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There's no particular reason not to convert all water to tea; However, If you carry water with you, it will potentially stack with water you find when looting- Red and goldenrod tea however will almost never end up stacking with what you find since both are extremely rare in loot by comparison. Certain recipes also use plain water (or even murky water); So if you convert ALL water into tea, you wont be able to make those recipes.

For Bandages vs Kits, it's a matter of resource investment vs return. Kits are excellent in a panic situation like horde night when you need a lot of healing very fast, but, they're expensive, and they do a LOT of healing. The kit also cures certain ailments. So, When you're just going around looting, using a first aid kit for every scratch you get is going to waste like 90% of the potential of the kit to overhealing and not having the injuries it treats. Further, Most people use bandages to quickly treat the Bleeding debuff rather than for the healing benefit itself, so again, would be a huge waste of a first aid kit. Blood bags being a rare resource, you would quickly chow through your first aid kit stash if you used them like a bandage. It's generally best to use the lesser option rather than the overkill option.

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