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Originally posted by FRLyse: Hi, I'm posting here because I have a claim for the devs which it seems is active on Steam. Here is my question: When will you sincerely look into the optimization of the game? I know this has probably been asked a lot and a lot is an understatement but I can't take it anymore.

As others have noted, optimisation isn't a priority while the game is still in Alpha mode, because the additional content that gets added in would then force the optimisation process to start over again.

Optimisation (and bug fixing) will become the prime focus of the Devs when the game moves into Beta phase (I'd suspect somewhere around 1+ year(s) from now). That said, optimisation isn't totally ignored either even in Alpha and there are some current issues which TFP is looking into for fixing for A21.

You could also look at Vintorez' guide, and others if you like, about how to configure the settings to perform your own personal optimisation of how the game runs.
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Originally posted by One Punch Man: We've been hearing this alpha excuse forever for the lack of optimisation and bug squashing,

You can call it an excuse if that makes you feel better, but it's standard industry practice. Alpha is not focused on optimisations, that happens in Beta, and whether you like it or not, only the Devs get to decide when they move from the former to the latter.
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Originally posted by One Punch Man: Since when is having a game in alpha for 10 or 11 years considered "standard industry practice"? So please, that is the real excuse here. Sure games dev cycles can last that long, or longer, but surely with the income the game has generated, which is far beyond even some the most expensive AAA games dev costs, you understand why people shouldn't take that silly response at face value? $500k kickstarter + 15 million in copies sold (even at $5 per sale this would equate to $75million gross) = enough money and resources to get it done, without having to rely on the "community" for optimzation and bug fixes to make it "playable" or to a playable standard.

I just want to happily play a great game, I paid for, with my friends without the looming timer of a hard crash every 30mins(memory leak issue) and then a 5mins+ load screen. I have no problem with the constant poor performance and fps drops.

And yes I'm aware the devs make that decision, so feel free to give the feedback and I hope others keep pushing for the same, the numbers just aren't adding up to what's being delivered at this stage. (The gameplay itself is incredible obviously but irrelevant if it's unplayable)

Well, that's a different issue, and I know there's a lot of angst among some sections of the playerbase on how quickly (or not) the game is progressing through the Alpha phase. Beyond relaying the feedback to the Devs (and they are definitely aware of some of the community feeling on this matter), there's not much I can do, either the development speed is something that is going to bother you, or it's not, and either opinion is a valid one.

That said, are you claiming the game is unplayable? Because if that's so, then we need to look at your specific configuration because I have yet to see even a single instance of someone claiming that, that couldn't be fixed.