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Originally posted by kristynagel: Valheim has this problem, I think, depending on how you dig you may either get a very nice straight path, or you might end up digging up spike/diamond-shaped areas.
Valheim doesn't have voxel terrain.

The devs have said that they may eventually make it snap to the blocks level like it does to POI's during world generation. As stated previously though, it's very low hanging fruit, and is not likely to get attention until Beta.
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Originally posted by ProxyJames: it just really brothers my OCD when trying to build underground bases because the dirt around the base doesn't ♥♥♥♥ flush to the sides of the building, will also make clearing out the dirt and such more accurate

The game had cube shaped blocks for everything up until around Alpha 8. They experimented with a number of different shapes for terrain voxels until they settled on the diamond (octahedron) they have been using since that time. It is unlikely having tried both shapes that they will return to the old cube shape since they intentionally abandoned it in the first place and have been aware of the terrain to crafted block gap since that time. As others have stated they will probably look at solutions when they don't have more pressing issues to resolve.

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