16 days ago - SylenThunder - Direct link
Just to be clear, most of us aren't saying "the devs don't do anything wrong", or that "the game is a masterpiece".

Even the full-boar "white knights" don't go that far. It's just that those with opposing views don't listen.

No, I don't remember you specifically. Though I could probably look if I wanted. :steammocking: A lot of people just have issues understanding the reasons behind changes. Especially the part where the old systems you loved were only ever placeholders to fill space until the real systems were created.
16 days ago - Shurenai - Direct link
I can't think of a single time that any 'white knight' has said the game is a masterpiece and the devs can do no wrong.

I think most would consider me to be among the white knight category; But, tbh, I see there are issues and imperfections too. I acknowledge them. But, I don't think they're half so bad as it's made out to be.

I DO think the devs have gone in a primarily positive direction; The game is more popular now than ever, More average player count than ever, Most people are having a great time even if they gripe a bit; And I have said as much. But, Thinking the devs have largely done good by the game != "the devs never do anything wrong.".. Unfortunately, angry and frustrated detractors will take pretty much ANY form of defense as "The devs do no wrong, the game is a perfect masterpiece." without spending any time trying to understand the underlying reasoning or explanations.

All that aside, though, Good on you for self reflecting! And I'm glad you're back to having a great time with the game. :winter2019happyyul: