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Hi everyone,

In our latest ban wave, we have banned 1533 Accounts for involvement in RMT (real-money-trade, aka third-party currency transactions). These actions are expressly prohibited by our terms & conditions
4.5.1 Users are prohibited from selling, purchasing, renting, leasing, offering, accepting, disseminating or copying Virtual Benefits, including Virtual Currency, within and/or outside the Game - in whatever form – to/from third parties unless expressly permitted by these Terms and Conditions or the Game Rules. /.../
Full Terms & Conditions can be read ... Read more

Albion's high-stakes Crystal League competition returns with the Season 13 Crystal League Championship! For last season's winners, check out our article here.

The Championship will take place in the offseason after Season 13, on:
  • Saturday September 18: 17:00 - 20:30 UTC
  • Sunday September 19: 17:00 - 22:15 UTC
Entry requirements remain the same as the Season 12 Championship. We will select 8 teams to participate in the Championship based on the c... Read more


Hi everyone,

I’m here to provide a quick update on our development progress and what you can look forward to in the coming weeks and months!

In our last roadmap update we gave you a first insight into our plans for Albion’s next Content Update. We announced that we’re planning to renew Open World gameplay in Albion Online, and since then, we’ve been working hard on making those plans become a reality. Soon we’ll be ready to begin sharing our progress in a new set of devtalks!

Next to these planned features, we’ve also looked at the feedback we’ve received on our Roadmap. Many of you asked us to also take a close look at power balance in the Outlands, and so we did.

The current strategic balance in the Outlands encourages large power blocks to form, and these power blocks in turn have an incentive to discourage conflict and raise a stable income by demanding rental payments from guilds under their protection. Enforcement of rental payme... Read more
With the upcoming standalone season, we will introduce Disarray, a Zerg Debuff mechanic. The idea here is to create a trade-off for bringing massive amounts of players. This way we want to encourage players to have more fights with smaller and better organized groups, instead of over-emphasising the sheer amount of players alone.

How this works
  • If 25 players or more of the same alliance are in the same cluster they all get a debuff: Disarray
  • This debuff reduces: Bonus Damage vs Players & Bonus Defense vs Players
  • The more players the alliance has in the cluster the stronger becomes the Disarray debuff
  • This feature will be launched with the upcoming event season
  • The debuff only applies to guilds / alliances. Groups of blue players on Royals or faction flagged players are not affected.

Debuff Thresholds
The ... Read more

Energy Surge Season
Between Guild Seasons 13 and 14, there will be a shorter standalone season with its own unique rules and schedule. This season will be called the Energy Surge season, as it will offer increased Invasion Days that are much closer together than usual, and with greatly increasing Season Point rewards and Siphoned Energy rewards each time. The Season Point Score will also qualify guilds to determine the Hideout HQ declaration rights for Season 14.

Here is an explanation about the upcoming Hideout HQs: ... Read more
Our newest Dev Talk is here, featuring Game Director Robin Henkys broadcasting from the brand-new Albion Online video studio! This new home for Albion's video content will streamline our filming process, allowing us to bring you Dev Talks more frequently. It's been awhile since our last Roadmap Update, and now we can reveal further details of two major upcoming features: War Gloves and HQ Hideouts.

Note that the above video includes subtitles for all nine of our supported languages – or for a written summary, click here:

15 Sep

It's been an exciting few weeks for Albion Online: after years of anticipation, the game has officially launched worldwide on the App and Play Stores. In our newest Dev Talk, Game Director Robin Henkys takes a look back at the mobile launch and gives a preview of some of the big changes coming to Albion with the next major content update.

Note: this video includes subtitles for all 9 of our supported languages on Youtube.
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14 Sep

Dear fellow Adventurers!

I'm very happy to announce that you will have a new Community Manager from today onward! :thumbsup:

A little bit about my person: I'm a passionate Albion Online player and have been exactly that since free-to-play launch. That led to joining the moderation team and eventually applying for a position at Sandbox Interactive. I've been playing online games for a long time now, ranging from single-player adventure games over co-op first-person shooters up to medieval MMORPGs like Albion Online.

My plans for the future:

At the moment, we have a gap in communication between you (the community) and SBI. This has become abundantly clear over the last couple of months with many players being unhappy about that.

I hope to change that moving forward, additionally to other plans and ideas that I will be working on which I cannot ... Read more

The brand-new Mistwolf skin is now available in the ingame store! This premiere mount skin transforms your Direwolf base mount into an ethereal beast born from the shadows of Avalon. Read more here:
Hey everyone,

We have updated the chart below with the most current information on Outlands zones. Most importantly, this chart now includes the Quality Level of each zone. While this information can be obtained ingame based on a zone's crafting bonuses, there is not yet a specific way to obtain this information directly.

Please note that Territory Season Points can be further increased by a factor of 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 or 2 by raising your Tower Level through Crystal League matches. For more information on that, visit: ... Read more

13 Sep


The next Guild Season kicks off on September 25! The standalone Energy Surge Season will run for approximately 6 weeks, and will have a unique structure and unique rewards, which include the ability to designate an HQ Hideout for guilds who earn enough Season Points, plus four different brand-new avatars, a one-of-a-kind winner statue placed in the open world, and more.
  • Click here for more details of the coming season and its rewards: ...
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It's time for a Fame Boost in Albion Online! Get 25% additional Fame for a whole week for all in-game activities.
Here are the details:
  • At the end of maintenance on Monday, September 13 the Mists of Albion buff will be automatically enabled for all players
  • Automatically grants an additional 25% Fame for all activities
  • Excludes Fame earned via PvP kills and Tomes of Insight
  • Ends at maintenance on Monday, September 20
Log in today and start earning extra Fame!…7c351a792433d95d64f69a36a

08 Sep

06 Sep