6672s had a lot of uh gyre
6674s uh capturas
6677s right okay these both of these are from
6680s np
6681s 6161
6682s and there's two of them here which i
6684s think this first shot is just a wide
6687s angle of what's actually in this top
6689s left corner here
6691s but like
6692s again we are such a sucker for the frame
6694s breaking yeah yeah oh yeah yeah big time
6697s so this one and also the coloring i
6699s think i know like exactly like you said
6701s i'm going to
6702s steal this color palette yeah yeah
6704s yeah keeping the blues in there yeah
6706s that purple offset purple blues and
6709s great use of
6710s tetogen as well with the sign donna
6714s uh what do we have here we have the ash
6717s by deuce
6719s deuce
6720s on xbox
6722s i don't know how you guys achieve this
6724s kind of
6725s just it what is there to say i mean it's
6728s like you don't i also feel like you
6730s don't get this angle quite too often
6731s right the stargazing or like the looking
6733s towards the cosmos definitely a
6735s stargazing we get a nice view of the 18
6738s pack
6739s one two three four five six seven eight
6741s nine ten eleven twelve pack that we've
6743s got going on there
6745s uh and it is just so good oh this next
6748s one as well more void shell oh yes the
6752s volt void shell skin and this is by
6754s vgc226
6757s uh helen i'm so sorry i'm like speed
6759s running through these helen's trying to
6760s buy i also i should say i should have
6762s been going a lot faster with my family
6764s it's okay it is totally okay
6766s uh yes i know we're going a little bit
6768s fast here to showcase these but uh you
6770s can like marcus said you can check them
6772s out on the discord if you want to take a
6773s closer view with them and we will be
6775s posting them the links in the discord at
6777s the end of the stream again and uh
6780s and in the youtube links as well i
6781s believe we posted there
6783s um
6784s what else do we have here i also have a
6786s lot of capture so i've kind of done this
6788s to myself another
6789s volt piece um and the titleist one was
6792s pov you're in a mission with volt and
6794s this is by nid
6796s these are all discord uh
6798s grabs as well uh yes if you want to join
6800s the discord just do exclamation point
6802s discord and chat come on down
6804s come on down i think i'm going to cut my
6807s i think i'm going to cut my capture
6808s short here i have 16 captures but i
6811s think i'm going to go do half of them so
6813s that we have time for other things this
6814s is baruch by tricline
6817s oh
6818s oh actually
6819s we're ending on the perfect of the fun
6821s one here um
6823s this is uh
6824s family time by lady novita hey that's
6828s lovely isn't it lovely we're all like
6831s great we're having a little charcuterie
6833s board situation with tea and i love how
6835s the floof is like the dog that's under
6837s the table yeah yeah i was like give me
6838s the chicken waiting for scratch give me
6840s the salami so we're gonna leave it there
6842s for cafcero but thank you guys so much
6843s of course you're you're this is art it's
6846s stunning it's incredible i always have a
6848s hard time understanding how you guys
6850s make it look so wonderful and great but
6852s it's the exact feeling i want to have on
6853s my dermazone you know right all the
6855s warfare is going to be like oh look
6856s who's saundered in so homey yeah space
6859s salami someone's space lobby uh all
6863s right
6864s uh
6865s let's see here what do we have oh you
6868s know what i forgot to do
6870s my goodness we had just had so much
6871s stuff to do today did you get all our
6872s bathroom presents yes we did give our
6876s uh one thing i forgot to mention you
6878s might have noticed oh i did mention
6880s actually um we have our clip of the week
6882s i'm a little late on this
6884s but our clip of the week is from game
6886s karma sorry dean
6888s and i was using game karma's guide to
6892s the uh 177 amp
6895s and this is just a wonderful little
6897s snippet of that video on how to build an
6900s advanced amp in 2021 but still
6902s applicable now and this is just relevant
6905s to you guys have we as we've made
6907s changes to operators and focus it's
6909s important to always keep your amps in
6910s mind so take a look at this little clip
6914s [Music]
6919s hello welcome to another warframe tip of
6921s the day today we'll be showing you how
6923s to build the amp 177 the rap black
6926s prison profuse scaffold and the certis
6929s brace
6930s i'm already going to assume you have an
6931s operator if you don't currently have an
6933s operator then i suggest working on your
6935s story instead because this might contain
6938s spoilers for you each amp part has a
6940s tier system there are three pieces to
6942s each tier a prism a scaffold and a brace
6946s each amp piece is unique i'll be showing
6949s you how to build the pieces 177 from
6951s there maybe you'll have a bit of
6953s knowledge on how to build a unique amp
6955s of your own
6962s let's start with building the prism
6963s we'll be building rap black prison which
6966s has a long range and semi-auto firepower
6974s and you might have noticed that there
6976s was the uh old school void dash because
6979s this video is from 2021 don't be
6982s confused void sling is still here and we
6984s are still looking at your feedback for
6986s that we will be having a more
6988s in-depth uh update where we change
6991s things with
6992s focus and
6994s void dot or void sling oh boy
6996s with void sling
6998s but yes that is a wonderful video by uh
7001s game karma mm-hmm
7003s thank you
7003s and you can check that out on their
7005s channels
7007s all
7008s right
7009s goodness what else is there to do
7012s dojo
7013s we're running out of time but yes let's
7015s do um we might not have time to go to an
7018s actual pc dojo but helen did such so
7021s much work on her console videos now you
7024s get to finally hear our praise in person
7026s yeah every every week we're like helen
7028s wherever you are yes the video is
7030s fantastic exactly now we get to finally
7032s tell you in person sorry thank you
7034s so um
7035s helen you might you might enjoy walking
7037s us through these videos
7039s honored
7040s take us for a journey yeah is an xbox
7043s moon clan by the name of arcane order of
7045s saturn six yes indeed so let's have a
7048s little walk okay welcome we're starting
7050s things off and i don't have the room
7052s names handy but danny the last crusader
7054s the last crusader room you'll notice in
7056s this video we amp it up each room gets a
7059s little bit larger
7061s and more wild this is the arcane church
7063s of six
7064s yep
7066s oh welcome welcome
7068s so we've got our guardians
7072s those guardians don't mess around no
7074s they do not
7076s all right this is divinity pavilion
7079s welcome
7081s beautiful structure in the center there
7082s are also seating areas for the clan to
7085s hang out feel divine
7087s uh shrek harrison's bar yeah so we're
7091s gonna make our way to the bar it's a
7093s very large area they've decorated
7096s join me up the stairs won't you oh come
7099s on i love it
7100s i would love to go to this bar ooh
7103s they have been playing their happies
7104s effort yes they have
7108s very nice little flavor in that room
7113s wait is this which one is this one the
7115s workshop arrows workshop oh yeah this is
7117s just a workshop folks
7120s and you can appreciate the scale thanks
7122s to our friend valkyr there
7124s i can't even see
7126s valkyrie
7127s oh
7134s that's right
7136s we're going to have another scale
7138s appreciation shot coming up i love it
7140s here we go
7143s come on
7144s how did you practice this before we got
7146s here i didn't i swear honestly
7149s wow
7150s a total appreciation for the scaling uh
7152s check but damn
7155s yeah dojo architects you have patience
7158s so this room is actually beneath where
7160s we were just running they have lots of
7162s layers on this they've built the whole
7164s structure
7165s that's
7166s what it is and another guardian
7171s i no one's rolling up on this no no no
7175s absolutely not just awesome on xbox and
7178s another xbox clan a ghost clan prime
7181s evil is up next yes now we're gonna have
7184s a longer intro
7185s danny
7186s this is why i asked you if you were a
7188s leo this is so cool this is the entrance
7190s to the clan dojo so you go to your
7193s zodiac sign
7194s two little creations for you to enjoy
7196s don't worry chat your all your signs are
7198s here
7199s we just made this a minute longer
7202s no way and there you go
7204s hey there's me that's you practicality
7206s that's what they call me
7209s libras in chat wow wow
7214s i'm
7215s like i'm speechless scorpio i do love a
7218s scorpio did they do the 12 signs or the
7220s 13 i'm glad you asked dean and your
7222s answer is coming up oh my goodness
7228s helen is our resident astrologist i love
7231s it and we're in tourist season a
7232s delightful time this honestly reminds me
7234s of the rank up screens in skyrim where
7237s you have the constellations
7239s a even as a non
7241s wow
7242s as a non-horoscope enthusiast almost for
7244s deans i absolutely respect this they've
7246s added the 13th here which i appreciate
7249s because you know the 13th sign it's
7252s actually me right there it's a bit of a
7254s troll because
7255s you know it's not like zodiac signs are
7256s real so why pretend to fix something
7258s that isn't real it's fine they added it
7260s it's like the pluto over there it's like
7261s a little extra room which i thought was
7263s very tasty it's got the kitty door there
7265s it is here it is very cool
7268s oh
7269s beautiful statue too it makes me almost
7271s appreciate the 13th sign
7277s boy i sent celeste how are you really
7280s oh man get a little bit of heat coming
7283s off a hickal over here okay
7286s like
7287s this is so there's drew much worse hey
7289s there's drew look at that oh and sarah
7293s we've got everyone
7294s everyone's here everybody in chat i hope
7296s you've seen your zodiac sign this is uh
7300s this is intense it's like those tick
7302s tocks where it only shows certain zodiac
7303s signs and everyone in the comments is
7305s like why are you hating on leo i did not
7307s want to do that to chat today oh but
7309s we're going to continue this is what
7310s happens when you finish there's more and
7313s you fall in this area to enter the dojo
7316s oh so this is the entrance to everything
7318s yes so you enter through your zodiac
7320s sign then teleport to a room like this
7321s one
7323s who
7324s who did who
7325s who
7327s how is this real
7329s creativity what room is this one danny i
7331s forget it's like um i of ice
7334s zanagi and susano
7337s right so they have an eye where you can
7339s teleport for a bird's eye view of each
7341s room
7344s this one you go to eye of odin to get
7346s here
7349s stunning
7351s this is so cool
7353s this is secretly helen's clan
7355s yeah
7356s can i please join your clan thank you
7358s she had to have the subtle 13th century
7360s he's like the permanent tour guide
7361s [Laughter]
7364s here we go little more secrets
7367s oh i love me a good wrinkle
7372s honestly speechless it just keeps going
7374s the world's a true tree
7378s complete with the world serpent
7381s and deer
7383s who doesn't love a good deer yeah hello
7385s heard thank you for joining me on
7387s today's tour thank you for joining us
7389s and being a wonderful
7391s absolutely took us on a journey that was
7393s 10 out of 10 trip advisor taking
7395s helena's youtube channel and we're yeah
7398s we're going to jump right into top 10 we
7400s are
7400s you know what it's fine i'm just going
7402s to run garuda yeah garuda prime
7404s everybody
7405s so sorry to say joe umbra who we will be
7408s raiding after we're gonna be a little
7410s bit delayed but that's okay because the
7412s uh directory-wide twitch drops will be
7415s on yes you're gonna go and show the love
7417s to say joe
7418s get some avoid plumage going but uh
7421s corey
7422s d e heart
7424s corey is that you on our team or a cory
7426s heart fan
7428s canadian icon corey heart corey de heart
7430s corridor is that well are you cory here
7432s fan are you he's great
7434s you've won guru prime access
7435s congratulations to you please whisper
7436s the warfare channel that you're on right
7438s now with your in-game mail is the
7438s platform you play on and we will hook
7440s you up with your winnings all right
7442s helen helen hit this okay you've got two
7444s hours of comments you know what the
7446s first three are a bit of a they're
7448s they're a team from discord it was
7451s wonderful today so i'm just going to hit
7452s you rapid fire let's go do it regna
7454s started us off with
7457s tell marcus i said better late them than
7459s never
7461s and guardian fanner replied
7465s fen more or less i appreciate this pun
7468s to which rc fox said i pray those are
7471s the only puns wait wait wait we gotta
7473s back up here i don't understand
7475s for
7476s fan more or less
7491s and across all the weapons too
7493s yeah they got all of them
7496s okay dream team that was the top 10
7498s dream team
7499s but you know what twitch delivered as
7501s well come on twitter shall see danny we
7503s have an answer don't sleep on twitch
7505s average chad's sarin enjoyer
7510s this is correct coconut fella coconut
7512s fella
7515s [Music]
7516s and
7518s we couldn't get out with one without one
7520s more elite speak test thank you aaron
7522s knight
7523s speak we'll never die
7527s speak we'll never die
7529s this is just something i'd never
7530s considered speaking latin
7534s soroush pointed this out
7538s oh i should read it yes
7544s and basically every movie or show burner
7547s phones only ever get broken and thrown
7548s away never actually burned mm-hmm sorry
7551s is disappointed i guess by that face
7554s that is so true
7557s what yeah what movies would they get
7558s burned in
7559s i think i watched enough of the wire to
7561s know that this is fact yeah it's a damn
7565s good show it is one of the best of all
7567s time i love singing that theme song
7571s with that but yeah interesting facts
7572s yeah so i'm gonna be watching for a burn
7574s like a burned burner phone in the future
7577s directors in chat please
7579s um
7580s all right rc fox coming with a second
7582s comment today to point out marcos marcus
7584s being lactose intolerant intolerant
7589s the double negative coming back around
7591s i'm intolerant to the lactose intolerant
7594s i once said someone thought i was
7595s lactose intolerant i was like don't you
7596s even speak that into existence
7599s don't you even say that i wasn't i
7601s wasn't at the time they're like maybe
7602s you lactose intolerant i was like maybe
7604s one day you might be it can cut it could
7606s sneak up on you marc toast intolerant
7613s if i don't
7614s i'm mark dose dollar
7617s chad don't be marching dollar no no one
7619s can be marcos in dollars i promise you
7621s i'm not lactose intolerant tolerant daia
7623s you're great cheese
7625s that's kind thank you marcus yep yep
7628s well um i want us all to remember our
7631s discussion about asmr rio soroo observed
7635s that wrap top tap is the most asmr-like
7638s experience in warframe gotten some
7640s really awesome load of reload sounds and
7642s this is why
7643s we won an award this is why the sound
7646s team won an award exactly for for the
7649s webby awards people voice award for best
7651s sound design team they deliver they
7654s deliver them wrap top tabs that's what
7655s got you i'll get you that's right that
7657s got your votes got some cursed asmr
7659s right there
7661s an actual frog
7663s observes
7665s time makes boomers
7667s of us all oh
7670s hey that's what dean was saying that's
7671s right that's it this is speaking
7673s speaking truth yeah speaking truth
7676s okay finally um i was getting an
7678s education today about all the memes i
7680s seem to have missed while i was away at
7681s school
7683s but
7683s samurai assassin wanted me to ask
7687s can we get some teases about the
7689s progress of that man in the wall dormant
7691s fanfic marcus i was the day the week
7693s that taylor and i were both on i was
7694s like do i spend do i spend my afternoon
7697s either prepping for the update or
7699s writing the man in the wall fanfic
7701s luckily i chose my job which is why i
7703s still have it
7705s so the progress is
7707s every once in a blue moon i'll be
7708s driving and be like
7709s [Music]
7710s so it's in progress in my mind you know
7712s part of the writing process is in
7714s writing so it's in the works but i will
7716s keep flipping away on that we can't wait
7718s work is i mean
7720s it could also be uh job security
7723s it could be it could also be true it
7725s could be job security or it could be non
7727s jobs i feel like this is gonna turn into
7729s a winds of winter situation here you're
7731s just like it's coming guys i swear but
7733s i'm distracted by the hbo show stay
7735s tuned for my blog post about
7738s about sports teams and not the book i'm
7740s i'm not writing will we see this on
7742s wattpad
7743s you will i'll have to ask you i'll i
7745s feel like i'm merely an enthusiast of
7748s the fan fiction and taylor's like
7749s taylor's the expert i was there when it
7751s was writ
7753s oh man okay well hey it's 8 11. it is 8
7756s 11 and we gotta
7757s hand the stream over to
7759s seijo umbra who uh incredible uh
7763s warframe creator but also super
7765s charitable tenno um
7767s uh with extra life so definitely send
7770s the love over um i think who's handling
7772s the raid it'll be taylor who just
7774s screamed at me that we're going to
7775s co-author this this fanfic taylor i see
7777s you we will absolutely let's go well
7780s thank you guys so much for joining us on
7783s this a wonderful stream
7786s so much was discussed
7787s biggest things are that we are hot
7789s fixing tomorrow on pc and the notes for
7791s that are nice and juicy lots of good
7793s fixes and changes coming we are hot
7795s fixing for consoles in the following
7797s week and i hope you guys enjoy your time
7800s with uh seijo marcus absolutely too any
7803s final words uh well last time i had
7805s final words i got cut off um so my
7808s feelings are a little hurt uh but no
7809s this is last night chat thanks thank you
7811s all for spending the evening with us it
7812s was a great time helen moving on down
7814s any any closing remarks from you so
7815s great to have you back
7818s helen's back in the band
7819s back in the band it's an honor
7821s yeah
7822s missed you guys it's been fun we missed
7824s you too
7825s awesome well thanks guys we will
7827s see you on the next one have a great
7829s evening and send the lover to sejo
7833s goodbye
7865s you