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Homing Torpedoes home up until they reach a specific distance from their "Interaction Point". These values have been altered a few times, but it is correct.

I have a video which describes it:

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Yes, and I'll try to give you an in-depth answer which can help provide perspective.


Is WarGaming reading player feedback? The direct answer is "Yes". I read it, Boggzy reads it, Konception reads it, CMs in other regions and communities (Steam/Reddit/etc) read it, and even some folks that directly interact/relay information directly to various Developers read it.

Further, Major Pain Points are collated and discussed as specific points through internal reports as well as in direct meetings with Development. Occasionally there are large meetings with CMs from multiple continents, though in-person meetings are less frequent than internal reporting.

If you go back and follow the various Submarine changes you can directly tie them back to issues and complaints of the time.

"Homing Torps Are Too Powerful"

Homing was reduced

Homing Torp Damage was Reduced

Dumbfire (non-Homing) Torpedoes were introduced

"Subs are too hard to find"

Pings light hull sections and give RPF direction toward Ping

Oil Spills were introduced

Limited DCPs were introduced

Visible Pings were introduced

Ping Indicators were introduced

"Dispersion" on the Indicators was halved

"Dispersion" on the Indicators was reduced further (up to 1km from the Sub)

Sub depth time takes too long to run down

"Detecting a Sub burns Dive Time

Dive Time reduced and burns Detection less Dive Time

Dive Time further reduced and "burn" removed

Subs can't be detected at Maximum Depth

Subs can detect via Hydrophone, but only have limited charges

Hydrophone is moved to unlimited charges to always be available for Sub vs Sub interactions

Subs can be detected by Hydroacoustic Search (2km)

Some current player concerns are that:

Tier 10 Subs are considered too fast


Relative to Destroyers

Subs are too tanky

Saturation issues

Speed hasn't been addressed, but there is a real concern over the map sizes at high tiers. As for tankiness, ASW and Ship-Dropped Depth charges have had either their ranges increased or had more damage carry out to the further areas of their damage radius. Also, Floods are much more common as a form of additional damage in combination with limited DCP charges.

Subs are still in testing. We have an extremely complex asymmetrical game and adding in a 5th ship type is a massive undertaking. It can absolutely be frustrating to see something be in testing for long periods of time, but making a long lasting product can and does take long amounts of time to get right. There are many players that advocate for us to stop trying, but there has been a lot of progress and understanding that has come from this undertaking.


In terms of, "Why is our frustration/feedback met with Suggestions/Videos/Data/etc..." that's because as Community Managers we are tasked with being the interaction point between Community and Company.

Company to Community:
If a player is frustrated with our product, it is part of our duty to relay our intentions behind our product and try to make interacting with our product easier/better. That can be through offering knowledge and perspective like discussion of mechanics or videos displaying options available to the player. While it may not solve the frustration, these are tools that may lessen the problem at the very least.

Community to Company:
At the same time, we note what the frustration is and relay that internally. Ideally, our product has no frustration points (though that is an unattainable goal in that "there is no perfect"). It is the job of the CM team to relay the issues and severity of the problems so that they are understood and can be examined for corrections. Development Cycles are not fast so problems being addressed may have been brought up months prior. It takes time to figure out solutions, code them, test them, fix any issues found in testing, retest, and then release corrections.

Unfortunately, part of the position of CM is to feel like you are always playing Devil's Advocate in that you are either telling a player "It's not so bad" or telling a developer "It's worse than you think". It does put you in a weird middle-space where every day can feel kinda rough... but the good side of this position is that you directly see the good that happens when issues get fixed. It's not a quick feedback loop, but it's a fulfilling one.

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Dutch Cruisers don't have great anti-Sub tools. They do have an Airstrike which can devastate a sub that is at the surface, though.


Pan Asian Cruisers are Light Cruisers. Light Cruisers have Depth Charges.

Battleships and Heavy Cruisers are fitted with ASW Strikes, though I believe the Italian Cruiser line has Depth Charges (so there is some variance on that rule).