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I haven't tried it yet but gosh, I hope so!
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Originally posted by Mithrandir: I've seen that in the changelog for the new EXP.

I wonder if it's for BM too ( I hope not but it's just me ).

Will have to wait for someone who play this EXP to report I guess.
Probably not for BM. I would imagine it's only for regular in-world encounters like driving through the desert/wasteland.
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Originally posted by The Giving One: But is a bicycle considered a "vehicle" or are we talking about the 4X4, motorcycle, minibike, etc. ?

Google seems to say no, but of course, the Pimps might say yes.

The bicycle is considered a vehicle everywhere else in the game. It would arguably be even stranger if one vehicle still attracted the vultures’ attention while the others didn’t (unless you’re driving the Oscar Mayer weinermobile I suppose :lunar2019crylaughingpig:).

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