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Originally posted by TruculentTonka: This speaks to what I was presenting as a proposition to lengthen the early game a year ago (or more?). Players should start out in a very, very desolate natural setting with no access to traders and with a very long and dangerous path to get to them in order to encourage sitting tight, early game survival, skill development and familiarisation with AVOIDING zeds and wildlife. Guns as we know them should be impossible for the first two thirds of game play to either obtain or LOL craft. Similarly there should be no motor vehicles until the very end as well.

The stepping in the early game is far too fast. This would require some reworking of natural environments (see The Forest, or other survival sims for inspiration-and to wit, I couldn't care less about whether or not the computing code is similar or not to that in 7DTD as that is FP's issue. What I am doing is providing a gamer's critique of the game to make it better not easier to program. A more compelling experience means fewer resources and better staggering of challenges and balancing of rewards/progression.

The game is strong and the fact it is still in development is incredible but it could be so much more with some elegant, tested and inspired changes.

I would also like to see the early game made much harder, and in particular cities made much, much more dangerous. Right now, the game start is to beeline to the nearest city and trader, start doing quests and rapidly collect loot from the quest poi (reset to be looted twice each run) and the trader quest rewards.

For that matter, if I could, I'd turn traders right off in my game, workbenches too.

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