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Make sure you're looking at the Rated Damage for both the AP and SAP rounds on an Italian Battleship. They can be similar, or sometimes the SAP is slightly higher. Since both AP and SAP shells will almost always Overpen a Destroyer, they both expect to deal only 10% of Rated Damage against them.

In general, you can take as a given that Italian Battleships are quite weak against Destroyers. No HE salvos mean less damage actually hitting the DD and poor shell grouping means most of your shells would be expected to miss.

They have redeeming qualities though~ Their Concealment and Armor allows them to take more frontend positioning, their SAP avoids Overpenning Cruisers with frail armor, and they have a Smoke Consumable which provides them some options to play with.

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Armor Piercing shells has a "Fuse" condition. In order for the Fuse to actually light, the shell must strike 1/6th of its caliber in armor thickness. The Italian Battleship mostly have 380s, which would requires a 63+mm piece of plating for the AP Shell to "arm". A short period of time after arming, the shell explodes.

DDs primarily max out at 19mm, though some have 21, 25, or even 50mm plating in various areas. While you might be able to generate a 63mm thickness with an extreme enough angle, the likelihood of getting actual "Pen" damage (the shell priming AND exploding within the ship's hull) is extremely low.

As a general practice, you can expect Battleship caliber AP to only result in Overpens on Destroyers. All Overpens deal 10% of rated damage. SAP shells are forcibly only allowed to Overpen, so they deal the same 10% of rated damage to Destroyers.

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I had a discussion with a co-worker about that. I remembered the Harugumo/Khaba changes, but he told me all the other DDs had already received that change from back before I started playing.

Thanks for the double-verify!

and the triple-verify~

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