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It will look cool, which is reason enough to use it. That being said you may have players which only sell them from Credits as opposed to using them.

Expendable Camos can continue to be used for rewards, but their "value" will be less than current as they won't contain economic or gameplay benefit. That should be able to be factored when figured how much/how many to offer as a reward that is interesting. Again, they could be sold for credits should a player not choose to wear them.

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Many other modern game have visual aspects which are completely gameplay independent. This change does allow us to be more current in terms of use of Visual customization as a purely aesthetic choice that a player can make.

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The Econ/Camo Separation will take effect in 0.11.6. It should exist on the PTS for trial before it comes to Live Server so folks can check it out.

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It would make Camos more appealing to have gameplay aspects on them, yes. However, we are removing Gameplay and Economic aspects from them to allow Visuals to be only Visuals.

Players will be able to opt-in to a visual if they choose to, not because they feel required to.

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The basic appearance will be the same.

If you are concerned about Rust, you can either

Use expendable visuals you have

Use a perma-visual if you have one for the ship

Or you could pay a paint crew 22,500 credits (or more) to give her a fresh coat of paint before the battle starts~

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The Economic Bonuses are being harvested off of them in the Conversion to the new system. You aren't losing value because it's just being moved.

I don't have specific information on Expendable Camos. I believe Shadow Lurker is mostly just the color black? We have a "Single-Color" camo which is... 45,000 credits per use (unless you have some in inventory already).

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If that Flag has economic bonuses, those would be covered by this section in DevBlog 318