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One snarky reply out of nine and the whole community is toxic? Yikes!

I think you should at least try it. Six years ago was probably the A17 change which was a huge shift in player progression and the very first iteration of the new zombie pathing. Player progression has changed a lot more since A17 but it still isn't the learn by doing of A16 which is what it was changed from in A17. If you loved LBD and hated the change to skillpoints and purchasing perks then you may still be sour towards 1.0. The zombie AI and pathing have improved a lot since A17 but the the zombies still tend to focus on weak points in your defenses that they can sense. There is a lot more variety of tasks that they do so that fact is obfuscated a bit better so I don't know whether you will enjoy the zombie AI/pathing of 1.0 or not. It may feel too much like A17 to you and not enough like A16.

Then again having been away for 6 years many of your old feelings one way or another are probably hazy so you might find you enjoy it despite how you felt back then at the time of the change.

Try it!

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