17 days ago - Ahskance - Direct link

At present, the only two ways to attain Depot Tokens

Via direct cash purchase for a 25 Token amount and a 65 Token amount.

Those are a one-time purchase, so that is a max of 90 Tokens.

The first Random Bundle in the Armory which sells Bundles at 250 Doubloons each.

The next Bundle is always revealed, though there is an option to purchase multiple bundles and qualify for discounts.

There's been a lot of feedback requesting additional Tokens. Players are used to being able to complete Bundles and it would require a lot more Tokens to do that. We're aware of this request, but I don't have an update on if additional Tokens will be available.

Note: This is a 3 Day Weekend for the NA Office so it could be an extended wait before we have any additional information (if there ends up being additional information to give).