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22 Feb


Hey, please relog if you've just connected back after the server went down. It should show up again shortly.

20 Feb


While this post should probably be deleted for obvious reasons, we've decided to leave it up since OP is so gloriously self-destructing themselves. But we're locking it, since it's getting somewhat repetitive.

14 Feb


The equipped one has the passive "balanced mind" selected which increases your damage and defensive stats slightly, that's why it shows different.

06 Feb



So your "old character" gave you tens of millions of Silver. The same character that also gave large amounts of currency to a large number of other players.

You really must have had a good ingame economy going before "quitting" and then deciding to "start over".

I don't know man, for some inexplicable reason, I doubt that your appeal will lead to anything. I'll never understand why people risk losing their accounts for this.


If you customize your chat channels to show "Fame" you will have this tracked for as long as you're connected.

It looks something like this:

Keep in mind that you will also get bonus favor for reaching 5/10/15k Might each week through the Conqueror's Challenge.

28 Jan


Originally posted by Lanky-Palpitation587

i am a new player as doing a lot of studying on how things work in this game what interest me is and also i question is that there is a term Ip(item power) and specs of weapons and armor so here are my questions -

  1. what is ip and why it is important , what is i have low Ip and what if i have high Ip?

  2. yes i know the specs which is corelated to the level of oping of the weapon tier or the tree stuff ( another term i mean you know all of this it is pretty common ) but what is with level 100 specs of a weapon or a armor why it is important and is it okay to not to have level 100 or is it good to go beyond that no. and what are the advantage of reaching 100 and disadvantage of not ?

pls tell i am searching through net but all i am getting how to reach but not why to reach

Item Power is essentially the strength of your gear. The more IP the more damage/healing/shielding/crowd control will your weapon do. Head/Shoe slots will increase your hitpoints while chestpieces increase health and resistances. 100 Item Power equals to about a 9% increase in damage and defensive stats so having more increases your chances in a lot of fights.

Whether you want to have 50,100 or even more spec in an item really depends on your goals. There's no clear definition of "low or high ip" but depending on the content a lot of players will say that anything below 1200 IP may be considered low. PvP/PvE groups in the blackzone usually run around 1300IP+ but it really depends there's also some that have a lot of fun running 4.1.

Your spec can have a big impact on your item power. If you get for example 100 spec in the whole tree (often called 700/700 or 800/800 you can get 300 IP and more added to that specific equipment which equals around 3 tiers of gear so so...

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15 Jan

11 Jan


Just in general, without going into specifics in this case: OP is in contact with support and I am positive that this will get sorted out.

Since it was mentioned in this thread: please don't just file refunds via 3rd party platforms or chargebacks on payments. As a protective measure, accounts WILL immediately get banned if something's up with a payment. Talk to our support if you believe something's awry with a payment you made. We really don't want your account to get whacked unnecessarily.

10 Jan


Originally posted by Foxy-Natsume

So if I paid so much silvers before new patch, I paid with high price island I got nothing back when patch changes ? How is that even fair. Someone who buy with lots of silvers got nothing's but have to waste not ever 10 times higher than normal? I mean, I am happy to pay another 2 millions for new island for others city. This may be fair for last patch players.
Sorry for bad English.

Hope u guys can do something about this.

Unfortunately that's how it is now.


Originally posted by Foxy-Natsume

Hello guys,

I want to ask about the island (My First island and never bought before). I bought island with 999,600 silvers and update until the island level 6. That cost a lot of millions. When my friend bought premium and bought the island that cost less than 100000 for island level 1and update is super cheap. What happens to Albion.

Note:I bought island before this latest update.
Does anyone know how to solve this ? Or did I get scam?.

Island purchase and upgrade prices for your first personal island have been lowered with the current patch: Crystal Raiders

  • Personal Island costs have been reduced for the first island you buy, or the first time you upgrade an island to a certain level, as follows:
    • Level 1: 20,000
    • Level 2: 500,000
    • Level 3: 1,125,000
    • Level 4: 1,312,500
    • Level 5: 1,500,000
    • Level 6: 2,000,000

08 Jan

30 Dec


Originally posted by Royal_Analyst_4415

Hey guys, how's the state of fame farming right now? Still, do we need to put in 1k hours to get weapons to at least 75 to be viable in PVP?

That depends when you last played the game. There's now options for solo, small and big groups to earn a lot of PvE fame in the open world, various group, static or avalonian dungeons and of course the roads of avalon. If you're more into the PvP aspect there's multiple types of content where you can get non-tradable tomes of insight.

28 Dec


Originally posted by Dragon_platelegs

Connecting to a VPN worked! I would still like to know why this happens on my wifi

Hey. Unsure how this happened but if you send this to our customer support they can probably give you more information.

22 Dec


Originally posted by One-Hunter6905

Basic travel- I'm trying to get a handle on travel in Albion. Say I want to visit a specific black zone for example. My understanding is I would go to royal city with closest royal city portal to area- then thru portal and over land in that direction? Also- If I joined a guild, is there a quick way to get to guild territory or the same as I asked above?

I'm not sure if there's anything I'm missing like avalon roads etc. Most of this game mechanics are fairly convoluted and poorly explained with few written guides or non 5-7 year old search results.

Most of the time the way you described will be the best option. Roads of Avalon can have connections that are quicker and safer but they need to be explored first and the network shifts a lot so you may only have a short time frame in which you can use it.

You can set home in a hideout/headquarter and then quick travel there naked. That's what most guilds use and then they just regularly transport gear in and out.

21 Dec


Originally posted by torgonecy

Quick Question, How do i get back to thetford? When i try to leave the mists, it always gets me / teleports me back to Brecelian

You can either use the travel planner to get back to the royal continent for a fee depending on how much you have on you or you can go into non-lethal mists and look for a portal to a royal zone.

19 Dec


You may have a satchel of insight equipped and selected the "combat study" skill which lets you earn additional fame for the cost of silver.

Other option you selected Auto-Respec in your destiny board on top but that only comes into effect once you have level 100 mastiers or specs.

18 Dec


Originally posted by Routinely_late

Hello, I'm a returning player and decided to make a brand-new account. Right now, my goal is to hit tier 8 in skinning, and I've got a couple of questions to help me make the grind more efficient.

I'm currently an adept skinner(tier 4) I have been using tier 4 skinning gear along with pork pie and have about 75k silver and I live in Bridgewatch
also, I have been farming in Steelhide Meadow since there are more animals there.

Should I try and join a guild and farm in black zones?

Also any estimations on how many hours it will take to get tier 8 skinning without and with premium

Any other tips for new players will be greatly appreciated

Thank you!

T4 and T5 resources are usually more abundant on the royal continent. Here they have a high enchantment rate and quicker respawns so it's not recommended to get to the black zone before gathering T6 materials or better.


Originally posted by MysteCakes

So I joined a guild and am able to go to the island and use the buildings.. but they need to be fed to be used? How do I make the food?

Theoretically you can craft it a cook but for the start it's probably recommended to just buy a bit of the favorite food of the station. You can check a station's favorite food by clicking on the management view picture in the top.


Originally posted by Alyun9501

Can i get more lp besides waiting? I once bought 7 day premium for the first time and it gave me 500 lp

If you've already received the first-purchase bonus you can only get them from waiting. Premium users generate 30 LP over a day and non-premium users can get a smaller amount by finishing their daily bonus.