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Today we're excited to finally announce that Albion Online will launch a dedicated server for the Asia-Pacific region in March 2023! This new server will make the world of Albion more accessible than ever for countless new and existing players.

Read the FAQ here:

We've created a brand-new trailer for this announcement, which you can watch here:

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28 Jan


Originally posted by MasterpieceSharp1707

Hello, may I Know the exact location of where the server is hosted? I'm trying to make an informational video regarding this server to players in my country, Myanmar, It would be nice to know the country the server is hosted in so I can guestimate the ping range.

The server will be located in Singapore.

27 Jan

Dear Albion Community,

Today we released Patch #3 for ‘Beyond the Veil’, which brings some pretty big changes to the Roads of Avalon and is a direct reaction to the feedback we’ve received from many of you, asking us to return high value solo PvE opportunities (i.e. green chests) to the Roads of Avalon.

Patch #3 returns those marked chest locations to the game and generally tries to return elements from the previous system (mobs in a camp spawning together with the chest) and combine them with the ideas introduced in ‘Beyond the Veil’, like chests upgrading over time.

We’ve also clearly separated content in the Roads with green camps and roaming mobs being aimed towards solo and small group players, blue camps aimed at medium groups and orange camps aimed at larger groups. Finally, we’ve made sure to rebalance challenge and rewards to make the content worthwhile for you.

We wanted to bring these changes to you as soon as possible, so Patch #3... Read more

26 Jan

Beyond the Veil Hotfix 3.1
  • Added additional shop category for Founder Packs
Note: This is optional client hotfix will be deployed later for mobile, and remains compatible with the previous version on all platforms.

This Saturday marks the final Invasion Day of the season, and you can watch the action live on AlbionTV!
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25 Jan


Following yesterday's announcement about the upcoming launch of the new Albion East server, ... Read more

The Beta Guild Season is part of the Albion East Closed Beta, which runs from February 20-March 12, 2023, only on the new Albion East server. It is only accessible to players with an Albion East Founder Pack.

For full details about the new server, Founder Packs, the Closed Beta, and more, please see the dedicated Albion East page:

Season Schedule

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24 Jan

Hello all,

Alongside Into the Fray we’re excited to announce the launch of our new weekly Twitch Drop campaigns. Starting June 8, players watching official Albion Online Content Creators on Twitch will be able to earn special rewards, such as permanent wardrobe and mount skins, or our new Victory Emote charges.

Twitch Drops are an easy way to claim awesome loot just by watching streamers on Twitch. You can track your progress towards these rewards via the progress bar on your Twitch profile. Once you’ve earned rewards, you can claim them as long as you’ve linked your Albion Online and Twitch accounts.

How to Link your Accounts

In order to receive Twitch Drops and have them delivered you will need a Twitch account as well as an Albion Online account. Then simply:
  1. Go to
  2. Make sure you’re logged in with the Albion Online account you want to receive Twitch...
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23 Jan

22 Jan

Beyond the Veil Patch 3 - Ver. 21.030.1 - January 9, 2023

Roads of Avalon Changes
The Roads of Avalon have received a significant overhaul and re-balance based on feedback received after the Beyond the Veil update. While the original intention was to refocus the Roads of Avalon to be solely targeted at groups, we no longer feel this is representative of the diversity of different audiences the Roads of Avalon have catered to in the past. This patch aims to increase activity, content, and rewards for a wider audience in the Roads - without taking content away from existing audiences to accomplish that.
Camp Changes
  • Roaming Avalonian Mobs and weaker Avalonian Camps have been adjusted in difficulty and reward to work well for 1-3 players. These camps are now marked with a green chest icon on the map, as they were in previous iterations of the Roads.
  • ...
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Get ready, because a week-long Fame Rush is happening now! Between now and maintenance on January 25, get 25% additional Fame for all ingame activities.

Here are the details:
  • This buff automatically grants an additional 25% Fame for all activities
  • The buff does not apply to Fame earned via PvP kills and Tomes of Insight, and does not boost the rate at which Challenge Points are earned
  • The buff ends at 10:00 UTC on Wednesday, January 25
Log in now and take advantage of this week-long Fame Rush to level up your combat, crafting, and gathering!

21 Jan

18 Jan


Beyond the Veil Patch 3 has arrived! This patch continues to improve the Roads of Avalon, as well as introducing Streamer Mode, various Combat Balance changes, and more.

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