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The bonuses on those Signals and Camos get converted into Expendable Bonuses.

You can see how your current inventory of Expendable Camos and Signals would convert by going here: https://worldofwarships.com/content/economic-bonus-calculator/


The Expendable Camos will still remain after the change, but they will only be Visuals and have no gameplay effect at all. You can use them to look nice or sell them for credits.

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The recent DevBlog includes a spreadsheet with very detailed information. There is a section you can open which gives instructions on how to use it. It is a big hard to bite into, though.

I'm fairly sure that's the Service Cost signal? Service Cost Reduction is being altered into a currency that will either be converted into Credits or usable in some fashion which I don't have specifics for. That process is described in the first DevBlog.

If you have 4 x Tier 8 Attachable Permacamos which are unattached, they would convert into:

4 x Tier 8 Attachable Perma-Visuals

4 x Tier 8 Attached Perma-Economic Bonuses

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There is a table which shows the conversion of all special Camos in the DevBlog.

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Answered 4 posts about yours:

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I don't have information one what they convert to.

As a general metric, everything in game has an internal value in Doubloons. We went into this Conversion expect players to come out with an increase in value of up to 50%. I realize there is concern on this aspect, but we are deliberately going player-focused on the conversion values to avoid concerns like these. It's a big change, so it's easiest when people are happy and taken care of.

Combat Signals are unaffected. They are not being changed with this.

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We haven't released information on sell value so I don't have an answer for that, though they are still valued at 22k Credits and up even after the Conversion.