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Originally posted by BodyBagger:
Originally posted by Jost Amman: In A18 there will be an electrical storm coming on BM night which will stop all vehicles from working... >:-)

Then everyone will want nuclear-powered vehicles...
Except that when your electronically controlled cooling system fails......
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Originally posted by vgifford: They need to add something to prevent riding through horde night. That's as bad as hiding at bedrock. They added digging to prevent that. I'm sure they'll add something to prevent riding out the horde. The Devs dont WANT players skipping the bloodmoons.

“Prevent” is overstating things. You say prevent, and you immediately get pushback of “why do you care how others play, it doesn’t hurt you, don’t ruin my fun, don’t force people, blah blah blah.”

A better approach is to bring vehicles into balance with other horde night tactics. The effort versus reward should be comparable to building, fighting, etc. For instance, it will be harder to acquire gas in A18, which will have a direct effect on the balance of this.
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Let me rephrase. There’s an important difference between ‘players shouldn’t be allowed to do xyz’ and ‘xyz isn’t challenging right now and that should change.’ You’ll consistently find the latter is, at a minimum, a lot less controversial.

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