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The first Perma-Visual for a ship should be available for a highly reduced price. If you like to play Ranked, you can earn 400 Doubloons every 2 weeks for Ranking out in Bronze. More Doubloons are available in higher leagues if you're interested in pushing for them.

You could purchase 2 discounted Perma-Visuals every 2 weeks during a Ranked season if you're interested!

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Camos are available for credits if you'd prefer. You can expect to earn credits in most games you play, so the cost is not a large concern. If you dislike the look of rust, you should be able to find an alternative which does not have it.

While I'm not very knowledgeable about ships, I recall a section from a Tom Clancy book that said something like "Painting during ship-life is a constant akin to gravity. Painting is." Rust is an always-issue.

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