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Not likely to be any new weapons added any time soon. The devs think adding a bunch of near-identical stat sticks to each weapon type is a waste of time- For example, You aren't likely to get 100 different Assault Rifle type weapons, because fundamentally speaking, they're all essentially the same gun but with minor modifications that can be better represented with the addition of weapon mods.

So, You're not going to see
SIG P320 Compact
SIG P365
SIG P226
S&W Shield EZ 9MM
CZ 75 TS Czechmate
as individual pistols in the vanilla game. The devs are going to stick with the three tier system- Primitive, Iron Tier, Steel Tier. Continuing the pistol example, that's a Pipe Pistol, a Pistol, and an SMG.

The devs see little value in 'Sidegrades' as Snuffy puts it, Specifically in the addition of a bunch of sidegrades that are only visually different with next to nothing to differentiate them from the other similar weapons. This kind of eye candy/varietal addition is something they leave to modders while focusing on other aspects of the game.

As for new weapon TYPES, Like for example, boomerangs or axes, or swords, Those are also pretty unlikely to happen in the vanilla game at this point- It's still PLAUSIBLE that they might add one more melee weapon type to each tree except Strength so that every tree has 2 melee options the way Strength does, But I find it rather unlikely to happen at this point in development.
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Originally posted by Cpt. Save A Hoe:
Originally posted by Shurenai: -snip-
That's disappointing, imo.
That's reasonable. Everyone's got their subjective feelings on the subject and you're welcome to your opinion. :winter2019happyyul:
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Originally posted by StingJnr: I think they will rework all the weapons in alpha 22 or 23. The weapons are fine but they want to add skins to they game so they can make money off skins for guns and character outfits.
Source? TFP have been very vocal about despising micro-transactions like this. I am pretty certain you are just making this up.

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