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The Pumpkin Smash Bounty - Halloween 2019 November 1st - 3rd Event Article / Event Sign-Ups

Spooky spirits haunt the waters of World of Warships...and this time, they're not just sticking to Halloween Scenarios!

Sinister "pumpkins" are out in force! Join the haunted hunt to haul in a bloodcurdling bounty. You've got two ways to win -- shoot 'em up or join the Pumpkin ranks.

Track down a Pumpkin and sink their ship to be rewarded with prizes!

300 players will be behind Pumpkin Accounts named "Event_Pumpkin_xxx"

They will introduce themselves with a message of:
“Halloween may be over, but the Pumpkins will still haunt you! Sink me for a special prize (TKs not counted)."

Simply destroy their ship and you will be rewarded with:

100 Doubloons

5x Hype 3 Halloween camo

5x of the following signal flags:

Papa Papa

Zulu Hotel


Equal Speed Charlie London

India Bravo Terrathree

1x Pumpkin Smash event flag

Kills will be automatically logged and rewards distributed at the end of each game.

The Pumpkins will be sailing around all weekend, however they will be constrained into special tiers at these times:

Pumpkin Account Rules:

Only attack in Random Battles! - This means no Co-Op, Training Room, Arms Race, Clan Battles, Ranked, etc.

Pumpkins will announce themselves at the start of the battle with this chat message:

“Halloween may be over, but the Pumpkins will still haunt you! Sink me for a special prize (TKs not counted).”

If there is multiple Pumpkins are in a game, the announcement only needs to be made once

Pumpkins are allowed to division with ONLY ONE other Pumpkin

Pumpkins will not play CVs

Pumpkins will not organize organize sync/countdown together

Pumpkins will adhere to playing designated tiers at designated times. Playing the wrong ship during these times will result in a warning

Pumpkins should only engage with another Pumpkins if it is critical to winning the game.

This does not mean attacking them at the start as they are a perceived threat.

If it is possible for a teammate to kill the Pumpkins, allow them to.

Pumpkins will not be credited for killing other Pumpkins.

Applicants will have their game record checked for any serious infringements and frequency of activity before being selected as a Pumpkins

Pumpkins found breaking any rules will be given one warning before being removed from the event

Pumpkins that are removed from the event will be illegible to participate in future bounty event

Games played outside the designated time will not contribute to the Average Game count.

Interested in being a Pumpkin?

We are looking for ~300 volunteers to help man the event accounts for the weekend.

If you are interested in applying for an account, please reply to the Sign Up forum thread here.

The Pumpkin list will be released on October 30th ahead of the beginning of the event and will be updated here.

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These are community based event that do not take away from the developers working on the game and bugs. That work is being done concurrently.

Sorry about that, thread should be unlocked and good to go now :)


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In the past we'd have a load of people signing up who never even visited the forums, therefore I couldnt send them forum DMs which just saw my work load increasing.

This way I can be certain the person is active in the forums.


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This in a way is a test ;)

If people can't follow very clear and simple instructions then...


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The more targets, the more time it takes to organise everyone and distributing the accounts out. Furthermore, if we increased the number of targets, it would be likely we'd need to decrease the prizing to remain in "budget" for the event.

The event really isn't east coast bias as accounts can play during all times of the day, they are only put into concentrated tiers at certain times of the day. I suggest playing those tiers at those times to have a greater chance of running into them.

As per your time guidelines of 8pm-1am PT; there is a restrictive tiering session each night at 9pm-12pm in which pumpkins will be playering tier 6 and 8, or 5 and 7 ships. You can get the exact tiers and times on the OP.


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Regions sometimes have different event offerings, EU has other events run by their community staff which NA doesn't do.

Bounty events were originally designed in NA and just haven't been picked up by other regions just yet.


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Heyo Captains (and potential Pumpkins)!

Sign-ups have now closed, I have 1480 applicants in total for Pumpkin Accounts. Just wanted to offer some insight over how this work now:

Since I have 300 accounts, and 60 pages, I will be picking randomly (via number generator) 5 qualified applicants from each page to send invites to.

Invites will be sent via Forum PM

They will have until Wednesday PM to accept the invite and receive their accounts on the Discord.

After this time, I will then offer round two invites to additional players to fill anymore remaining accounts.

I am one person sending out 300 forum DMs, it can take me some time so please be patient.


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At the moment anything over 300 accounts becomes really hard to manage.

We are still at double the capacity from the original Corgi events.

Last few events we've typically averaged 11-12k games.

With the timing and internal matters Marauders didn't quite play out how we intended thus a smaller count of battles.

We're optimistic that all will go this time around and hope to reach the highest level of participation so far!


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Correct, steam client is not compatible as it is linked to your steam account and by default cannot be changed.

Instructions as per what happens next were in the DM you received.


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We have compiled the list of our participants who have broken free from the Pumpkin Patch to sail as part of the carved crew for this seasons Bounty Event!

A few additional invites will go out shortly to fill the remaining 30 odd accounts.

Thank you everyone who signed up to participate in this event, I'm sorry we couldn't involve you all.


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Players who have broken the rules within the last 6 months either IG or in the forums are immediately disqualified, we are not in the business of rewarding poor behavior.

Beyond that, I literally just pick 5 people randomly from each page and send out an invite. From those participating the only ones I recognize by name are CCs, Privateers, and maybe 10-20 prior participants. Majority of the list I have no connection to. So long as they didn't have any major ingame or forum infringements they were invited. Many of my closest friends didn't get selected because RNG said no.

As mentioned above, from the list outside privateers and CCs, there is only 10-20 people I recognize by name that made the list this time around. Majority of the participants this time around are first time participants. With over 1400 applicants and only 300 accounts, yes - people are going to miss out, but claiming that it is rigged or pre-determined is just comical. Prior to the invites going out on Monday/Tuesday, I only had 20 people on it from Privateers/CCs/Staff, the other (so-far) 260 odd were randomly selected, I'm currently in the process of inviting an additional 20 people.

You're right, it doesn't. I actually use that question to ensure we have a fair representation that have never played before. This season I would say we have our highest amount of non-event-veterans participating. I do need to ensure we have a few people who have played before to help answer questions for other participants and act as my assistants, but this season there is only 7 of those. Beyond that. Random


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Right-o last few invites have gone out this morning!

Apologies, I was off yesterday.


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The pumpkins have been released!

Who have you managed to kill?!

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With an attitude and accusations like such... Many, many people can confirm they are first time participants.

I haven’t updated the list since I filled the slots yesterday.

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Heyo Everyone,

A small update, unfortunately our prize automisation ended prematurely which means for the last 24 hours of the event from November 3rd 2am to November 4th 2am CT prizes will not automatically grant.

However, never fear, we will manually get these prizes credited to you next week so there is nothing to worry. You will be rewarded for your kills, just a little later than anticipated.


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The Smash is now Over!

Thank you everyone who participated as pumpkins and those who sought them out in battles.

We are aware and acknowledge there were issues with the automatic prizing for the last 24 hours of the event, we will manually credit these prizes this week - no action is needed by you on this.

For our pumpkins, I will report back when we have the average worked out regarding your prizes.

Until the next bounty Captains,


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Heyo Captains,

Just a quick update for you, the prizing for the last 24 hours of the event has been processed and delivered to your accounts.

Once again, apologies for the issue with our prize automation.

Pumpkins, I'm still waiting on the Data pull for your accounts at the moment and will report back once I have your game average worked out.


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Hoping to have the data pull tomorrow, will only take me a little bit to work out the average, then I'll announce.

So hopefully announce tomorrow, prizes distributed by the EoD on the 8th.


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Heyo Pumpkins,

The final follow up, I have tallied your eligible game counts and drum roll please




Your average was 47.8 games!

You will be receiving all tiers of prizing for your participation! Prizing should be distributed in the next few days.


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Not this year,

We only do bounty events every 3-4 months.

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Your name change messed it up. I'll submit for follow up prizing for you.

Beyond that all prizes have gone out to those you played over 10 games. If you did not play 10 games, you were not eligible for prizing.

If anyone has any further issues, please drop me a DM.