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Read through all this and that certainly needs to be checked. I've put in an inquiry to get specifics.

Please ping me around noon tomorrow for a follow-up, I'll probably have more info at that time.

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Verified the concern. They will be moved to the Tier 8-9 category! Thanks for bringing it up <3

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The OP showed they were added to the Tier X/Rare Ships section.

We checked and found they should be in Tier 8-9 Ships group. They look to have already been moved~

From the Container Contents page:

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Order of Operations:

5 Ships were placed in "Tier X/Rare Ships" and webpage updated to reflect that.

@uberuberkid40makes this thread questioning this decision regarding those 5 Ships.

Concern elevated internally.

We agree the ships should be in "Tier 8-9 Ships" instead of "Tier X/Rare Ships"

We moved them to "Tier 8-9 Ships" group and updated the webpage to reflect their new location.

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That is possible? It's a low probability, but it could have happened.

I can request an information grab to see if anyone did pull one of those from a SuperContainer in the past 5 days.

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