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You cannot earn Festive Reward Tokens if you are using a ship which no longer has an active Snowflake on it. It might be that you are re-using ships?

I'm not sure if you are limited to an amount of Festive Reward Tokens which corresponds to how many snowflakes are remaining? Please make sure you use your Festive Reward Tokens as they have no value other than removing a Snowflake off a ship.

2 months ago - Ahskance - Direct link

Feel free to test this out and let me know what you find. Please remember that Festive Reward Tokens have no benefit other than clearing snowflakes. They disappear after the event ends.

2 months ago - Ahskance - Direct link

Unfortunately, it's hard to describe. We use the terminology of "Bonus Gift" which can be thought of as "Additional Gift" instead of "Additional Snowflake Clear Token".

I've revised the terminology used in this thread to "Festive Reward Token" for clarity's sake.

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