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Hello all,

With the Lands Awakened update on November 24, Usage Fees for player-owned buildings will become more transparent and straightforward, and overall crafting will have a clearer and better-balanced progression based on its raw ingredients.

NOTE: The term "crafting" in this description refers to both crafting and refining, as the values, costs, Focus returns, etc. for both processes are calculated based on the same raw resources.

Usage Fee Changes
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Hi all,

The Lands Awakened update, launching on November 24, brings two new overlay options for the world map, which can be applied via the dropdown menu at the upper right:

- An overlay showing relative Resource Value of each zone, for the resource and tier selected
- An overlay showing relative Silver Value of the mobs in each zone

Since these overlays are based on a zone's relative value, they require several days' worth of data to display meaningful results. Therefore, in order to calibrate these overlays, they will not be available immediately with the Lands Awakened launch, and will be activated several days later.

We expect this to take place within at most 7 days of the launch (1 December at the latest), and hopefully sooner. We will u... Read more


Lands Awakened Update - Hotfix 5


  • Fixed an issue where players could remove the dismount-triggered "Cannot Attack" debuff by starting a remount and then canceling
  • Additionally, fixed an issue where the hostile dismount buff was triggered even though no players were nearby
  • Fixed an issue where 20v20 Crystal League matches did not reward Territory Energy Points

03 Dec

Hello everyone,

With today’s downtime, we made some follow-up changes to two issues addressed in Hotfix 3 and Hotfix 6.

Season Point Breakdown

After we corrected an issue with Might Level progression, some guilds had Season Point Breakdowns that no longer represented the actual amount of Season Points gained in each respective Might Level category.

This has been corrected, and the Season Point Breakdown now shows the appropriate values.

Conqueror’s Challenge Weekly Reset

Last Saturday, we encountered an issue where players that had completed their Weekly Conqueror’s Challenge and were also online at the time the server went down for maintenance didn’t have their Weekly Reward reset correctly.

We corrected this issue yesterday in Hotfix 6.Since it was too late in the week to realistically ask most of these players to complete their challenge, we instead opted to not reset their chall... Read more
Hello, busy Season Point collectors!

There is some good news concerning the requirements for HQ qualification.

The following will apply With Patch 1 of the Lands Awakened Update (Patch 1 will go live approximately 2-3 weeks after the Launch of the actual Lands Awakened Update, specifics will be announced as we approach that date more closely):

With this Patch there will be two major changes to the Headquarters qualification requirements:
  • The Top 600 Season rank requirement is removed
  • A Headquarters can now be declared immediately after the necessary Season Point requirement has been reached
That means that there are now two ways to qualify for HQ placements rights:
  • Your guild qualifies for HQ placement rights in the current Season by achieving the requir...
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------------------------------------- Outdated, for new Info check out this Post -------------------------------------------
Hello everyone,

With the upcoming Energy Surge season beginning September 25, guilds will have the opportunity to earn HQ Hideout status for one of their Hideouts beginning with Season 14. Based on community feedback on this feature, we have updated the requirements for earning an HQ Hideout during the Energy Surge season. Please note that these numbers are balanced for the Energy Surge season, and the various Season Point and zone type requirements will likely change in future seasons.

Season Point Threshold Max Zone Quality Level Max Zone Tier
200,000 6
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Lands Awakened Update - Version 19.000.1 - November 24, 2021

Hotfix 1
Hotfix 2
Hotfix 3
Hotfix 4
Hotfix 5
Hotfix 6

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02 Dec

Hello everyone,

We are currently investigating a problem concerning the Conqueror’s Challenge:

In some rare cases, the Conquerors Challenge does not reset as would be intended.

To clarify this: The Challenge should reset every week unless
  1. You did not complete the challenge or
  2. You completed the challenge but were not able to claim the chest (for example if you didn’t have premium status activated)
We would like you to report in this thread if your Conqueror's Challenge did not reset after you have claimed your chest the week before.

For these reports, please make a screenshot of your Conqueror's Challenge screen and send it into this channel
(you can cut out all the other parts of the screenshot as long as the Conqueror’s Challenge is visible)

This will help us investigate the issue, thanks for the help!

Lands Awakened Update - Hotfix 6


  • Fixed an issue where the Conqueror's Challenge weekly reward would not reset for characters online during maintenance shutdown on the day it should reset. We will take further steps to resolve the issue for those already affected by this issue during tomorrow’s downtime.
  • Fixed an issue where Power Cores disappeared when the carrying character disconnected while changing zones

Winter has returned to Albion, and the Yuletide Challenge is back! For the entire month of December, earn points for open-world activities, unlock chests, and earn rewards like an avatar ring, classic furniture items, and the beloved Snow Husky mount.

More info here:
Hello everyone,

We have been made aware that there is currently an issue with how fast Guild Might levels are being earned at the moment.

We will apply a change on Monday Nov 29 to address this issue and balance the speed at which you can earn these levels.

On Tuesday Nov 30 we will modify the Season Points that have already been earned to synchronize them with the new balancing.

Please note that as the current season’s HQ qualifications don’t begin until Patch 1, excess Season Points acquired before this change will not affect HQs in any way.

You can find out more about the changes to HQ qualification with Patch 1 ... Read more

01 Dec

Lands Awakened Update - Hotfix 4


  • Resolved an issue that caused some Hellgate NPCs to yield much more fame than intended. These NPCs now correctly give 20% more Fame than they did previous to the Lands Awakened update. The same issue affected Aspects and Group Resource Mobs in the Roads of Avalon as well as Territory Guards to a lesser degree. Those have been fixed as well.
  • Resolved an issue that caused Energy Manipulator Battlevaults in Hideouts to lose their contents when upgrading from Level 2 to Level 3. Further information about replacement of items lost due to this bug will be posted in the coming days.
  • Fixed an issue where Achievements related to Expeditions and Crystal League would unlock even though the correct conditions were not fulfilled.
---------------UPDATE: this issue has been fixed with Hotfix #5, footage can still be submitted to support----------------------

Attention everyone!

There is currently a bug that makes it possible to instantly attack players after dismounting even within the area of an enemy player.

This is not intentional and is considered an EXPLOIT, meaning if you are caught abusing this exploit... Read more
Attention everyone!

There is currently a bug that makes it possible to instantly attack players after dismounting even within the area of an enemy player.

This is not intentional and is considered an EXPLOIT, meaning if you are caught abusing this exploit, you will be subject to sanctions accordingly.

If you have been subject to this exploit, please provide video evidence to our customer support to help with the investigations! (e-mail: [email protected] or ... Read more

A new referral season is here! From now until February 1, refer your friends and claim your very own Festive Reindeer mount skin.

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30 Nov

Lands Awakened Update - Hotfix 3
Desktop versions of the game (PC, Mac, Linux) have received new clients
Mobile versions (iOS, Android) have received a 'softpatch', i.e. there will be a small download when you launch the app

Guild Might Level Fix

This hotfix corrects an issue where Guild Might Levels were progressing much faster than intended. This means that your guild will keep the Total Might earned by category thus far, but since the Might Level progression is now different, your Guild’s Might Level will be reduced to the new intended level.

Any Season Points earned due to the faster level progression before this fix will be removed again in the coming days, so no guild will keep any advantage from this bug. For more information, see this post: ... Read more