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I tell ya, I don't miss the grid system at all. I do miss the old assembly system though.

Originally posted by JimmyIowa: I have been of the opinion that loot in general (rather than just guns) was made vastly over-plentiful in A17. In A16 and back you could loot an entire row of houses and find some pieces of paper, maybe some food, and a jar of water. After A17, every house has a mega hyper stash of fully assembled ultra-loot in it. It's like King Midas vomited all over the apocalypse. I wish they would scale it back a bit and return a little bit of survival to the mix.

The developer is in a similar opinions, and is working on re-balancing loot considerably for a20.
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While I do also kindof miss the old assembly systems, I have a few major concerns about bringing it back.

1: The current weapon mod system is built out of the old assembly system. The two can't really coexist. So either weapon mods would need to go, Or the devs would have to make an entirely new system to add it in again.

2: Inventory space. My god, inventory space. Back in the day there weren't nearly as many items or materials; So you could carry a few weapon parts without overfilling your inventory. But if you want to quintuple the amount of pieces you can find of guns now? Oof. Also with the addition of being able to be overburdened, you'd be shoved into that overburdened state so much faster if you could find a ton of gun parts.

3: The quality system is not as fine as it used to be. When weapons had 600 quality, the averaging amongst your gun parts made a pretty significant difference in the guns effects and quality level- Now that quality level has been condensed from 600 to 6, you'd have to change several parts to get an increase in quality level; And it won't feel nearly as rewarding.
3b: And that's before getting into randomized chances that gear has now.
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Originally posted by Zuao: I obviously haven't looked at the underlying code, but isn't the crafting system separate from mod application?
The current mod system is using the same base code that the old assembly system did. That's why it was basically one or the other.

You wouldn't need to bring back the old 600 quality system though. just average the gun's tier and stats based on the sum of the parts. You would still be able to swap parts to get a lil more dps or accuracy. In fact the specific stats would be based on the quality of that associated part.
But again, it's one system or the other.
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Originally posted by Richard: really hope a modder can bring back the old system + new weapon mod system and quality level 1-600

if you have 600 quality levels and each repair reduces the level you allways have a need for new high level items thats the good thing about that system. Right now you dont really loose your tools and weapons once you have them at tier 6.
They've had a couple years to do it, and no one has yet.