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The effort to return Ops actually started last year. Operations were not very engaged with and were considered low priority, however it was pointed out how loved they are by a section of the playerbase so they were re-prioritized. We were already working on AI, so we elected to finish our work there and then use the AI Toolset to allow us to refurbish removed Operations. As we were already working on Ops, we've added a requested Submarine Operation that players have brought up for many months.

They're pretty cool. The weekly missions also help for having long-term play goals with Community Tokens and an earnable Supercontainer.

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Design Teams are limited by manpower and time, so prioritization is required. Operations were enjoyed by a small portion of the playerbase so it's hard to justify a very large amount of dev time into a low-yield project. That being said, it doesn't mean it's not on the list of things-to-do which is frequently filled with lots of cool ideas but not enough time to do them.

Later last year returning Ops was reprioritized. We needed to get AI work done before we could get to Ops and we were already in the middle of doing AI work, so Ops got put on the timeline after the AI work was done. AI Tools were finished earlier this year. When it comes to Dev Projects, you should try to look at things in terms of 7-10 months. The tools were finished around.. February? Now, 7 months later, we have Ops returned.

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There isn't an easy answer to that for the gaming industry which is where the phrase "Soon (tm)" comes from. Even when something is awesome and is priority #1, sometimes it doesn't work out and has to be scrapped last minute or completely redone. This is the uncertain nature of the business.

Since the beginning of this year we've released "Roadmaps" which give an understanding of what the next 6 months looks like. This is our way to let people know what we have on our schedule and are directly working toward. Outside of Roadmaps, there are things like West Virginia '44 which have been placed on our internal roadmap and has a timeframe of 2023. When "Soon(tm)" turns into a [Date] is usually when it's been more locked in because there's a metric for delivery.

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Sigma can be altered by changing a number. As for incremental buffs, we've been doing that for years by this point. It's common to see ~5% buffs/nerfs as we nudge balancing parameters.

In terms of game-impact, quite large. Subs are a new class of ship for players to play as well as a further varied experience for other ships in battle with them. Our formula has long relied on varied experiences so that each battle feels unique.

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