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Hi everyone,

After collecting about a month of data on the new Gold market purchase fee, we have to say it was unsuccessful in bringing down the costs of Premium the way we had anticipated. We're still figuring out where exactly our predictions failed, but at this point we have to admit that the fee simply isn't achieving what we wanted it to do.

However, the data we collected (and still are collecting) contains lots of valueable insights into how this fee affects the Gold market.

For this reason, and also because we want to avoid market shock, we'll be adjusting the fee downwards in multiple steps, each time measuring its impact, until we reach a point we're happy with.

Our goal is to adjust it to a point where it remains active as a relevant silver sink to help stabilise the silver economy, but does not affect the gold market trade behaviour negatively.

In the first step we'll take the fee down from 30% to 10% and then evaluate further adjustments.

Now, regarding the Gold price development, we're obviously not satisfied that we did not achieve our goal in bringing the Gold price down, so we'll be tweaking several Silver sinks in the upcoming Wild Blood update. The exact changes have not been finalized, but will be available in the patch notes once they are.

Whilst we have to admit the introduced fee was a failure in bringing the price of gold down, I'm still happy we tried, because only by taking action will we eventually move forward.

Best Regards,

Robin 'Eltharyon' Henkys

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