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Originally posted by CaptainNuclear: To me, it doesn't increase a save games life. It just increases the tedious looting sprees that I have to go through in order to get a gun for day 7. I do agree, having endgame loot within 1-2 hours of playing is a bit busted, by if I can only get a pistol, on a rough day 7 that was populated with a few cops that's not a good gameplay loop.
Guns are absolutely not necessary, for one. And for two, If you're ending up with cops on your day 7 horde, You must have massively increased exp gain or day length; I don't typically get cops at all till my day 21 or 28 horde, let alone multiple of them :winter2019surprisedyul:

By the time you're far enough progressed to start seeing the more significant sources of danger, You're far enough to begin finding higher tier weapons and guns (Especially if you frequent traders.)

But yes; Dogma is correct. A19's loot system is incomplete, And many of the incomplete elements are coming in a20.

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