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There is no automatic Doubloon -> Free XP conversion. I'm fairly sure it converts normally at 25 Free XP per Doubloon, which can be very expensive.

Back when I started the game, a clanmate told me "Free XP is the most expensive currency in the game" because of how hard it is to attain. I'm not sure if that still holds up today, but Free XP is not easy to gather and it's really easy to run out of. As a general rule, I would advise keeping hold of your Free XP until you find something you really, really want to use it for.

13 days ago - Ahskance - Direct link

I don't have the ability to recreate the screenshot. This was what my free-to-play account shows:


As I said before:

The Free XP conversion screen is a sale screen that exists on its own. If a player wanted to convert XP to Free XP with Doubloons, it would have to be done through that screen.