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I'd just loot it. Ya'll too obsessed with trying to minmax your loot, If you just play you'll have a lot more fun, probably find better loot sooner (Because fun fact, you can find higher tier stuff even at lower game stages in a number of cases- It's just much rarer...EG: The fabled toilet pistol), and don't have to waste brainpower trying to remember which buildings have chests you decided not to loot until level 60 something.
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Originally posted by Dark:
Originally posted by tazman1: lol honestly why would anyone go out searching for a large high tier POI untill after they looted the entire town they start near.

hell by day 7 I typically have a full set of light armor and enough back up weapons I never have to worry about repairs. All gear is better then I can make, oh and thats living in the forest.

I couldn't loot my entire starting town even if I wanted too. Its got a downtown and default respawn is 7 days.

You probably could. That respawn for sleepers is linked to the respawn for loot now. Meaning, that if you’re driving by every day (as I tend to do in the area around my base) you should be suppressing zombie respawning as well as loot respawning.

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