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Personally I love the game. It's not super slow progression, it's a decent pace. And it can absolutely be played solo. If you're interested in MP there's server and meeting room subforums on the right side when looking at the general discussions -->
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Originally posted by ⚜ JOST AMMAN ⚜: @OP: I don't understand why you're asking... you already own the game. :staredown:
Giving benefit of the doubt, they bought the game on a sale recently and now that they've got some free time to play coming up, they're seeking information about the game before loading it up- Just in case it's refund worthy.

The OP's dealbreakers then become
1: If the game is a big grind that takes way too long- This is something the OP won't be able to find out in the 2hr refund window.
2: They prefer solo, but if the game is only playable in MP they're still willing to try it: then finding a good server is a time consuming task- They might not even find one that fits their needs before the 2hr refund window; So they seek a good server by recommendation so they can try it.