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Originally posted by Reenee: -Twice I've left a quest area without realizing it just so I could deposit items in my vehicle. Please either better define the quest zone and/or add an abandonment dialog.
There is a visual notification when you near the edge of the quest area.

Originally posted by Reenee: -There doesn't seem to be a lot going on when it comes to wilderness/non-urban POIs. Forests and mountains don't have cave systems, distant isolated settlements, or some kind of untouched grove where you can find oodles of blueberries.
Cave systems were removed a long time ago. Maybe they will make a comeback, but there were a lot of problems with them that need to be resolved for that to happen.

Originally posted by Reenee: -Speaking of mountains, they're a chore to traverse. Aside from the aforementioned lack of POIs, it takes a lot of effort to travel through. It would be nice if some perk(s) and vehicle mods could be used to go over them smoothly.
Hence the Gyrocopter.

Originally posted by Reenee: -The map I generated had the unfortunate aspect of traders assigning quests that were too far away to deal with. Why should I travel 10km for a Tier 5 when there already was a trader in that same area? Quests should remain relatively local.
This is not normal for a20. Sounds like maybe you didn't clean your old data like you were supposed to. There is a Pinned thread regarding this.

Originally posted by Reenee: -Weapons should have more diverse stats and attributes. My own Tier 5 SMG should be different from my friend's with different rates of fire, damage/crit output, handling, accuracy, etc. and I should be able to build and swap these into the gear as I please through parts requiring the workbench that adds the attributes innately, not as a mod. More substantial benefits should be balanced by reasonable penalties (higher crit/handling at the cost of some damage, or weapon overall performance is better but is prone to jamming/random jumps in degradation).
No, the old system was exploited too much. The current weapons have a number of random attributes.

Originally posted by Reenee: -Bonus/Challenge conditions for quests towards extra rewards. "Complete within x minutes." "Use this specific equipment given to you." "Quest zone has more traps/zombies than usual." "Weather is affecting the area." "Tool required." "Rumor has it..." Go nuts!
This is an interesting idea. The quest system is still being worked on and enhanced, so that could be a possibility in the future.

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